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Subject: DEBATES 2020

Yes, Trump Was Calmer in Debate No. 2. He's Still a Narcissist With No Sense of Empathy
Oct 23 2020 David Corn. Mother Jones.

The Shrinking of the American Mind
Oct 23 2020 Roger Cohen. New York Times.

No Debate Disaster. No National Embarrassment. No One Cares
Oct 23 2020 John F. Harris. Politico.

Who won the debate
Oct 23 2020 CNN.

Debate Takeaways: Round 2 highlights policy over petulance
Oct 23 2020 Bill Barrow, Zeke Miller. Associated Press.

Analysis: Debate is brief interlude of normalcy in 2020 race
Oct 23 2020 Julie Pace. Associated Press.

Trump dials back his anger, but his debate performance doesn't change the facts
Oct 23 2020 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Trump Tries One Last Debate Trick: Be Less Like Himself
Oct 23 2020 Matt Flegenheimer, Maggie Haberman. New York Times.

'He shot himself in the foot': Seniors repelled by Trump's pandemic response
Oct 23 2020 Kendall Karson, Will Steakin. ABC.

Trump's sideshow fizzles out
Oct 23 2020 Ryan Lizza. Politico.

Who Won the Debate? Political Observers Weigh In
Oct 23 2020 Jeremy W. Peters, Isabella Grullon Paz. New York Times.

Fact-checking the second Trump-Biden debate
Oct 23 2020 Glenn Kessler, et al. Washington Post.

Amid a year of debate over inequity and police violence, Trump and Biden spar over race
Oct 23 2020 Jenna Johnson. Washington Post.

Shift in tone dominates at final Trump-Biden clash
Oct 22 2020 Brett Samuels, Morgan Chalfant. The Hill.

Trump strikes different tone as debate opens, then grows more combative
Oct 22 2020 Morgan Chalfant. The Hill.

Face to face: Trump and Biden to meet for final debate
Oct 22 2020 Jonathan Lemire, et al. Associated Press.

Trump campaign demands change to final debate topics
Oct 19 2020 Morgan Chalfant. The Hill.

Debate commission to mute candidates during their opponent's initial responses to prevent interruptions
Oct 19 2020 Dan Merica. CNN.

Stark contrast between Trump and Biden on display in dueling town halls
Oct 15 2020 Maeve Reston. CNN.

Fox News Stars Horrified by Savannah Guthrie's Trump `Ambush' at NBC Town Hall
Oct 15 2020 Matt Wilstein. Daily Beast.

Biden Allies Ponder: Skip Debate or Let Trump Blow Himself Up Again?
Oct 12 2020 Scott Bixby. Daily Beast.

South Carolina US Senate debate changes format after Lindsey Graham refuses to take Covid-19 test
Oct 9 2020 Konstantin Toropin, Chandelis Duster. CNN.

2nd presidential debate between Biden and Trump canceled
Oct 9 2020 Alexandra Svokos, et al. ABC.

Trump's debate move carries risks in final stretch
Oct 8 2020 Jonathan Easley, et al. The Hill.

Mike Pence's Debate Performance Bugged Me Out
Oct 8 2020 Frank Bruni. New York Times.

That Debate Was a Bucket of Warm You-Know-What
Oct 8 2020 John F. Harris. Politico.

The biggest dodges from last night
Oct 8 2020 Tanya Snider, Katy O'Donnell. Politico.

A night of head-shaking, lip-pursing and eyebrow-raising at the vice-presidential debate
Oct 8 2020 Robin Givhan. Washington Post.

Pence and Harris clash under the shadow of a surging pandemic
Oct 8 2020 David Weigel, et al. Washington Post.

Team Trump Delighted That Pence Didn't Hulk Out Like the Boss
Oct 7 2020 Scott Bixby, Asawin Suebsaeng. Daily Beast.

Pence, Harris dodge direct answers in policy-focused debate
Oct 7 2020 Jonathan Easley. The Hill.

Poll Finds Voters in Two Crucial States Repelled by Trump's Debate Behavior
Oct 3 2020 Nate Cohn. New York Times.

Chris Wallace blames Trump for chaotic debate: He 'bears the primary responsibility'
Oct 1 2020 Oliver Darcy. CNN.

`I was sad. It was sad': Voters bemoan nasty debate
Oct 1 2020 Michelle L. Price. Associated Press.

For Voters Still Mulling, One Thing Is Clear: That Debate Didn't Help
Oct 1 2020 Lisa Lerer, et al. New York Times.

Debates commission says it will add order to Trump and Biden's remaining showdowns
Sep 30 2020 Quint Forgey. Politico.

