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"I've never seen anything like it": Economic analyst stunned at sources of Jared Kushner's funds
16 Aug 2023 Tatyana Tandanpolie. Salon.

Comer says Kushner `crossed the line of ethics' with Saudi deal
11 Aug 2023 Sarah Fortinsky. The Hill.

Far-Right Radio Host Ambushes Trump Lawyer Over Kushner
31 Jan 2023 Zachary Petrizzo. Daily Beast.

Jared Kushner Company to Pay $3.25 Million in Tenant Abuse Case
23 Sep 2022 Ryan Bort. Rolling Stone.

How Jared Kushner kept Donald Trump happy
8 Jun 2022 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Jared Kushner Now Under Congressional Investigation for Landing Sketchy Saudi Investment
2 Jun 2022 William Vaillancourt. Rolling Stone.

Jared Kushner and Donald Trump Probably won't be splitting a milkshake with two straws any time too soon
1 Apr 2022 Bess Levin. Vanity Fair.

Kushner Companies Violated Multiple Laws in Massive Tenant Dispute, Judge Rules
6 May 2021 Alec Macgillis. Mother Jones.

Once omnipresent Kushner now MIA from Trump's political pack
4 Mar 2021 Kate Bennett, Dana Bash. CNN.

`This Is Just What Jared Does': Kushner Bails on Trump's Mission to Destroy the 2020 Election
23 Dec 2020 Asawin Suebsaeng, et al. Daily Beast.

Apartment company co-owned by Jared Kushner files hundreds of eviction notices: Report
5 Nov 2020 Joseph Choi. The Hill.

Jared Kushner deserves an Emmy Award
29 Oct 2020 Elliot Williams. CNN.

Jared Kushner bragged in April that Trump was taking the country 'back from the doctors'
28 Oct 2020 Michael Warren, et al. CNN.

Kushner: Black Americans have to 'want to be successful'
26 Oct 2020 Marty Johnson. The Hill.

Jared Kushner, Deputy Assistant Ratfucker
17 Aug 2020 Adam Weinstein. The New Republic.

The House Oversight Committee Just Confirmed That Jared Kushner's Project Airbridge Was a Bust
2 Jul 2020 Stephanie Mencimer. Mother Jones.

Jared Kushner just stepped in it. Again
13 May 2020 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

I worked for Jared Kushner. Of course he says his covid-19 failure is a success
8 May 2020 Elizabeth Spiers. Washington Post.

Save us all from Jared Kushner
6 May 2020 Karen Tumulty. Washington Post.

Thank you for your service, Jared Kushner
30 Apr 2020 Peter Bergen. CNN.

Jared Kushner's tone-deaf coronavirus answer completely missed the mark
30 Apr 2020 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Jared Kushner's spine-chilling new role
3 Apr 2020 Frida Ghitis. CNN.

Strategic National Stockpile description altered online after Kushner's remarks
3 Apr 2020 Quint Forgey. Politico.

Jared Kushner's coronavirus briefing debut sparks outcry, confusion
3 Apr 2020 Allyson Chiu. Washington Post.

Jared Kushner's new assignment: Overseeing the construction of Trump's border wall
25 Nov 2019 Josh Dawsey, Nick Miroff. Washington Post.

Kushner owns lots of Baltimore-area apartments. Some are infested with mice
28 Jul 2019 Rebecca Tan. Washington Post.

Jared Kushner is profoundly clueless
4 Jun 2019 Jill Filipovic. CNN.

Trump Ordered Officials to Give Jared Kushner a Security Clearance
28 Feb 2019 Maggie Haberman, et al. New York Times.

Democrats should investigate the Kushner-MBS connection
9 Dec 2018 James Downie. Washington Post.

NYT: Kushner offered advice to Saudi crown prince after journalist's death
8 Dec 2018 Veronica Stracqualursi. CNN.

Kushner lacks security clearance level for nation's most sensitive intellig
12 Jul 2018 Carol D. Leonnig, Josh Dawsey, Ashley Parker. Washington Post.

Kushner company accused of falsifying records to harass tenants, earn huge
18 Mar 2018 Avi Selk. Washington Post.

Senator:Jared Kushner Must Go If He Shaped Foreign Policy To Aid Family
4 Mar 2018 Daniel Marans. Huffington Post.

'Jared has faded' Inside 28 days of tumult that left Kushner badly diminish
2 Mar 2018 Philip Rucker, Ashley Parker, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

Jared Kushner's troubles include an impending $1.2 billion company debt
1 Mar 2018 Michael Kranish, Jonathan O'Connell. Washington Post.

Jared Kushner's Security Clearance Downgraded
27 Feb 2018 Michael D. Shear, Katie Rogers. New York Times.

This is why Kushner's gargantuan debt matters
14 Feb 2018 Jennifer Rubin. Washington Post.

Jared Kushner credit line debts increased in 2017
13 Feb 2018 Josh Gerstein. Politico.

On Jared Kushner's emails, the real problem is the media's hypocrisy
25 Sep 2017 Paul Waldman. Washington Post.