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Subject: CANADA

Tucker Carlson wanted a fight with Team Trudeau. He got one
26 Jan 2024 Zi-ann Lum. Politico.

What is Tucker Carlson doing in Canada?
24 Jan 2024 Zi-Ann Lum. Politico.

QAnons Are Harassing People At the Whim of a Woman They Say is Canada's Queen
17 Jun 2021 Mack Lamoureux. Vice.

AP sources: Woman accused of sending ricin letter arrested
21 Sep 2020 Michael Balsamo, et al. Associated Press.

Covid-19 built a 'northern wall' between the US and Canada and it could stay up longer than anyone expected
1 Sep 2020 Paula Newton. CNN.

Some of my fellow Republicans clearly didn't get the 'Canada memo'
28 Aug 2020 Daniel F. Runde. The Hill.

Kentucky Man Accused Of Breaking Canada's COVID-19 Rules Faces $569,000 Fine
25 Aug 2020 Samantha Raphelson. NPR.

Reopen the Canada-U.S. border? Canadians say sorry, but no thanks
14 Jul 2020 Lauren Gardner. Politico.

U.S. plans to restrict Mexico, Canada border crossings until late August
13 Jul 2020 Sabrina Rodriguez, Daniel Lippman. Politico.

America's worsening COVID-19 crisis has some Canadians barring border door
10 Jul 2020 Canadian Press.

Trump slams Canada and its team over NAFTA negotiations
26 Sep 2018 Alexander Panetta. Politico.

Trudeau's tough talk on Trump helps him at home, but could it hurt Canada ?
5 Sep 2018 Selena Ross. Washington Post.

Hudson's Bay pulling Ivanka Trump clothing line due to lack of sales
14 Jul 2018 Canadian Press. via Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Star editorial fires back at Sarah Sanders for saying US has been 'nice'
5 Jul 2018 Aris Folley. The Hill.

Stephen Harper spotted leaving the White House's West Wing
2 Jul 2018 Catharine Tunney. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

US isn't being very neighborly - what it means for Canada's foreign policy
1 Jul 2018 Stephanie Carvin. Washington Post.

'Tit-for-Tat' as Canada hits back against Trump tariffs
31 May 2018 Karen Grahm. Digitial Journal.

Canadian aluminum shows its mettle in face of Trump's tariff
1 Jun 2018 Evan Dyer. Canadian Broadcast Company.

Canada just learned that Trump's United States is the world's worst friend
1 Jun 2018 Stephen Marche. Washington Post.