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“Passwords are like underwear: don’t let people see it, change it very often, and you shouldn’t share it with strangers.”

Chris Pirillo


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Invisible 'fileless' malware taking control of banking networks Feb 8 2017. Digital Journal. James Walker.

How Data Breaches Grew To Massive Proportions in 11 Years Dec 14 2016. Washington Post. Lazaro Gamio and Chris Alcantara.

Yahoo Says 1 Billion User Accounts Were Hacked Dec 14 2016. New York Times. Vindu Goel, Nicole Perlroth.

Google reveals inner workings of manual hijacking Nov 6 2014. CNet. Charlie Osborne.

You've been arrested for computer crime: Here's what happens next The knock on the door you REALLY don't want to hear. Nov 7 2013. The Register. Stuart Burns.

Malicious web-based attacks increased by nearly 600%: Websense 2013 Threatt Feb 13 2013. Infotrac.


Chinese Hackers Circumvent Popular Web Privacy Tools Jun 12 2015. New York Times. Nicole Perlroth.

Chinese Hackers Installed Malware On National Research Council Computers Dec 13 2014. via Huffington Post. Jim Bronskill, CP.

In China, Business Is War Feb 4 2013. Harvard Business Review. Harvard University. Clyde Prestowitz.

Chinese cybercrime is a 'menace', says Google boss Eric Schmidt New book also moots 'some kind of revolution' in China. Feb 2 2013. The Independent. James Legg.

Google boss Schmidt labels China an 'IT menace' Feb 2 2013. British Broadcasting Corporation. The Independent. BBC.

New York Times says Chinese hackers breached its network Paper was investigating Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. Jan 31 2013. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Associated Press.

News stories

A typical small business website is attacked 44 times a day Mar 21 2018. Washington Post. Gene Marks.

Got a botnet? Thinking of using it to mine Bitcoin? Don't bother McAfee says crooks will be better off sticking to spam and DDoS. Jun 24 2014. The Register. Shaun Nichols.

Second Chinese army unit linked to corporate cyber espionage Jun 10 2014. InfoWorld. Martyn Williams.

Nowhere to hide: The reign of cyber criminals is coming to an end Jun 10 2014. InfoWorld. Roger A. Grimes.

At $400 Billion a Year, Cybercrime Is No Longer an 'Acceptable' Cost Jun 9 2014. Motherboard. Victoria Turk.

The Latest Wave of Cyberattacks on the West Is Coming from the Middle East Jun 2 2014. MOtherboard. Thomas Brewster.

Reporting From the Web's Underbelly Feb 16 2014. New York Times Bits. Nicole Perlroth.

Kaspersky rips The Mask from sneaky Spanish spy campaign Feb 11 2014. The Register. John Leyden.

ChewBacca point-of-sale keylogger SLURPS your CREDIT CARD data Latest nasty blamed for theft of 49,000 punters' details. Jan 31 2014. The Register. John Leyden.

Cybercriminals Are Eyeing These 5 Targets In 2014 Jan 2 2014. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

New York Times Hacked? Syrian Electronic Army Suspected Of Attacking Site Aug 27 2013. Huffington Post. Katherine Fung.

The Internet, which lives forever, is a stalker's best torture device May 20 2013. Toronto Star. Heather Mallick.

ATM Fraud Allows Thieves To Steal $45 Million In Hours May 10 2013. Huffington Post. AP.

Teacher 'powerless' to stop ex-girlfriend's cyberstalking Court order fails to prevent comments from being posted online. May 6 2013. CBC. Canadian Broadcasting Company. Kathy Tomlinson.

Hackers attack Microsoft computers Feb 23 2013. British Broadcasting Corporation. BBC. BBC.

NBC.com HACKED to spread bank account-raiding Trojan 'No user info compromised' insists US telly network. Feb 22 2013. The Register. John Leyden.

Cybercrime Network Based in Spain Is Broken Up Feb 13 2013. New York Times. Raphael Minder.

Energy Department hacked, says no classified data was compromised Feb 4 2013. Reuters. Timothy Gardner.

Cybercrime backlog poses 'significant risk' to RCMP, audit warns Jan 29 2013. CTV News. Canadian Press. Jim Brownskill.

For PC Virus Victims, Pay or Else Dec 5 2012. New York Times. Nicole Perlroth.

Cyber-attackers finding a home in Canada, government fears Nov 10 2012. Vancouver Sun. Jim Bronskill.

Multinational Crackdown on Computer Con Artists Oct 3 2012. New York Times. Edward Wyatt.

Oil and gas giants' PCs polluted by new cyber-spy Trojan Advanced Persistent Threat 'Mirage' group is back. Sep 21 2012. The Register. John Leyden.

Chemical biz 'Nitro' hackers use Java to coat PCs in poison ivy Chinese spying crew is back in business. Aug 31 2012. The Register. John Leyden.

