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"Virtual currencies, perhaps most notably bitcoin, have captured the imagination of some, struck fear among others and confused the heck out of the rest of us."

U.S. Senator Thomas R. Carper

Digital Currency

News stories


The Face Behind Bitcoin Bitcoin's Face: The Mystery Man Behind the Crypto-Currency. Mar 6 2014. Newsweek. Leah McGrath Goodman.

The Inside Story of Mt. Gox, Bitcoin's $460 Million Disaster Mar 3 2014. Wired. Robert McMillan.

How Bitcoin Could Revolutionise Accountancy Feb 23 2014. CoinDesk. Nick Chowdrey.

Bitcoin's Legality Around The World Jan 31 2014. Forbes. Kashmir Hill.

The Bitcoin-Mining Arms Race Heats Up Jan 9 2014. Businessweek. Ashlee Vance and Brad Stone.

Bitcoin Trading: Wall Street's Next Big Thing? Jan 3 2014. The Street. Antoine Gara.

What you need to know about digital currencies Dec 24 2013. CNBC. Dhara Ranasinghe.

The brave new world of bitcoin Nov 29 2013. The Province. PostMedia News.

Bitcoin Couple Travels the World Using Virtual Cash World-Wide Odyssey on Three Continents Proves One Can Live on Bitcoins Alon. Nov 14 2013. Wallstreet Journal. Paul Vigna.

Are Bitcoins the digital currency of the future? Nov 4 2013. London Free Press. Syd Bolton.

Should Money Go Digital Oct 9 2013. New Yorker. Kyle Chayka.

Bitcoin's boom-and-bust puzzle Oct 9 2013. Voice of Russia.

Bitcoin sells out Jul 3 2013. The Guardian. Arwa Mahdawi.

News stories

Bitcoin is MONEY, says Canada Crypto-currency regulated same as a dollar. Jun 25 2014. The Register. Richard Chirgwin.

Bitcoin Is Boring, Which Means It Might Finally Be Useful May 23 2014. Motherboard. Alex Pasternack.

Money? What money? Lawyer for Silk Road claims you can't launder Bitcoin Wants all charges dismissed in New York case. Apr 1 2014. The Register. Neil McAllister.

Bitcoin bloodbath as China shutters all trading sites Cash will soon be the only way to pay for crypto-currency. Mar 28 2014. The Register. Phil Muncaster.

Missing Bitcoins Found As Mt. Gox Recovers $120 Million From Old Wallets Mar 21 2014. Huffington Post. Associated Press.

Dorian Nakamoto Denies He Created Bitcoin Mar 7 2014. Huffington Post. Ryan Nakashima, AP.

Bitcoin Bank Flexcoin Shuts Down After $600,000 Theft Mar 4 2014. CBC, via Huffington Post.

Fed chairwoman casts doubt on Bitcoin regulation in the US Yellen dampens hopes of lawmaker seeking cryptocurrency ban. Feb 28 2014. The Register. Shaun Nichols.

Mt. Gox, Tokyo Bitcoin Exchange, Offline Amid Reports Of Theft Feb 25 2014. Yuriko Nagano and Stephen Wright, AP.

Bank of Montreal Shuts Down Bitcoin Business Accounts: Report Feb 19 2014. Huffington Post. Sunny Freeman.

2014 Federal Budget Calls Bitcoin A Terrorist, Crime 'Risk' Feb 12 2014. Huffington Post. Sunny Freeman.

Bitcoin is under attack Feb 12 2014. CNN Money. Jose Pagilery.

Bitcoin ATM Lands In Toronto As Digital Currency Goes Mainstream Jan 26 2014. Huffington Post. Sunny Freeman.

"Bitcoin Jesus" says the price will rise again Jan 24 2014. World Policy Blog. Trevor Dougherty.

Bitcoin's so over. We're mining Primeco... Oh SNAP, my box is a ZOMBIE! Malware writers target would-be fans of new cryptocurrency. Jan 17 2014. The Register. Phil Muncaster.

Canada Says Bitcoin Isn't Legal Tender Jan 16 2014. Wall Street Journal. David George-Cosh.

eBay Loophole Allows Sale of Bitcoin Dec 9 2013. coindesk.com. Pete Rizzo.

Apple Tells Gliph to Remove App's Bitcoin Transfer Function Dec 9 2013. coindesk.com. Daniel Cawrey.

Currency's value quadruples in the space of three weeks Bitcoin thefts soar as online criminals target easy payday. Nov 30 2013. MailOnline. Dan Bloom.

Bitcoin price zooms through $1,000 as enthusiasm grows Nov 27 2013. Chicago Tribune. Wanfeng Zhou.

Bitcoin Price Hits $500, a 50x Increase in Just 12 Months Nov 17 2013. CoinDesk. Jon Southurst.

Chinese Bitcoin exchange DISAPPEARS, along with ?2.5 MEEELLION Another one Bits the dust.... Nov 12 2013. The Register. Phil Muncaster.

World's First Bitcoin ATM Goes Live In Vancouver Next Week Oct 25 2013. Huffington Post. CBC.

The world's first Bitcoin escort agency Bitcoin brothels are here. Sep 26 2013. ZD Net. Violet Blue, Pulp Tech.

A Fistful of Bitcoins The good, the bad, and the ugly of crypto-currency. Sep 4 2013. Charleston City Paper. Corey Hutchins.

Bitcoin blitzkreig as Germans prepare to tax virtual currency Berlin puts its towel on virtual sunlounger. Aug 20 2013. The Register. Jasper Hamill.

German Finance Ministry recognizes bitcoin as currency Aug 17 2013. Europe Online Magazine.

Silicon Valley Luminaries Bet on Clinkle, a Payments Start-Up Jun 27 2013. New York Times. Nick Winfield.

Apple files `iMoney' patent for virtual currency, digital wallet Jun 6 2013. Venture Beat. John Koetsier.

Amazon launches own currency Web bazaar now 'coining it', for self and devs. May 14 2013. The Register. Simon Sharwood.

Homeland Security cuts off Dwolla bitcoin transfers May 14 2013. CNet. Declan McCullagh.

Google Ventures invests in OpenCoin, firm behind Bitcoin exchange Ripple May 14 2013. Gigaom. David Meyer.


Bitcoin is too cheap for its own good Dec 9 2013. theverge.com. Ben Popper.


Bitcoin Forum Bitcointalk.org.

Bank of Canada ponders e-money currency Nov 13 2014. Toronto Star. Canadian Press.

Bank Of Canada: Bitcoin Could Threaten Global Financial Stability May 13 2014. Huffington Post. Sunny Freeman.

Bitcoin: The Currency of a Revolution? Mar 3 2014. CBR. Ben Sullivan.

SecondMarket to launch first New York-based Bitcoin exchange Feb 25 2014. CNN Money. Dan Primack.