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Subject: NRA

Trump and Pence compete for ovations at the NRA after a rash of mass shootings
14 Apr 2023 Kierra Frazier, Adam Wren. Politico.

Republicans pledge allegiance to a hobbled NRA
25 May 2022 David Siders, Olivia Beavers. Politico.

Judge blocks New York attorney general's attempt to dissolve NRA but allows suit to proceed
2 Mar 2022 Sonia Moghe. CNN.

How the Wheels Came Off at the NRA
9 Nov 2021 Chris Lehmann. The New Republic.

The Moment the NRA Decided to Embrace the Culture Wars
8 Nov 2021 Tim Mak. Politico.

NRA ran shell companies to illegally fund Trump and other Republicans, Giffords group alleges in suit
3 Nov 2021 Timothy Bella. Washington Post.

Judge Orders Investigation of NRA Political Contributions
5 Oct 2021 Sarah Okeson. DCReport.

New York AG blasts NRA's decision to re-elect its embattled leader: 'The rot runs deep'
4 Oct 2021 Rob Frehse. CNN.

Wayne LaPierre retains leadership of NRA; loyalist Charles Cotton elected president
2 Oct 2021 Eileen AJ Connelly. New York Post.

NRA denies discussing 'special arrangements' with Trump in return for its support
27 Sep 2019 Even Simones. Politico.

NRA money flowed to board members amid allegedly lavish spending by top officials
9 Jun 2019 Beth Reinhard, et al. Washington Post.

NRA board members defend LaPierre's push for Texas mansion
7 Aug 2019 Beth Reinhard, Emily Davies. Washington Post.

NRA chief sought purchase of $6 million mansion in wake of Parkland shootig
7 Aug 2019 Carol D. Leonnig, Beth Reinhard. Washington Post.

NRA board member and former president Marion Hammer obtained low-interest loan from affiliate she leads
6 Sep 2019 Beth Reinhard, Tom Hamburger. Washington Post.