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Subject: 2024 ELECTION

Hey, Joe, Don't Give It a Go
Aug 6 2022 Maureen Dowd. New York Times.

Opinion | With Trump, It's 2015 All Over Again
Aug 4 2022 Rich Lowry. Politico.

GOP senators are skeptical damaged Trump can win in 2024
Jul 30 2022 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Trump tiptoes closer to new White House run in DC address
Jul 26 2022 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Liberal Panic Could Help Trump Steal the Next Election
Jul 19 2022 Andy Craig. Daily Beast.

McConnell: Trump will face `crowded' GOP field if he runs for president
Jul 19 2022 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

MAGA Pundits Start to Take Sides in Trump-DeSantis War
Jul 15 2022 Zachary Petrizzo. Daily Beast.

How a crowded GOP field could help Trump in 2024 campaign
Jul 9 2022 Jill Colvin. Associated Press.

Trump says he hasn't asked DeSantis if he's running in '24: `I think I would'
Jun 20 2022 Max Greenwood. The Hill.

Trump's path back to the Oval Office
Jun 19 2022 B.J. Rudell. The Hill.

Opinion: Will Trump run for president again? 12 of our columnists have the answer
Jun 17 2022 Drew Goins. Washington Post.

Election deniers want to control the 2024 election. And they're getting closer
May 24 2022 Ronald Brownstein. CNN.

The Trump 2024 puzzle is about to get some answers
May 3 2022 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Republicans Are Trying to Seize Veto Power Over the 2024 Election
Apr 28 2022 Kara Voght. Rolling Stone.

Trump rules out Pence as VP in potential 2024 presidential bid
Mar 16 2022 Samual Benson. Politico.

Trump signals Pence not likely to be his 2024 running mate if he runs
Mar 16 2022 Caroline Vakil. The Hill.

RNC moves to require presidential candidates to skip traditional commission debates
Jan 13 2022 Julia Manchester. The Hill.

R.N.C. Signals a Pullout From Presidential Debates
Jan 13 2022 Maggie Haberman. New York Times.

Won't-run-if-Trump-runs question leads to waiting game for likely 2024 candidates
Dec 8 2021 Gabby Orr. CNN.

Opinion: A GOP lawyer issues a frantic warning to his own party about Trump and 2024
Dec 6 2021 Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

The Memo: Media obsess over Trump's past as he eyes comeback
Dec 4 2021 Niall Stanage. The Hill.

`Not-so-secret weapon': Critics warn Trump, GOP planning 2024 Electoral College heist
Dec 2 2021 John T. Bennet. Rollcall.

At 28 percent approval, say goodbye to Kamala Harris being Plan B to an aging Biden
Nov 10 2021 Joe Concha. The Hill.

Howard Stern floats 2024 bid against Trump: 'There's no way I'd lose'
Nov 9 2021 Judy Kurtz. The Hill.

Revenge of the Donald
Oct 28 2021 David Frum. The Atlantic.

Who is brave enough to be Trump's 2024 running mate?
Oct 28 2021 Myra Adams. The Hill.

Biden, Trump tied in potential 2024 matchup: poll
Oct 20 2021 Tal Axelrod. The Hill.

Opinion: Brace yourself: Donald Trump will run for president in 2024
Oct 13 2021 Paul Waldman. Washington Post.

Republicans rally around possible Trump 2024 bid as they downplay his role on January 6
Oct 13 2021 Melanie Zanona, Manu Raju. CNN.

Jon Stewart says Trump has 'a very good chance' in 2024
Oct 11 2021 Judy Kurtz. The Hill.

The Biden-Harris train wreck may have its savior: 2024 GOP nominee Donald Trump
Oct 10 2021 Joe Concha. The Hill.

Trump heads to Iowa as 2024 chatter grows
Oct 9 2021 Max Greenwood, Tal Axelrod. The Hill.

GOP senators who voted to convict Trump say it's too soon to worry that he could undermine 2024 election
Oct 8 2021 Jeremy Herb. CNN.

In weighing 2024 run, Pence tests whether there is political life after Trump
Oct 6 2021 Ashley Parker, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

Trump May Run in 2024. So Might They. It's Getting Awkward
Oct 7 2021 Jeremy W. Peters. New York Times.

GOP mega-donor says he wouldn't back Trump 2024
Oct 4 2021 Max Greenwood. The Hill.

Advisers telling Trump to wait to announce 2024 campaign: report
Oct 4 2021 Mychael Schnell. The Hill.

Omarosa Manigault Newman: Trump may not 'even be healthy enough' to run in 2024
Oct 4 2021 Dominick Mastrangelo. The Hill.

Trump wanted to announce his 2024 reelection campaign in August
Oct 4 2021 Jacqueline Alemany, Theodoric Meyer. Washington Post.

Trump, talked out of announcing a 2024 bid for now, settles on a wink-and- nod unofficial candidacy
Oct 4 2021 Michael Scherer, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

Trump on prospect of facing DeSantis in 2024: 'I'd beat him'
Oct 3 2021 Jesse Naranjo. Politico.

Kristi Noem gets it
Oct 1 2021 Michael D'antonio. CNN.

Pence preps for potential 2024 presidential run amid rocky headlines about relationship with Trump
Sep 17 2021 Michael Warren. CNN.

Trump Hires Iowa Political Veterans, Signaling Interest in 2024
Aug 12 2021 Jennifer Jacobs. Bloomberg Politics.

Anti-Trump Republicans Are Doing Nothing Right Now to Stop Him in 2024
Dec 15 2020 Sam Stein, Lachlan Markay. Daily Beast.

Relax, A Trump Comeback In 2024 Is Not Going To Happen
Dec 10 2020 John F. Harris. Politico.

Civil war between MAGA, GOP establishment could hand Dems total control
Dec 6 2020 Joe Concha. The Hill.