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Fact check: Trump falsely claims he'd promised Mexico would pay for `a piece' of the border wall
30 Oct 2023 Daniel Dale. CNN.

Trump chides Biden over move to build border wall: `I will await his apology'
5 Oct 2023 Miranda Nazzaro. The Hill.

Trump's border wall caused `significant' cultural, environmental damage, watchdog finds
7 Sep 2023 Alex Guillen. Politico.

Retrial of Colorado man in border wall fraud case begins
25 Oct 2022 Larry Neumeister. Associated Press.

Trump border wall breached thousands of times by smugglers: report
2 Mar 2022 Rafael Bernal. The Hill.

Trump's border wall has been breached more than 3,000 times by smugglers, CBP records show
2 Mar 2022 Nick Miroff. Washington Post.

Where Trump's border wall left deep scars and open gaps, Biden plans repair job
19 Feb 2022 Nick Miroff. Washington Post.

Republicans struggle to save funding for Trump's border wall
27 Nov 2021 Aris Folley. The Hill.

Biden Administration Cancels Remaining Contracts for Border Wall
9 Oct 2021 Caroline Downey. National Review.

Supreme Court remands border wall challenge following 'changed circumstances' under Biden
4 Oct 2021 Rebecca Beitsch. The Hill.

Monsoon Rains Just Washed Away Trump's `Impenetrable' Border Wall
23 Aug 2021 Jeff Ernst. Vice.

How Trump stiff-armed Congress - and gaslighted the courts - to build his wall
6 Aug 2021 David Rogers. Politico.

Texas Says It Will Build the Wall, and Asks Online Donors to Pay for It
17 Jun 2021 Edgar Sandoval. New York Times.

Biden terminating border wall construction contracts
30 Apr 2021 Nick Niedzwiadek. Politico.

Trump's partially built `big, beautiful wall'
12 Jan 2021 Sabrina Rodriquez. Politico.

Trump's border wall was a complete waste of time and money
25 Dec 2020 Editorial Board. Washington Post.

Appeals court OKs White House diverting military funding to border wall construction
4 Dec 2020 Tal Axelrod. The Hill.

Supreme Court to review Trump border wall funding, asylum policies
19 Oct 2020 John Kruzel. The Hill.

Appeals court blocks further construction on Trump border wall
10 Oct 2020 Celine Castronuovo. The Hill.

Appeals court revives House lawsuit against Trump border wall
25 Sep 2020 J. Edward Moreno. The Hill.

Supreme Court won't intervene in last stages of border wall construction projects
31 Jul 2020 Robert Barnes. Washington Post.

It's hard to say what's worse about Trump's wall: The incompetence or the corruption
15 Jul 2020 Editorial Board. Washington Post.

Builder of private border wall Trump says he opposed got $1.7B in federal wall contracts: report
13 Jul 2020 John Bowden. The Hill.

Trump on private border wall segment: `It was only done to make me look bad'
12 Jul 2020 David Cohen. Politico.

Appeals court: Trump wrongly diverted $2.5 billion for border wall
26 Jun 2020 Associated Press. Politico.

Trump campaigns on border wall progress. There's not much of it
23 Jun 2020 Eli Stokols. Los Angeles Times via Yahoo News.

People are sawing through and climbing over Trump's border wall. Now contractors are being asked for ideas to make it less vulnerable
4 Jun 2020 Nick Miroff. Washington Post.

Trump wants the border wall painted black; here's how it might happen
28 May 2020 Geneva Sands, Priscilla Alvarez. CNN.

Pentagon pulls money from overseas projects to pay for border wall
28 Apr 2020 Conner O'Brien, David Rogers. Politico.

Trump plan to shift $7.2B to border wall puts GOP lawmakers in a pickle
14 Jan 2020 Caitlin Emma, Jennifer Sholtes. Politico.

Judge stymies Trump's border wall by invoking GOP law targeting Obama (Ain't Karma a bitch!)
14 Dec 2019 David Rogers. Politico.

WATCH: Viral Video Shows Men Going Over Wall Trump Said `Can't Be Climbed' in Mere Seconds
4 Dec 2019 MediaITE. Media ITE.

Smugglers are sawing through new sections of Trump's border wall
2 Nov 2019 Nick Miroff. Washington Post.

`Take the land': President Trump wants a border wall. He wants it black And he wants it by Election Day
27 Aug 2019 Nick Miroff, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

Court blocks federal funds for border wall in parts of California and New o Mexico
29 Jun 2019 Caroline Kelly, Kyle Feldscher. CNN.

