Triumph Unit 650 Gearbox

Hughie Hancox
Assembly Method


Assembly Order
Left to Right (1)

Gear Cluster
In First Gear (2)

Thrust washer installed
with grease (3)

Camplate positioned
in first gear (4)

Layshaft Installed (5)

Layshaft 2nd gear (6)

Layshaft 3rd gear (7)

Layshaft shift fork
installed in front (8)

Camplate showing
rollers in 1st gear positions (9)

Mainshaft shift fork
installed in rear (10)

Shift Fork Rod (11)

Mainshaft 2nd gear (12)

Mainshaft 3rd gear (13)

Layshaft low gear (14)

Inner Cover
& Mainshaft Installed
Note position of Quadrant
Indexed in 1st gear (15)

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