Emgo "Heavy Duty Chain Breaker"

  • Purchased in 2008 from Waldridge for $32.05
  • Distributed by British Cycle Supply (#221-02)
  • Made in Taiwan R.O.C. for Emgo Int'l Ltd Taipei
  • For up to 530 chain (1/4" and 3/8")

The pin on mine broke the third time I used this tool.
Thought I was doing ok, but it was probably my fault, I'm a klutz until I get practiced.

Not bothering to repair it because I realized I can just use the bench grinder and a round, flat-end 3/16" punch. No need to worry about grinding the plate because that link doesn't get used anyway.

I haven't broken my punch yet.

Take the money and
buy some spare air cleaners.