DDoS blackmailers busted in cross-border swoop Cyber hoodlums targeted gold and silver traders. Jul 4 2012. The Register. Phil Muncaster.

Scandal ad slingers cough up $100k in 'Facebook clickjack' case Marketing biz 'earning $1.2m a month' settles out of court. May 9 2012. The Register. John Leyden.

Everything you thought you knew about cybercrims is WRONG Forget teen hackers, they're aging gangsters with off-the-shelf web weapons. Mar 29 2012. The Register. John Leyden.

Traveling Light in a Time of Digital Thievery Feb 10 2012. New York Times. Nicole Perlroth.

Citadel banking malware is evolving and spreading rapidly, researchers warn Feb 9 2012. Infoworld. Lucian Contantin.

Hidden Dragon: The Chinese cyber menace 'Any decent government does industrial espionage'. Dec 24 2011. The Register. John Leyden.

Facebook scams now spread by dodgy browser plug-ins Cybercrooks deploy new weapon to pollute profiles. Dec 22 2011. The Register. John Leyden.

iPad scammers pwn Lady Gaga's Facebook page We're plastic but we'll still have fun.... Dec 19 2011. The Register. John Leyden.

Web scam-busting trio thwarted by mystery DDoS rocket Backhanded compliment for fraud alert sites. Dec 12 2011. The Register. John Leyden.

Espionage hack attack preys on chemical firms Spotted in the wild: Nitro Part II. Dec 12 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin.

Dozens of chemical firms hit in espionage hack attack Defense contractors, Fortune 100 companies, too. Oct 31 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin.

Big biz told to reveal hack attacks Investors need to know about compromises, says SEC. Oct 14 2011. The Register. Brid-Aine Parnell.

Facebook scammers exploit Steve Jobs' death Offer of non-existent iPads lures thousands. Oct 6 2011. The Register. John Leyden.

Microsoft turns to FBI in hunt for Rustock ringleader Targets Cosma2k after botnet victory. Sep 22 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin.

Bargain-basement botnet kit - yours for just ?5 German hacker serves up the 'people's bot'. Sep 22 2011. The Register. John Leyden.

How to go from the IT dept to being a rogue trader Remember, the successful ones are still out there. Sep 20 2011. The Register. Dominic Conner.

Man sentenced to 14 years for mass credit card theft $3 million in losses. Sep 9 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin.

Cyber crime now bigger than the drugs trade Says cyber security firm. Sep 7 2011. The Register. Brid-Aine Parnell.

Spear phishers renew attack on feds' Gmail Gov officials (still) stalked. Aug 11 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin.

Citi Says Credit Card Customers' Data Was Hacked Jun 9 2011. New York Times. Chris V. Nicholson and Eric Dash.

E-Mail Fraud Hides Behind Friendly Face Jun 2 2011. New York Times. Matt Richtel.

Massachusetts PCs infected by data-hungry worm How nasty was it? Let us count the ways. May 20 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin.

After Breach, Companies Warn of E-Mail Fraud Apr 5 2011. New York Times. Miguel Helft.

RSA explains how attackers breached its systems Howdunnit explained but depth of hack or what was taken remain a mystery. Apr 4 2011. The Register. John Leyden.

Part 2: Help Solve an Open Murder Case Cryptanalysts. Mar 29 2011. Federal Bureau of Investigation. FBI.

Programmer gets 8 years for theft of stock trading software Wall Street-ware generated $500m in profits. Mar 18 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin.

SecurID Company Suffers a Breach of Data Security Mar 17 2011. New York Times. John Markoff.

Poker Bots Invade Online Gambling Smarter than you think.... Mar 13 2011. New York Times. Gabriel Dance.

Nasdaq admits hackers planted malware on web portal Stock tickler. Feb 7 2011. The Register. John Leyden.

Researchers pry open Waledac, find 500,000 email passwords Son of Storm is back. Feb 2 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin.

Hackers sell access to hacked .mil and .gov sites Command and control? Yours for $500, guv. Jan 24 2011. The Register. John Leyden.

For sale: 50,000 compromised iTunes accounts Music and movies for pennies on the dollar. Jan 7 2011. The Register. Dan Goodin.

Wi-Fi hack threat man pleads guilty US neighbourhood feud turns nasty. Dec 22 2010. The Register. John Leyden.

Feds seize $143m worth of bogus networking gear From China, with bugs (and backdoors?). May 7 2010. The Register. Dan Goodin.

Texas man cops to botnet-for-hire charges DDoS demo backfires. Apr 28 2010. The Register. Dan Goodin.

Cyberattack on Google Said to Hit Password System Apr 19 2010. New York Times. John Markoff.

FBI figures show huge rise in online miscreantage Cybercrime losses almost double. Mar 15 2010. The Register. John Leyden.

Botnet takedowns 'don't hurt crooks enough' Punching fog. Mar 8 2010. The Register. John Leyden.

