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With Concessions and Deals, China's Leader Tries to Box Out Biden
Jan 3 2021 Steven Lee Myers. New York Times.

Donald Trump has done 1 thing *really* well as President
Sep 16 2020 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Trump's tough talk on China sparks fears of geopolitical crisis
Jun 21 2020 Niv Elis. The Hill.

The U.S. is losing ground in the global effort to promote democratic ideals
Jun 4 2020 Michael McFaul. Washington Post.

Tumultuous week in US rattles allies around the globe
Jun 7 2020 Brandon Conradis. The Hill.

Embattled at Home, Trump Finds Himself Isolated Abroad, Too
Jun 2 2020 Steven Erlanger. New York Times.

As Virus Toll Preoccupies U.S., Rivals Test Limits of American Influence
Jun 1 2020 David E. Sanger, et al. New York Times.

Rebuking China, Trump Curtails Ties to Hong Kong and Severs Them With WHO
May 29 2020 Michael Crowley. New York Times.

Trump says U.S. to withdraw from World Health Organization and announces new broadsides against Beijing
May 29 2020 David J. Lynch, Emily Rauhala. Washington Post.

Trump confirms US is withdrawing from another major arms treaty
May 21 2020 Nicole Gaouette. CNN.

Why Bombs Made in America Have Been Killing Civilians in Yemen
May 16 2020 Michael LaForgia, Walt Bogdanich. New York Times.

Yovanovitch swipes at Trump administration as she's honored for her diplomatic work
Feb 12 2020 Jennifer Hansler, Jamie Crawford. CNN.

Even Before Mike Pompeo's Blowup, State Department Insiders Were Feeling Undermined
Jan 25 2020 Nick Steinberg. Politico.

Pompeo announces reversal of longstanding US policy on Israeli settlements
Nov 18 2019 Jennifer Hansler, et al. Washington Post.

As Trump withdraws U.S. forces from northern Syria, his administration scrambles to respond
Oct 13 2019 Karen DeYoung, et al. Washington Post.

`A great big money party': Foreign efforts to influence Trump keep piling up
Oct 10 2019 Maggie Severns. Politico.

Trump under pressure to respond to Turkey's offensive in Syria as death toll rises
Oct 10 2019 Karen DeYoung. Washington Post.

Trump and his foolish foreign policy decisions
Oct 10 2019 Sibel Oktay. The Hill.

Iran now operating advanced centrifuges in breach of nuclear pact
Sep 7 2019 Erin Cunningham. Washington Post.

Xi's choice: Destroy Trump, or save him and weaken America
Aug 20 2019 David Von Drehle. Washington Post.

White House moving forward with plan to cancel foreign aid, teeing up fight with Congress
Aug 17 2019 Jennifer Hansler, Manu Raju. CNN.

Trump says he will 'no longer deal with' UK's ambassador to US
Jul 8 2019 Jordan Fabian. The Hill.

Trump dismisses UK protests as 'fake news,' turns down meeting with Corbyn
Jun 4 2019 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Tillerson told lawmakers Putin was more prepared than Trump in Germany meeting
May 23 2019 Zachary Cohen, Caroline Kelly. CNN.

Trump offers deals where only he can win
May 17 2019 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Netanyahu says he asked Trump to label Iran's Revolutionary Guard a terror group
Apr 9 2019 Aris Folley. The Hill.

Wife of White House communications director pushes false anti-vaccination claims
Feb 14 2019 Kate Sullivan. CNN.

Trump's friend just tried to blame America first
Feb 13 2019 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Republicans rip Trump's surprise Syria withdrawal in meeting with Pence
Dec 19 2018 David Brown, et al. Politico.

Trump reiterates support for Saudi crown prince despite pushback from Congress
Dec 12 2018 Caitlin Oprysko. Politico.

Mike Pompeo swaggers his way to failure
Dec 9 2018 Jackson Diehl. Washington Post.

More Republicans challenge Trump on defense of Saudi crown prince
Nov 25 2018 Karoun Demirjian. Washington Post.

Trump brushes aside CIA assertion that crown prince ordered killing, defends him and Saudi Arabia
Nov 22 2018 Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

For Trump, the relationship with Saudi Arabia is all about money
Nov 19 2018 Karen DeYoung. Washington Post.

John Bolton pushing Trump to withdraw from Russian nuclear arms treaty
Oct 19 2018 Julian Borger. The Guardian.

Brzezinski: The US under Trump has become `the butt of a big joke'
Sep 26 2018 Megan Keller. The Hill.

Why were UN diplomats laughing at Trump?
Sep 25 2018 Kylie Atwood. CBS News.

Nikki Haley claims UN's laughter at Trump speech showed respect
Sep 26 2018 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Trump's foreign policy has devolved into chaos
Sep 16 2018 Jackson Diehl. Washington Post.

