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Watch Nancy Pelosi Completely Ignore Trump in Her Farewell Speech
Nov 17 2022 Tori Otten. The New Republic.

End of an era: Pelosi steps down as House Democratic leader
Nov 17 2022 Mike Lillis. The Hill.

Democrats nominate Biden for epic challenge to oust Trump
Aug 19 2020 Steve Peoples, et al. Associated Press.

Biden picks Harris for VP
Aug 11 2020 Jonathan Easley, Max Greenwood. The Hill.

Democrats shy from leading court fight over Trump orders
Aug 11 2020 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

As a prosecutor in heavily white Minnesota, Amy Klobuchar declined to go zafter police involved in fatal encounters with black men
Mar 21 2020 Elise Viebeck, Michelle Ye Hee Lee. Washington Post.

Illinois Democrat becomes first House incumbent to lose primary in 2020
Mar 18 2020 Simone Path. CNN.

The No. 1 reason Biden is likely to beat Trump
Mar 11 2020 Max Boot. Washington Post.

Fur coats, resort vacations and a Porsche: Lawmaker resigns after allegedly taking $500,000 from her charity
Dec 6 2019 Teo Armus. Washington Post.

Why Democratic voters need to stop thinking about `electability'
Aug 15 2019 Paul Waldman. Washington Post.

Only a heckler can improve an evening with the money-grabbing Clintons
Apr 12 2019 Maureen Calahan. New York Post.

Enough with the excuses. It's time for Sanders to release his tax returns.
Apr 3 2019 Helaine Olen. Washington Post.

Democrats Must Expose Trump's Betrayal of Working People
Mar 15 2019 Robert L. Borosage. The Nation.

Beto O'Rourke's presidential campaign rests on one thing: His vanity
Mar 14 2019 Henry Olsen. Washington Post.

The Shameful Campaign to Silence Ilhan Omar
Mar 6 2019 Ben Ehrenreich. The New Republic.

NY Times columnist on CNN: Omar 'has come to be a bridge destroyer'
Mar 9 2019 John Bowden. The Hill.

Omar uproar swamps Pelosi
Mar 7 2019 Heather Caygle, et al. Politico.

Are Democrats going to let Sanders get away with this?
Feb 25 2019 Jennifer Rubin. Washington Post.

Ex-Clinton staffers slam Sanders over private jet flights
Feb 25 2019 Daniel Lippman. Politico.

Bernie, your moment has come - and gone
Feb 19 2019 David Von Drehle. Washington Post.

Crisis Management 101: How Virginia's top three Democrats dug themselves deeper holes
Feb 7 2019 Paul Schwartzman. Washington Post.

Nancy Pelosi is the best person to lead the House Democrats. That's why she should retire
Nov 20 2018 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Democrats, beware: Overzealous investigations will come back to bite you
Oct 23 2018 Karen Tumulty. Washington Post.

Francis Fukuyama: Identity politics is undermining democracy
Sep 18 2018 Nathan Gardels. Washington Post.

Walsh: Working-Class Trump Voters `Forgot Where They Came From'
Jul 24 2018 Edward-Isaac Dovere. Politico.

Mitch Landrieu on Helsinki, race, Democrats' identity crisis
Jul 24 2018 Jonathan Capehart. Washington Post.

The left's contempt is going to reelect Trump
Jul 11 2018 Marc A. Thiessen. Washington Post.

Trump staffer ostracism illustrates systemic breakdown of the left
Jun 25 2018 Armstrong Williams. The Hill.

Fact-Checking Bill Clinton's meltdown on NBC's `Today Show'
Jun 5 2018 Glenn Kessler. Washington Post.

A Certain Party's Gift for Self-Immolation
Feb 27 2018 Mimi Swartz. New York Times.

Liberals Are Becoming Knee-Jerk Anti-Trumpists
Nov 10 2017 Jeet Heer. The New Republic.