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Subject: DOH! JOE!

Most Americans say Biden's business dealings with his son are unethical: survey
14 Oct 2023 Steff Danielle Thomas. The Hill.

Hunter Biden indicted on federal firearms charges in long-running probe weeks after plea deal failed
14 Sep 2023 Lindsay Whitehurst. Associated Press.

Hunter Biden indicted on false statement, gun charges in Delaware
14 Sep 2023 Devlin Barrett, Perry Stein. Washington Post.

Hunter Biden indicted on three federal gun charges
14 Sep 2023 Rebecca Beitsch. The Hill.

Hunter Biden indicted on gun charges
14 Sep 2023 Betsy Woodruff Swan. Politico.

DOJ search of Biden's Delaware home results in more seized documents
21 Jan 2023 Christopher Cadelago. Politico.

Trump seethes on Truth Social after Fox News analyst debunks his lies about Biden classified docs
11 Jan 2023 Samaa Khullar. Salon.

New House Oversight Chair Clueless on How Trump's Docs Mess Is Different
15 Jan 2023 Corbin Bolies. Daily Beast.

More classified documents found at Biden's home by lawyers
14 Jan 2023 Zeke Miller. Associated Press.

5 additional pages of classified material found at Biden's Wilmington residence
14 Jan 2023 Zachary Cohen, et al. CNN.

Five more classified documents found at Biden's Wilmington home, lawyer says
14 Jan 2023 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

More documents found at Biden's Delaware home
14 Jan 2023 Christopher Cadelago. Politico.

Risk of prosecution on Biden, Trump docs differs due to cooperation
14 Jan 2023 Rebecca Beitsch. The Hill.

Biden Throws Trump a Lifeline
13 Jan 2023 Ankush Khardori. Intelligencer.

Garland appoints special counsel to investigate Biden docs
12 Jan 2023 Zeke Miller, Eric Tucker. Associated Press.

Lawyers find additional classified documents in Biden's Wilmington garage
12 Jan 2023 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

GOP races to suggest Trump equivalency in Biden-linked classified docs
10 Jan 2023 Jordain Carney, et al. Politico.

Discovery of More Classified Records Raises Questions Over Biden's Handling of Documents
11 Jan 2023 Glenn Thrush. New York Times.

The Biden papers and the Mar-a-Lago documents: Apples and oranges?
11 Jan 2023 James D. Zirrin. The Hill.

Legal experts pour cold water on Trump's victory lap after classified docs found at Biden's office
10 Jan 2023 Igor Derysh. Salon.

White House cooperating after Obama-era docs discovered, attorney says
10 Jan 2023 Olivia Glander, et al. Politico.

Classified Documents From Biden's Vice Presidency Discovered at Former Office
9 Jan 2023 Charisma Madarang. Rolling Stone.

Differences in the Trump, Biden classified document discoveries
9 Jan 2023 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Trump responds to Biden classified document discovery, asks when FBI will raid his `many homes'
9 Jan 2023 Julia Mueller. The Hill.

Biden Lawyers Found Classified Material at His Former Office
9 Jan 2023 Peter Baker, et al. New York Times.

DOJ Reviewing Classified Docs Discovered at Biden's Former Think Tank
9 Jan 2023 Aj Mcdougall. Daily Beast.

Classified documents from Biden's time as VP discovered in private office
9 Jan 2023 Jamie Gangel, et al. CNN.

Justice Dept. reviewing classified documents found in Biden's post-VP office
9 Jan 2023 Tyler Pager, et al. Washington Post.

Classified documents found from Biden's time as VP, White House cooperating with DOJ
9 Jan 2023 Brett Samuels. The Hill.