`Thanks Mr Trump': Chinese state media mocks the president
Aug 22 2018 Kinling Lo. South China Morning Post.

Inside Trump's NATO ambush,a signature spectacle casting allies as bit play
Jul 12 2018 Philip Rucker, Josh Dawsey, Michael Birnbaum. Washington Post.

'Very stable' Trump? European leaders beg to differ
Jul 12 2018 David M. Herszenhorn, Jacopo Barigazzi. Politico.

Trump `plays Russia's game' with NATO attacks, former officials say
Jul 12 2018 Conner O'Brian. Politico.

Things will not be okay
Jul 12 2018 Robert Kagan. Washington Post.

Trump Says Seeing Putin Easier Than Meeting Theresa May
Jul 10 2018 Jennifer Jacobs, Kitty Donaldson. Bloombergquint.

Why isn't Trump bragging about his NATO successes?
Jul 4 2018 Derek Chollet. Washington Post.

Top US envoy for East Asia to retire this month
Jul 1 2018 Jesse Byrnes. Politico.

A U.S. ambassador resigned over Trump's `factually wrong' attacks on allies
Jun 30 2018 Avi Selk. Washington Post.

Trump hurls a wrecking ball at the transatlantic alliance
Jun 21 2018 David Ignatius. Washington Post.

France blasts `incoherent' Trump after G7 fiasco
Jun 10 2018 Maia de la Baume. Politico.

Angela Merkel on Trump's G7 show: It's `depressing'
Jun 11 2018 Matthew Karnitschnig. Politico.

EU official mocks Trump: 'Just tell us what Vladimir has on you'
Jun 10 2018 Avery Anapol. The Hill.

France takes jab at Trump
Jun 10 2018 Louis Sanchez. The Hill.

GOP strategist: Trump 'beclowned himself' at G-7 summit
Jun 10 2018 Jacqueline Thomsen. The Hill.

Trump advisers' attacks on Trudeau spark backlash
Jun 10 2018 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Trump, White House advisers blast Trudeau in brutal aftermath of G-7 summit
Jun 10 2018 Damian Paletta and Joel Achenbach. Washington Post.

One 'rant,' rough talks sour G7 mood in confrontations with Trump
Jun 9 2018 Reuters. Reuters.

Trump stuns allies, won't sign G-7 joint agreement
Jun 9 2018 Andrew Restuccia, Brent D. Griffiths. Politico.

After Trump's G-7 summit fiasco, be afraid
Jun 9 2018 Jennifer Rubin. Washingtion Post.

Trump removes U.S. from G-7 joint statement over escalating feud w Trudeau
Jun 9 2018 Damian Paletta and Anne Gearan. Washington Post.

Trump's tweets undo a weekend of G7 diplomacy and baffle Canadian officials
Jun 10 2018 David Cochrane. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

In Trump, some fear the end of the world order
Jun 9 2018 Karen DeYoung. Washington Post.

France's Macron threatens rare rebuke of U.S. at G-7, Trump fires back
Jun 7 2018 Damian Paletta, David J. Lynch, Heather Long. Washington Post.

Trump's approach is hurting the U.S., foreign policy experts say
May 15 2018 Brent D. Griffiths. Politico.

The deep confusion of Trump's foreign policy
May 14 2018 Daniel W. Drezner. Washington Post.

Trump has put America in the worst of all possible worlds
May 11 2018 Anne Applebaum. Washington Post.

Trump's comments about gun laws in Britain&France prompt anger and rebukes
May 5 2018 Adam Taylor. Washington Post.

Macron treats Congress to a full-scale takedown of Trumpism
Apr 25 2018 E.J. Dionne Jr.. Washington Post.

With Bolton, Trump Creates a Hard-Line Foreign Policy Team
Mar 22 2018 David E. Sanger. New York Times.

After Trump's misleading remarks to Trudeau, Canada restates the facts
Mar 15 2018 Alan Freeman. Washington Post.

Rex Tillerson Out as Trump's Secretary of State, Replaced by Mike Pompeo
Mar 13 2018 Peter Baker, Gardinder Harris, Mark Landler. New York Times.

Heckuva job you're doing, Rex Tillerson
Feb 5 2018 Daniel W. Drezner. Washington Post.

The national security emergency we're not talking about
Nov 29 2017 Madeleine K. Albright. Washington Post.

Foreign Service leadership being `decapitated' & `depleted at dizzying' spe
Nov 17 2017 Joe Davidson. Washington Post.

Trump's `America first' looks more and more like `America alone'
Nov 11 2017 David Nakamura, Ashley Parker. Washington Post.

Trump's first speech to the United Nations was a disastrous, nationalistic
Sep 19 2017 David Rothkopf. Washington Post.