Donald Trump: Incompetent - Irresponsible - Insecure - Illiterate - Irrelevant - Ignominious - Indicted!


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Subject: OH-OH - PERJURY

Miller Contradicts Himself, Says Trump Did Not Order to Deploy Jan.6 Troops
27 Jul 2022 Gerrard Kaonga. Newsweek.

January 6 committee showed particular interest in Ivanka Trump footage, filmmaker says
23 Jun 2022 Zachary Cohen. CNN.

Ivanka Trump told documentary maker Trump should pursue every avenue to challenge election
21 Jun 2022 Zachary Cohen. CNN.

Ivanka Trump expressed a different view on the election to a filmmaker
21 Jun 2022 Maggie Haberman. New York Times.

Before January 6, Ivanka Said Trump Should `Continue to Fight
21 Jun 2022 Matt Stieb. Intelligencer.