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DOJ to appeal travel mask mandate ruling after CDC says masks still needed on public transportation
20 Apr 2022 Krista Mahr. Politico.

What Justice Gorsuch's masklessness says about society
18 Jan 2022 Kara Alaimo. CNN.

Greene fined a third time for refusing to wear mask on House floor
25 Oct 2021 Cristina Marcos. The Hill.

Eighth House GOP lawmaker issued $500 fine for not wearing mask on House floor
28 Sep 2021 Cristina Marcos. The Hill.

A Texas couple wore face masks at a restaurant to protect their immunocompromised infant. The owner asked them to leave
21 Sep 2021 Alisha Ebrahimji. CNN.

Republicans Have Gone Too Far in the Region Hit Hardest by Covid
23 Aug 2021 Margaret Renkl. New York Times.

Florida threatens to remove school officials who disobey DeSantis
17 Aug 2021 Andrew Atterbury. Politico.

Parent attacks teacher over school mask mandate
14 Aug 2021 Rachel Scully. The Hill.

Tennessee parents make threats after school board mandates masks: `We will find you'
12 Aug 2021 Julian Mark. Washington Post via MSN News.

When Masks Become Trash
28 Jul 2021 Barbara Kinney. Washington Post.

Tempers flare as some in GOP ignore new House mask mandate
28 Jul 2021 Cristina Marcos. The Hill.

Ethics panel upholds $500 mask fines against Greene, other GOP lawmakers
20 Jul 2021 Cristina Marcos. The Hill.

House Ethics panel upholds $500 mask fines against GOP lawmakers
25 Jun 2021 Cristina Marcos. The Hill.

Montana's Face-Off Over Face Masks
11 Jan 2021 Gwen Florio. The Nation.

Tensions rise over masks as virus grips smaller US cities
10 Dec 2020 Heather Hollingsworth, Ryan Foley. Associated Press.

A Florida man refused to mask up in Best Buy. Then he coughed, spit and sneezed all over the store, police said
10 Dec 2020 Jaclyn Peiser. Washington Post.

Police: Beaten bowling manager asked patrons to wear masks
2 Dec 2020 Associated Press. ABC.

A guard asked two sisters to put on a mask. They stabbed him 27 times instead, prosecutors say
28 Oct 2020 Jaclyn Peiser. Washington Post.

Hospitals are full but some parts of Idaho refuse mask rules
23 Oct 2020 Rebecca Boone. Associated Press.

Alabama's GOP lieutenant governor called mask rules an `overstep.' Now he has tested positive for the coronavirus
22 Oct 2020 Tim Elfrink. Washington Post.

Judge strikes down attempt to stop mask mandate as cases continue to rise in Wisconsin
12 Oct 2020 Ivan Pereira. ABC.

Here's how utterly dumb the mask-wearing debate has become
22 Sep 2020 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

New York City bus driver knocked out by passenger he told to wear a mask
18 Sep 2020 Lauren Vella. The Hill.

Postal Service's plan to send 650M face masks to Americans allegedly nixed by White House
17 Sep 2020 Benjamin Siegel, Lucien Bruggeman. ABC.

Gulf between White House's words, Trump's actions on masks
16 Sep 2020 Darlene Superville, Aamer Madhani. Associated Press.

63 seconds that shows why Trump politicizing mask-wearing is so, so destructive
11 Sep 2020 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

GOP governors ignored mask mandate advice from task force
31 Aug 2020 Jim Saksa. Rollcall.

Behind the mask
29 Aug 2020 Sasa Petricic. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

A teenage Sesame Place worker told guests to wear a mask. One of them shattered his jaw instead, police say
20 Aug 2020 Tim Elfrink. Washington Post.

Video shows Arizona man carried out of store by son trying to stop anti-mask rant
12 Aug 2020 Aris Folley. The Hill.

If you can punish a teenage girl for spaghetti straps, you can enforce a mask mandate
11 Aug 2020 Monica Hesse. Washington Post.

`Not handling the pandemic well': Man fires at cops with AK-47 after refusing to wear a mask, police say
3 Aug 2020 Tim Elfrink. Washington Post.

Minnesota Republican county official resigns after posting image comparing mask wearing to Nazi Germany
29 Jul 2020 Caroline Kelly. CNN.

At the heart of dismal U.S. coronavirus response, a fraught relationship with masks
28 Jul 2020 Griff Witte, et al. Washington Post.

79 percent say they support national face mask mandate: poll
27 Jul 2020 Julia Manchester. The Hill.