Debates panel says changes under consideration 'to ensure a more orderly discussion'
Sep 30 2020 Tal Axelrod. The Hill.

Presidential debate ratings plummet on broadcast networks
Sep 30 2020 Joe Concha. The Hill.

'A national embarrassment': Biden attacks Trump after messy debate
Sep 30 2020 Caitlin Oprysko. Politico.

Trump has no answers on America's crisis -- his debate rage made it worse
Sep 30 2020 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Trump's allies offer public praise but privately worry after debate
Sep 30 2020 Kevin Liptak, et al. CNN.

Donald Trump's worst moment of the 1st debate (that you probably missed)
Sep 30 2020 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Tuesday's Debate Made Clear the Gravest Threat to the Election: The President Himself
Sep 30 2020 David E. Sanger. New York Times.

Republicans fret over Trump's self-inflicted blows at first debate
Sep 30 2020 Jonathan Easley, Morgan Chalfant. The Hill.

"Unhinged": There's no going back from the Trump-Biden debate train wreck
Sep 30 2020 The Hive. Vanity Fair.

We Counted Every Single Time Trump Interrupted During the First Presidential Debate
Sep 30 2020 Jeremy Stahl. Slate.

The Debate Dumpster Fire
Sep 30 2020 Jim Geraghty. National Review.

Donald Trump ensures first presidential debate is national humiliation
Sep 30 2020 David Smith. The Guardian.

US presidential debate: Donald Trump and Joe Biden trade personal attacks in chaotic debate
Sep 30 2020 David Charter. The Times (uk).

How the Internet Viewed the First Presidential Debate: Poorly
Sep 30 2020 Matt Stevens. New York Times.

Trump-Biden Debate Prompts Shock, Despair and, in China, Glee
Sep 30 2020 Steven Erlanger. New York Times.

Of Course, the Debate Was Always Going to Be About Trump
Sep 30 2020 Matt Flegenheimer, Maggie Haberman. New York Times.

With Cross Talk, Lies and Mockery, Trump Tramples Decorum in Debate With Biden
Sep 30 2020 Jonathan Martin, Alexander Burns. New York Times.

'I don't think that there is anything to clarify': Trump allies play defense on hate group remarks
Sep 30 2020 Nick Niedzwiadek. Politico.

How a nearly empty room led to debate chaos
Sep 30 2020 Anita Kumar. Politico.

The biggest falsehoods and exaggerations in the first Trump-Biden showdown
Sep 30 2020 Quint Forgey, Matthew Choi. Politico.

The First Debate Showed Why Biden Will Win
Sep 29 2020 Cameron Hilditch. National Review.

Presidential debate: How the world's media reacted
Sep 30 2020 BBC. BBC.

Trump Gives Facts Short Shrift in Acrimonious Debate With Biden
Sep 30 2020 Gregory Korte. Bloomberg.

First U.S. presidential debate 'not a very good night' for U.S.
Sep 30 2020 Alexander Panetta. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

'We are ready': Proud Boys threaten to act and pledge allegiance to Trump
Sep 30 2020 Lauren Fruen. Daily Mail (us).

At the Debate, Biden and Trump Showed America Who They Really Are. That's a win for Biden
Sep 30 2020 David Corn. Mother Jones.

'Trump Basically Said to Go Fuck Them Up': Here's How the Proud Boys Reacted to Trump's Comments
Sep 30 2020 David Gilbert. Vice.

Debate coach: Why this debate went terribly wrong
Sep 30 2020 Todd Graham. CNN.

Trump needs to do better with women. Even Republicans say his debate performance failed to do that
Sep 30 2020 Gregory Krieg, Dan Merica. CNN.

Jake Tapper: "It wasn't even a debate. It was a disgrace. And it's primarily because of Trump"
Sep 30 2020 Media Matters Staff. Media Matters.

Proud Boys and far-right figures cheered Trump's debate call for them to "stand by"
Sep 30 2020 Nikki McCann Ramirez. Media Matters.

Why Can't He Just Say It?
Sep 30 2020 Emma Green. The Atlantic.

Trump Planned to Go Feral on Biden. Now His Allies Want to Call Animal Control
Sep 30 2020 Scott Bixby, Asawin Suebsaeng. Daily Beast.

`Fox & Friends' Trashes Trump for Blowing the Debate Over White Supremacists
Sep 30 2020 Jamie Ross. Daily Beast.

Who won the first presidential debate? Experts grade Trump-Biden mess
Sep 30 2020 Nolan Hicks. Ny Post.

The Desperation of Donald Trump
Sep 30 2020 Walter Shapiro. The New Republic.

