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Subject: B-L-A-C-K IN USA

The Voter Fraud Fraud
11 Jul 2021 Charles M. Blow. New York Times.

Jared Kushner, Peggy Noonan and White problems with Black ambition
28 Oct 2020 Jonathan Capehart. Washington Post.

Breonna Taylor shooting case: Hankison indicted on wanton endangerment of neighbors
23 Sep 2020 Bill Hutchinson, et al. ABC.

Trump called him 'my African-American.' His life hasn't been the same since
12 Sep 2020 John Blake. CNN.

Seven police officers suspended after video shows hood placed on head of Black man who later died
3 Sep 2020 Tim Craig, et al. Washington Post.

`Coldblooded murder': Family calls for charges after mentally ill Black man dies of asphyxiation following police incident
3 Sep 2020 Jaclyn Peiser. Washington Post.

Jacob Blake paralyzed after Kenosha police shooting, family and attorney say
25 Aug 2020 Mark Guarino, et al. Washington Post.

Video shows Wisconsin police shooting a Black man multiple times as he enters a car
24 Aug 2020 Jaclyn Peiser. Washington Post.

When three teens were allegedly threatened by an armed man, the responding officers turned their guns on them, mother says
12 Aug 2020 Alicia Lee. CNN.

Two Black moms took their kids to the Mall. Secret Service officers confronted them with guns, they said
3 Aug 2020 Katie Mettler. Washington Post.

`You're not going anywhere': Florida man charged after detaining Black teen biking to basketball practice
29 Jul 2020 Katie Shepherd. Washington Post.

You Want to Talk About Racism? Pay Me
10 Jul 2020 Damon Young. New York Times.

A noose was found in Bubba Wallace's garage stall, NASCAR says
22 Jun 2020 Amir Vera. CNN.

Tulsa motel guard's deadly encounter with guest raises issues of race, private-security oversight
19 Jun 2020 Katie Metler, Brittany Shammas. Washington Post.

Former Atlanta officer who shot Rayshard Brooks charged with murder, other offenses
17 Jun 2020 Matt Zapotosky. Washington Post.

A Virginia incident reflects the reality of being black in America
16 Jun 2020 Editorial Board. Washington Post.

A black officer stepped in when a white cop had a suspect in a chokehold She was fired and the city wants an investigation
16 Jun 2020 Sheena Jones. CNN.

Video appears to show Nassau County police officers shoving black protester to ground and arresting him
15 Jun 2020 Alec Snyder, Mirna Alsharif. CNN.

New video from a witness shows Tulsa Police arresting teens for 'jaywalkin'
15 Jun 2020 Abby Phillip. CNN.

I'm a Black American. I Had to Get Out
12 Jun 2020 Tiffanie Drayton. New York Times.

Videos raise question about in-custody death deemed an 'accident' by Tennessee officials
12 Jun 2020 Bob Ortega. CNN.

George Floyd's funeral caps days of unrest and mourning
9 Jun 2020 Associated Press. Politico.

Fairfax County police officer charged after using stun gun on black man without provocation, police say
7 Jun 2020 Justin Jouvenal. Washington Post.

Murder charges filed against all 4 officers in George Floyd's death as protests against biased policing continue
3 Jun 2020 Brittany Shammas, et al. Washington Post.

The no-knock warrant for Breonna Taylor was illegal
3 Jun 2020 Radley Balco. Washington Post.

White Americans, your lack of imagination is killing us
1 Jun 2020 Kasi Lemmons. Washington Post.

We are the governed. We no longer consent to let the police kill us
1 Jun 2020 Eugene Robinson. Washington Post.

George Floyd Protests Live Updates: Fury and Frustration in Cities Across U.S.
31 May 2020 New York Times.

Why America can't return to 'normal'
31 May 2020 LZ Granderson. CNN.

George Floyd's brother says Trump 'didn't give me an opportunity to even speak' during phone call
30 May 2020 Amanda Watts. CNN.

Minneapolis police officer who knelt on George Floyd's neck had 18 previous complaints against him: police department
29 May 2020 Dakin Andone, et al. CNN.

Police pointed guns at a man and his grandmother, video shows. They claim he ran a stop sign
28 May 2020 Lateshia Beachum. Washington Post.

Black lives remain expendable
28 May 2020 Eugene Robinson. Washington Post.

George Floyd's heartbreaking cry for 'Mama' hits home
28 May 2020 Christy Oglesby. CNN.

Ahmaud Arbery killing being investigated as federal hate crime, family attorney says
26 May 2020 Angela Barajas and Martin Savidge. CNN.

There's one epidemic we may never find a vaccine for: fear of black men in public spaces
26 May 2020 John Blake. CNN.

Another unarmed black man has died at the hands of police. When will it end:
26 May 2020 Editorial Board. Washington Post.

Central Park confrontation sends an ugly message
26 May 2020 Jill Filipovic. CNN.

Fort Worth officer who fatally shot woman in her home has been charged with murder
14 Oct 2019 Derek Hawkins,˙Deanna Paul. Washington Post.

Cop cleared of murder after shooting unarmed, naked man whose last words were, `The police are my friends'
15 Oct 2019 Meagan Flynn. Washington Post.

A white campground employee is fired after pulling a gun on a black couple looking for a picnic site
30 May 2019 Faith Karimi. Marlena Baldacci. CNN.

A black man was picking up trash outside his home. Then police confronted him
7 Mar 2019 Kayla Epstein. Washington Post.

White Oklahoma cop who fatally shot unarmed black man with his hands up won't face civil rights charges
2 Mar 2019 Aris Folley. The Hill.

Living while black
28 Dec 2018 CNN.

A black man tried to cash his paycheck. The bank called the cops
18 Dec 2018 Michael Brice-Saddler. Washington Post.

BBQ Becky, Permit Patty and Cornerstore Caroline: Too `cutesy' for those white women calling police on black people?
18 Oct 2018 Antonia Noori Farzan. Washington Post.

Black Candidate Wants to Know Who Called 911 as She Talked to Voters
21 Sep 2018 Melissa Gomez. New York Times.

A police officer mistakenly walked in a man's home and killed him: police
7 Sep 2018 Linsey Bever. Washington Post.

A Black Oregon Lawmaker Was Knocking on Doors. Someone Called the Police
5 Jul 2018 Mihir Zaveri. New York Times.

White Man Calls Police on Black Family Using Neighborhood Pool
6 Jul 2018 Daily Beast.

A school's first black valedictorian wasn't allowed to speak
5 Jul 2018 Alex Horton. Washington Post.

White woman charged with assaulting black teen at swimming pool
29 Jun 2018 Morgan Gstalter. The Hill.