'Grim reaper special': People react to Winn Dixie supermarkets not requiring face masks
19 Jul 2020 Dalvan Brown. Usa Today.

`No mask, no entry. Is that clear enough? That seems pretty clear, right?'
18 Jul 2020 Eli Saslow. Washington Post.

Top nine brick-and-mortar retailers now require coronavirus masks in U.S. stores
17 Jul 2020 Antonia Noori Farzan, et al. Washington Post.

Georgia governor wages legal war with Atlanta mayor over mask mandate
17 Jul 2020 Ivan Pereira. ABC.

28 states, Washington D.C., and Puerto Rico have issued mask mandates to prevent spread of COVID-19
17 Jul 2020 Arielle Mitropoulos. ABC.

Mask Rules Expand Across U.S. as Clashes Over the Mandates Intensify
16 Jul 2020 Sarah Mervosh, et al. New York Times.

Mask mandates catch on as states, businesses try to bypass a toxic debate
16 Jul 2020 Griff Witte. Washington Post.

Georgia governor overrides all local mask orders in the state
15 Jul 2020 Rebecca Klarr. The Hill.

Trump dons mask in public for the first time, months after public health experts said everyone should
11 Jul 2020 Touluse Olorunipa. Washington Post.

`You get made fun of': Trump campaign office shuns masks, social distancing
10 Jul 2020 Dan Diamond. Politico.

Dozens of Mississippi lawmakers have coronavirus after weeks of refusing to wear masks
10 Jul 2020 Allison Gordon. CNN.

America is running short on masks, gowns and gloves. Again
8 Jul 2020 William Wan. Washington Post.

States mandate masks, begin to shut down again as coronavirus cases soar and hospitalizations rise
6 Jul 2020 Joshua Partlow, Nick Miroff. Washington Post.

Kansas GOP official apologizes for cartoon comparing mask mandate to the Holocost
6 Jul 2020 Tim Elfrink. Washington Post.

Trump's anti-mask crusade is coming back to bite him
2 Jul 2020 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Republicans, with exception of Trump, now push mask-wearing
30 Jun 2020 Aamer Madhani, Laurie Kellman. Associated Press.

Trump refuses to lead as pandemic worsens and allies desert him on masks
1 Jul 2020 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Despite new mandatory mask rules, Trump insists it's everyone's 'personal choice'
29 Jun 2020 Libby Cathey. ABC News.

What to wear: Feds' mixed messages on masks sow confusion
27 Jun 2020 AAmer Madhani. Associated Press.

`Don't be a sheep': Sheriffs rebel against new statewide mask requirements
26 Jun 2020 Teo Armus. Washington Post.

Starbucks employee receives more than $16K in tips after refusing to serve a customer who wasn't wearing a mask
24 Jun 2020 Rebecca Klar. The Hill.

How the split over face masks sums up America's chaotic coronavirus response
25 Jun 2020 Adam Taylor. Washington Post.

3M sues Amazon seller who offered masks at 18 times markup
9 Jun 2020 Marty Johnson. The Hill.

How do masks change human behavior? An Italian scientist who has studied cow sociability decided to find out
5 Jun 2020 Craig Timberg. Washington Post.

Trump takes his war on masks to new heights
27 May 2020 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Poll: Majority of voters support mandatory face masks in some public settings
22 May 2020 The Hill.

Donald Trump's anti-mask campaign picks up steam
26 May 2020 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

The Masked Versus the Unmasked
15 May 2020 Roger Cohen. New York Times.

A contractor promised FEMA 10 million masks for $55 million. It did not deliver
12 May 2020 Isaac Stanley-Becker. Washington Post.

Mask or no mask? Face coverings become tool in partisan combat
12 May 2020 Isaac Stanley-Becker. Washington Post.

White House Orders Staff to Wear Masks as Trump Misrepresents Testing Record
11 May 2020 Michael D. Shear, et al. New York Times.

GOP Ohio state lawmaker refuses to wear face mask because faces are the 'likeness of God'
4 May 2020 Aris Folley. The Hill.

Masks become a flashpoint for protests and fights as businesses, beaches and parks reopen
5 May 2020 Katie Shepherd. Washington Post.

Pence flouts Mayo Clinic policy on masks -- which is to wear one
28 Apr 2020 Kevin Liptak. CNN.

U.S. sent millions of face masks to China early this year, ignoring pandemic warning signs
18 Apr 2020 Juliet Eilperin. Washington Post.