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RFK Jr. has a lot of explaining to do
4 Feb 2024 Glenn C. Altschuler. The Hill.

DeSantis to New Hampshire voters: I'll bring `Live Free or Die' motto to White House
20 Jan 2024 Filip Timotija. The Hill.

Rand Paul says Fauci should `go to prison' over COVID-19 `dishonesty'
14 Jan 2024 Filip Timotija, Sarah Polus. The Hill.

Johnson calls description of him as an election denier `nonsense,' but won't say Biden won
7 Jan 2024 Kelly Garrity. Politico.

Graham backtracks on earlier Jan. 6 criticism of Trump: `It depends on what the conduct is'
31 Dec 2023 Sarah Fortinsky. The Hill.

Greene says she was honored to meet Jan. 6 defendant Jacob Chansley
18 Dec 2023 Sarah Fortinsky. The Hill.

McCarthy: I'd serve in Trump's Cabinet
14 Dec 2023 Mia McCarthy. Politico.

Texas AG says abortions still prosecutable despite court exemptions (Save those dead babies!!)
7 Dec 2023 Nick Robertson. The Hill.

"Egregious form of partisanship": Cassidy Hutchinson slams Bill Barr for saying he may vote Trump
21 Nov 2023 Tatyana Tandanpolie. Salon.

Pence Refuses to Rule Out Voting for Trump in 2024
6 Aug 2023 Peter Wade. Rolling Stone.

Bill Barr, on a mission to stop Trump, still might vote for him
3 Aug 2023 Zachary B. Wolf. CNN.

Mike Lindell Says Tiny Honorary Police Pin Makes Him `Semi-Official'
22 Oct 2022 Zachary Petrizzo. Daily Beast.

`No Law' When It Comes to Trump: Lindsey Graham Predicts `Riots in the Streets' If Ex-President Prosecuted
29 Aug 2022 Caroline Downey. National Review.

Alex Jones Dumps Trump for Ron DeSantis, Who Is `Way Better'
18 Aug 2022 Justin Baragona. Daily Beast.

Alex Jones ordered to pay $49.3M total over Sandy Hook lies
5 Aug 2022 Jim Vertuno. Associated Press.

Alex Jones concedes Sandy Hook attack was `100% real'
3 Aug 2022 Jim Vertuno (AP). The Hill.

Alex Jones Puts Company Behind Infowars Empire Into Bankruptcy
30 Jul 2022 Elizabeth Williamson. New York Times.

Rep. Glenn Thompson Voted Against Same-Sex Marriage, Then Attended His Gay Son's Wedding
26 Jul 2022 Nikki Mccann Ramirez. Rolling Stone.

Alex Jones defiant in deposition in Sandy Hook hoax lawsuit
14 Jul 2022 Dave Collins. Associated Press.

Alex Jones said he was too sick for a deposition - then taped his show
24 Mar 2022 Jonathan Edwards. Washington Post.

Bill Barr: Dj vu all over again
20 Mar 2022 Glenn C. Altschuler. The Hill.

Barr suggests he would still vote for Trump
7 Mar 2022 Mychael Schnell. The Hill.

Boebert shocks Democrats with Biden State of the Union interruption
1 Mar 2022 Cristina Marcos. The Hill.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets a Warm Welcome at CPAC After Headlining White e Nationalist Conference
26 Feb 2022 Pema Levy. Mother Jones.

Alex Jones liable for defamation in Sandy Hook 'hoax' case
15 Nov 2021 Dave Collins. Washington Post.

Alex Jones Loses Sandy Hook Families' Lawsuits Over Conspiracy Theories
15 Nov 2021 Zoe Richards. Daily Beast.

Ex-Trump adviser Michael Flynn's call for 'one religion' in the US garners swift condemnation
15 Nov 2021 Paul Leblanc. CNN.

Nikki Haley doesn't want to 'go back to the days before Trump.' Why not?
6 Oct 2021 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Alex Jones found liable in two Sandy Hook cases
1 Oct 2021 Natalie Prieb. The Hill.

Infowars host Alex Jones is responsible for damages triggered by his false claims on the Sandy Hook shooting, judge rules
1 Oct 2021 Aya Elamroussi. CNN.

Former Rittenhouse attorney Lin Wood wants $2M bail back
24 Sep 2021 Celine Castronuovo. The Hill.

Kellyanne Conway, booted from military advisory board, is suddenly concerned about "Presidential norms"
9 Sep 2021 Eric Lutz. Vanity Fair.

Kellyanne Conway is *seriously* complaining about a 'break from presidentil norms'
9 Sep 2021 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Oh, so now Lindsey Graham wants to impeach a president?
20 Aug 2021 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

A conservative cardinal who criticized the vaccine caught covid. Days later he was put on a ventilator
16 Aug 2021 Jaclyn Peiser. Washington Post.

Metal detectors infuriate lawmakers as some Republicans erupt over new measures
13 Jan 2021 Chandelis Duster, et al. CNN.

Stephen Colbert Rages at Republicans' `Hollow Calls for Unity' After Capitol Riot
13 Jan 2021 Matt Wilstein. Daily Beast.

Hawley, Cruz face rising anger, possible censure
12 Jan 2021 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Maybe Ted Cruz isn't really `smart enough to know better'
11 Jan 2021 Ana Marie Cox. Washington Post.

Limbaugh dismisses calls to end violence after mob hits Capitol
7 Jan 2021 Dominick Mastrangelo. The Hill.

Hawley to still object to Pennsylvania after Capitol breached
6 Jan 2021 Jordain Carney. The Hill.

Ted Cruz's electoral vote speech will live in infamy
6 Jan 2021 Phillip Bump. Washington Post.

'Disgusting': Perdue hammers Georgia secretary of state for recording Trump call
4 Jan 2021 Nick Niedzwiadek. Politico.

Trump to give ally Nunes the Presidential Medal of Freedom
3 Jan 2021 Ashley Parker. Washington Post.

Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse's new merchandise site signals `new era' of criminal defense
22 Dec 2020 Mark Guarino. Washington Post.

Stephen Miller: 'Alternate' electors will keep Trump election challenge alive
14 Dec 2020 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Pence projects confidence in Covid response as pandemic worsens nationwide
19 Nov 2020 Brianna Ehley. Politico.

Lou Dobbs demands GOP help Trump fight for 'what is rightfully his'
14 Nov 2020 Sarah Polus. The Hill.

Rand Paul says millions of covid-19 survivors should throw away their masks : `We should tell them to celebrate'
13 Nov 2020 Teo Armus. Washington Post.

Donald Trump gives himself an 'A+' for his handling of the coronavirus. Uh, what?
21 Sep 2020 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

McCain conspiracists say his brain cancer was a hoax
27 Aug 2018 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.