Trump refuses to condemn White supremacists at presidential debate
Sep 30 2020 Maegan Vazquez, Paul LeBlanc. CNN.

Trump's chaotic debate underscores stakes of November's election
Sep 30 2020 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Analysis: Trump leans on tone that turns off voters he needs
Sep 30 2020 Steve Peoples, Julie Pace. Associated Press.

AP FACT CHECK: False claims flood Trump-Biden debate
Sep 30 2020 Calvin Woodard, Hope Yen. Associated Press.

Trump to far-right extremists: `Stand back and stand by'
Sep 30 2020 Kathleen Ronayne, Michael Kunzelman. Associated Press.

With Cross Talk, Lies and Mockery, Trump Tramples Decorum in Debate With Biden
Sep 30 2020 Jonathan Martin, Alexander Burns. New York Times.

Why Trump resorted to torching the debate
Sep 30 2020 Ryan Lizza. Politico.

Undecided voters call Trump `unhinged' and `un-American' - but unswayed by debate
Sep 30 2020 Laura Barron-lopez. Politico.

Trump's jarring white supremacist moment launches an online furor
Sep 30 2020 Maya King, Laura Barron-Lopez. Politico.

An Epic Moment of National Shame: The Debate Was an Embarrassment for the Ages
Sep 30 2020 John F. Harris. Politico.

`Trump's Strategy Is To Turn the Debates Into a Dumpster Fire on Steroids'
Sep 30 2020 Politico Staff. Politico.

Trump mayhem takes over first debate
Sep 29 2020 David Siders. Politico.

Five takeaways from Trump-Biden debate clash
Sep 30 2020 Reid Wilson. The Hill.

The Memo: Debate or debacle?
Sep 30 2020 Niall Stanage. The Hill.

Proud Boys celebrate online after Trump's debate 'stand back and stand by' comment
Sep 30 2020 Brooke Seiple. The Hill.

Joe Scarborough urges Biden: 'Do not do anymore debates'
Sep 29 2020 Joe Concha. The Hill.

Trump refuses to denounce white supremacy, says 'stand back and stand by' on Proud Boys movement
Sep 29 2020 J. Edward Moreno. The Hill.

Trump the disrupter has lost his novelty
Sep 30 2020 Gary Abernathy. Washington Post.

Trump incessantly interrupts and insults Biden as they spar in acrimonious first debate
Sep 30 2020 Anne Gearan, et al. Washington Post.

Trump sets the tone for the worst presidential debate in living memory
Sep 29 2020 Dan Balz. Washington Post.

Interruptions, accusations, chaos: Trump trolled the debate stage
Sep 29 2020 Robin Givhan. Washington Post.

Trump email says he `finished debating' Biden hours before debate begins
Sep 29 2020 Kelly Hooper. Politico.

Trump refuses to denounce white supremacy, says 'stand back and stand by' on Proud Boys movement
Sep 29 2020 J. Edward Moreno. The Hill.

Trump says he paid millions in income taxes; Biden says 'show us your tax returns'
Sep 29 2020 Naomi Jagoda. The Hill.

Twitter criticizes Trump after he says indoor rallies had no 'negative' effects: 'Ask Herman Cain'
Sep 29 2020 John Bowden. The Hill.

Chris Wallace Tries to Rein In an Unruly Trump at First Debate
Sep 29 2020 Michael M. Grynbaum. New York Times.

Trump Family Goes Without Masks to Presidential Debate, Disregarding Guide Lines
Sep 29 2020 Blake Montgomery. Daily Beast.

Trump Denies NYT Report With Claim He Paid Millions in Taxes
Sep 29 2020 Sam Brodey. Daily Beast.

Chris Wallace Finally Has Enough, Shouts Down Trump and Biden
Sep 29 2020 Justin Baragona. Daily Beast.

Dems to Biden: Let POTUS Lie During Debate, Avoid `Trump-Style Crazy Show'
Sep 29 2020 Hanna Trudo, Asawin Suebsaeng. Daily Beast.

Barr's Justice Department serves up talking points for Trump
Sep 29 2020 Kyle Cheney. Politico.

You Can Bet Trump's Debate Prep Was a Total Shitshow
Sep 29 2020 Rick Wilson. Daily Beast.

Report on Trump's tax avoidance shakes up presidential race ahead of Tuesday night's debate
Sep 28 2020 Touluse Olorunipa, Sean Sullivan. Washington Post.

Trump has laid a trap for the debate - but he'll be the one to step into it
Sep 28 2020 Karen Tumulty. Washington Post.

Trump Deflects Questions About Taxes, but First Debate Has a New Issue
Sep 28 2020 Peter Baker, Michael D. Shear. New York Times.