Federal judge blocks Trump from using Defense funds for parts of border wall
24 May 2019 Priscilla Alvarez. CNN.

Judge appears skeptical of Trump stance in case challenging his emergency declaration for wall funds
17 May 2019 Pete Williams. NBC News.

Shocker! The GoFundMe Campaign to Build the Wall Is a Bust
10 May 2019 Will Sommer. Daily Beast.

58 ex-national security officials to denounce Trump's emergency
24 Feb 2019 Quint Forgey, Anita Kumar. Politico.

Trump to declare national emergency for border wall. We're already under 31 others
14 Feb 2019 Josh Magness, Don Sweeney. McClatchyDC.

House Democrats to challenge Trump's emergency declaration; Republicans divided on action
15 Feb 2019 Rachael Bade, et al. Washington Post.

Legal war looms over Trump move to declare border emergency
15 Feb 2019 Josh Gerstein. Politico.

Coulter calls border agreement Trump's 'Yellow New Deal'
12 Feb 2019 Joe Concha. The Hill.

Poll: Voters overwhelmingly approve of border deal, want Trump to sign it
13 Feb 2019 The Hill. The Hill.

Trump's failed shutdown strategy produced an even worse deal than he started with
12 Feb 2019 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Shutdown cost the U.S. $3 billion that won't be recovered, CBO says
28 Jan 2019 Caitlin Emma, Jennifer Scholtes. Politico.

`All for nothing': Trump's wall retreat bewilders allies
25 Jan 2019 Anita Kumar, Gabby Orr. Politico.

Longest shutdown over: Trump signs bill to reopen government
25 Jan 2019 Jill Colvin, et al. Associated Press.

The numbers show Trump lost the shutdown and Pelosi won
26 Jan 2019 Harry Enten. CNN.

The shutdown was proof of Trump's stark incapacity for leadership
25 Jan 2019 Editorial Board. Washington Post.

`Prisoner of his own impulse': Inside Trump's cave to end shutdown without wall
25 Jan 2019 Philip Rucker, et al. Washington Post.

Poll: 60 percent say Trump bears responsibility for shutdown
24 Jan 2019 John Bowden. Politico.

Shutdown has dropped grenade onto Trump's 2020 team
17 Jan 2019 Eliana Johnson, Alex Thompson. Politico.

Trump two years in: The dealmaker who can't seem to make a deal
20 Jan 2019 Philip Rucker, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

Juan Williams: Trump's wall is founded on fiction
14 Jan 2019 Juan Williams. The Hill.

`In the White House waiting': Inside Trump's defiance on the longest shutdown ever
12 Jan 2019 Robert Costa, Washington Post.

Border Patrol union deleted 2012 webpage opposing border wall
11 Jan 2019 Ted Hesson. Politico.

Trump claims 'obviously' Mexico isn't going to write a check for a border wall
10 Jan 2019 Betsy Klein. CNN.

Test of steel prototype for border wall showed it could be sawed through
10 Jan 2019 Jacob Soboroff, Julia Ainsley. NBC News.

`If there's a concrete wall in front of you, go through it,' Trump said in 2004 speech
10 Jan 2019 Meagan Flynn. Washington Post.

`He's a gut politician': Trump's go-to negotiating tactics not working in shutdown standoff
9 Jan 2019 David Nakamura,Seung Min Kim. Washington Post.

Trump walks out of shutdown negotiations after Democrats reject wall money ,calls meeting `total waste of time'
9 Jan 2019 Erica Werner, et al. Washington Post.

Trump used the Oval Office to make his border wall pitch - but experts doubt it will sway voters
9 Jan 2019 Matt Kwong. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Trump threatens to close border, cut off aid to Central American countries
28 Dec 2018 Garrett Ross. Politico.

The Trump shutdown is fitting
22 Dec 2018 Julian Zelizer. CNN.

This wall debate is what happens when the only voices you hear agree with you
21 Dec 2018 Philip Bump. Washington Post.

Trump vows 'very long' government shutdown over border wall
21 Dec 2018 British Broadcasting Corporation.

'Are you ruining my life?': Republican senators in disbelief over Trump shutdown threat
20 Dec 2018 Ted Barrett. CNN.

Trump claims `money we save' from trade deal means `Mexico is paying' for the wall
13 Dec 2018 John Wagner, Damian Paletta. Washington Post.

Mexican president shelves plan to visit White House After testy call with Trump over border wall
24 Feb 2018 Philip Rucker, Joshua Partlow, Nick Miroff. Washington Post.