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Witness tampering at Jan. 6 hearing? Cheney raises prospect
Jul 14 2022 Eric Tucker. Associated Press.

Trump Tried to Call Witness Who Can Corroborate Damning Testimony: Report
Jul 13 2022 Kat Bouza. Rolling Stone.

Jan. 6 witness that Trump allegedly dialed was White House support staffer: reports
Jul 13 2022 Zach Schonfeld. The Hill.

Jan. 6 panel escalates showdown with Trump over influencing witnesses
Jul 12 2022 Isaac Arnsdorf, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

Jan. 6 committee notifies DOJ that Trump tried tampering with one of its witnesses, Cheney says
Jul 12 2022 Brian Schwartz. CNBC.

DOJ alerted after Trump called unseen Jan. 6 witness, says Cheney
Jul 12 2022 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Trump Personally Tried to Tamper With Jan. 6 Witness, Cheney Says
Jul 12 2022 Nikki Mccann Ramirez. Rolling Stone.

What is witness tampering? And could this charge apply to Trump?
Jul 12 2022 Amber Phillips. Washington Post.

Trump doubles down on well-wishes for alleged sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell
Aug 4 2020 Quint Forgey. Politico.

Trump on Ghislaine Maxwell: `I wish her well'
Jul 21 2020 Matthew Choi. Politico.