MS uses court order to take out Waledac botnet Zombie network decapitated. For now. Feb 25 2010. The Register. John Leyden.

Scareware scams switch to social network smut lures One stop shops for info theft and scareware fraud. Feb 15 2010. The Register. John Leyden.

Sweden to prosecute alleged Cisco, NASA hacker Stakkato's abrupt transfer. Feb 8 2010. The Register. Dan Goodin.

China stomps cybercrook training outfit Black Hawk taken down. Feb 8 2010. The Register. John Leyden.

Half a million PCs can access Schengen's 'secure' database Big network, big danger. Feb 8 2010. The Register. John Oates.

Oil companies hit by 'state' cyber attacks, says report Petrol reserves data targeted. Jan 25 2010. The Register. Dan Goodin.

Feds investigate theft of $3m from NY school An epidemic continues. Jan 5 2010. The Register. Dan Goodin.

Wanted: `Cyber Ninjas' Cybersecurity. Dec 29 2009. New York Times. Christopher Drew.

Botnet click fraud at record high Move over, mules. Oct 23 2009. The Register. Dan Goodin.

Hackers demand $10m ransom for Virginia medical data 8.3 million records held hostage. May 5 2009. The Register. Dan Goodin.

Battle Over Stolen Goods Sold Online Goes to Washington National Retail Federation: fencing using Internet addictive. Sep 22 2008. New York Times. Brad Stone.

Crimeware giants form botnet tag team Online bankers beware. Sep 6 2008. The Register. Dan Goodin.

Employee's silent rampage wipes out $2.5m worth of data Backups? What backups?. Jan 24 2008. The Register. Dan Goodin.

Inside a cyber-crook's Xmas wish list Credit card and birth certificate flea market. Dec 12 2006. The Register. John Leyden.

Bot nets likely behind jump in spam Where does SPAM come from?. Oct 27 2006. Security Focus. Robert Lernos.

Trojan attack takes files hostage Your money or your data.... Apr 23 2006. The Register. John Leyden.

Zombie PCs menace mankind Cybercrooks - online mafia. Mar 7 2006. The Register. John Leyden.

Spam Slayer: Next-Generation Spam Spam that bites. Jan 24 2006. PC World. Tom Spring.

Beware of How You Google Spelling does count! Another good reason to use a start page.. May 3 2005. eWeek.com. Ryan Naraine.

Hacking Google for Fun and Profit Black Hats Google too!. Apr 4 2005. The Registry. John Leyden.

Online extortion works Cyberextortion, A-Z. Dec 14 2004. The Register. Scott Granneman.

Feds bust DDoS "Mafia" DDoS for hire. Aug 27 2004. The Register. Kevin Poulsen.

Cyber-Extortion: When Data is Held Hostage Cyberextortion, the cost of doing business online. Aug 23 2000. Business Week Online. Alex Salkever.

Cybercrooks plant phishing scam on crime reduction website Who can you trust?. The Register. John Leyden.


Control Systems Security Assessements Powerpoint slideshow outlines industrial controls vulnerabilities. Jul 30 2008. New York Times. Marty Edwards and Todd Stauffer.

Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS) US DoJ on cybercrime. Mar 27 2006. usdoj.gov. United States Department of Defence.


100 Arrested in Online Fraud Crackdown Operation Phish Phry. Oct 7 2009. The Register. Brad Stone.

Crimeware grifters scamming naive phishers "There is no free phish". Aug 7 2008. The Register. John Leyden.

Phishing coders hook clueless crooks Who can you trust?. Jan 24 2008. The Register. John Leyden.

Grifters find rich pickings on social networking sites Steal yourFace. May 20 2007. The Register. John Leyden.

MySpace phishing scam targets music fans Spam lures recipients to phishing sites. Oct 14 2006. The Register. John Leyden.

Underground showdown: defacers take on phishers Defacing de phishers. May 22 2005. The Register. Robert Lemos.

Phishing gets personal Phishing - who can you trust?. May 17 2005. The Register. John Leyden.

Anti-Phishing Working Group Homepage Phishing - all about + report attacks here. Mar 27 2005. Anti-Phishing Working Group.

On EBay, E-Mail Phishers Find a Well-Stocked Pond Phishing on eBay. Mar 7 2005. New York Times.

Phishing morphs into pharming Nascent threat worries security researchers. Jan 31 2005. The Register. John Leyden.

Need Some Espionage Done? Hackers Are for Hire Online Jan 15 2015. New York Times. Matthew Goldstein.

The time a major financial institution was hacked in under 15 minutes Jan 14 2015. Washington Post. Brian Fung.

Russian Arrested in Guam on Array of U.S. Hacking Charges Jul 7 2014. Nicole Perlroth. New York Times.

Cybercrime costs $445B US a year to global economy, report finds Jun 9 2014. CBCNews. Thomson Reuters.