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Blame These Companies for the GOP's Minority Rule
4 Feb 2024 Tessa Stuart. Rolling Stone.

Corporate America donated $36M to election objectors in 2022 election: analysis
10 Feb 2023 Karl Evers-hillstrom. The Hill.

Big money from corporate America could mean wins for "Big Lie" candidates
22 Oct 2022 Jessica Corbett. Salon.

Clothier Patagonia boycotts ski resort after owner hosted GOP fundraiser with Marjorie Taylor Greene
21 Aug 2021 Timothy Bella. Washington Post.

Businesses condemned Georgia's voting law, then gave thousands to its backers
22 Jul 2021 Isaac Stanley-becker. Washington Post.

Few companies stick with pledge to shut off funding for GOP objectors
9 Jul 2021 Karl Evers-Hillstrom. The Hill.

Why "Everybody Should Be Deeply Skeptical" of Corporate America's Turn Against Trump
17 Jan 2021 Hannah Levintova. Mother Jones.

Donor backlash fuels GOP alarm about Senate fundraising
16 Jan 2021 Brian Slodysko. Associated Press.

`An Epiphany Moment' for Corporate Political Donors May Have Arrived
12 Jan 2021 Andrew Ross Sorkin. New York Times.

The Finance 202: Big banks pause political giving after mob assault on the Capitol
11 Jan 2021 Tory Newmyer. Washington Post.

Marriott and others pledge to cut off money to members of Congress who doubted Biden win
10 Jan 2021 Todd C. Frankel, Jeff Stein. Washington Post.

Companies backed Trump for years. Now they're facing a reckoning after the attack on the Capitol
8 Jan 2021 Todd C. Frankel, et al. Washington Post.

The Corporations Funding the End of Democracy
7 Jan 2021 Osita Nwanevu. The New Republic.

White House moves to curb policing of corporate misbehavior
10 Sep 2020 Victoria Guida. Politico.

Business world braces for blue sweep
26 Aug 2020 Niv Elis. The Hill.

The Kodak loan: Insider trading in a new garb?
16 Aug 2020 Patrick Agustin, et al. The Hill.

Kodak stock dives 30% after $765 million loan is put on hold
10 Aug 2020 Jordan Valinsky. CNN.

Kodak Spent Big Money Lobbying Trump Before Scoring $765 Million COVID Deal
5 Aug 2020 Lachian Markay. Daily Beast.

Corporate Insiders Pocket $1 Billion in Rush for Coronavirus Vaccine
25 Jul 2020 David Gelles, Jesse Drucker. New York Times.

As big corporations say `black lives matter,' their track records raise skepticism
13 Jun 2020 Tracy Jan, et al. Washington Post.

Moderna unveiled encouraging coronavirus vaccine results. Then top execs dumped nearly $30 million of stock
22 May 2020 Matt Egan, Chris Isidore. CNN.

CEOs are cutting millions of jobs yet keep their lofty bonuses
16 May 2020 Anders Melin. Bloomberg News via Omaha World Herald.

Public companies received $1 billion in stimulus funds meant for small businesses
1 May 2020 Peter Whoriskey. Seattle Times.

The U.S. plans to lend $500 billion to large companies. It won't require them to preserve jobs or limit executive pay
28 Apr 2020 Jeff Stein, Peter Whoriskey. Washington Post.

JPMorgan, Ruth's Chris accused of cheating small businesses out of emergency loans
24 Apr 2020 Matt Egan. CNN.

Some Companies Seeking Bailouts Had Piles of Cash, Then Spent It
24 Apr 2020 Emily Flitter, Peter Eavis. New York Times.