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Opinion: The GOP is sick. It didn't start with Trump - and won't end with him
Aug 4 2022 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Opinion: In the GOP, the paranoid fringe is becoming the establishment
Aug 3 2022 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Ohio's secretary of state once called it 'irresponsible' to say the election was stolen. Then came Trump's endorsement
Aug 2 2022 Fredreka Schouten. CNN.

The Three Pillars of the Trumpist GOP
Aug 1 2022 Peter Wehner. The Atlantic.

Meet the Neo-Confederate 9/11 Truther Maryland GOP Voters Picked for Attorney General
Jul 31 2022 Peter Wade. Rolling Stone.

House GOP brushes off DOJ probe of Trump
Jul 29 2022 Emily Brooks, Mychael Schnell. The Hill.

Pence and Trump Are Two Sides of the Same Corroded Coin
Jul 27 2022 Alex Shepard. The New Republic.

Opinion More Republicans are dumping Trump. But the GOP still imperils democracy
Jul 26 2022 Jennifer Rubin. Washington Post.

Trump Returns to D.C. and His Minions Can't Wait to Knife Each Other
Jul 26 2022 Zachary Petrizzo, Roger Sollenberger. Daily Beast.

Republicans Confront Unexpected Online Money Slowdown
Jul 26 2022 Shane Goldmacher. New York Times.

Report: If Trump Wins in 2024, His Allies Want to Unmake the Entire Federal Government
Jul 23 2022 Dan Spinelli. Mother Jones.

The Myth of the Good Trump Official
Jul 22 2022 Michelle Goldberg. New York Times.

GOP leaders won't get in the way of Trump 2024
Jul 22 2022 Olivia Beavers, Burgess Everett. Politico.

GOP lawmaker who gave Jan. 5 tour wants to investigate Jan. 6 panel
Jul 21 2022 Jordain Carney. Politico.

Arizona GOP censures Rusty Bowers after Jan. 6 testimony
Jul 21 2022 Julia Meuller. The Hill.

Parscale quietly blamed Trump - and himself - for Jan. 6. Then came a 180.
Jul 12 2022 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Trump's most valuable ally is the political economy he created
Jul 12 2022 Philip Bump. Washington Post.

New faces begin to surface as possible Trump 2024 key players
Jul 11 2022 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

The RNC is promoting Trump and his business, raising fresh concerns about its neutrality
Jul 11 2022 Meridith Mcgraw. Politico.

More Republicans now call Jan. 6 a `legitimate protest' than a `riot'
Jul 7 2022 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Liz Cheney Wins the GOP's Manhood Contest
Jul 7 2022 John F. Harris. Politico.

Opinion: Who killed the republic? It's not Donald Trump
Jul 6 2022 Diane McWhorter. CNN.

The Republican Plot to Turn Back the Clock Is Just Getting Started
Jul 2 2022 Jason Linkins. The New Republic.

Newly elected GOP congresswoman spread Capitol riot conspiracies and QAnon QAnon hashtags in now-deleted tweets
Jun 23 2022 Andrew Kaczynski. CNN.

Trump-McCarthy tension still climbing as Jan. 6 hearings draw out
Jun 23 2022 Olivia Beavers. Politico.

GOP senators downplay Jan. 6 panel's importance
Jun 21 2022 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Texas GOP approves measure declaring Biden `was not legitimately elected'
Jun 20 2022 Zach Schonfeld. The Hill.

Juan Williams: Chaos beckons if the MAGA GOP wins
Jun 20 2022 Juan Williams. The Hill.

They Will Do It Again Republicans have not been chastened by the revelations of the January 6 committee
Jun 17 2022 Jonathan Chait. Intelligencer.

Paranoia, Feuds, and Revenge Fantasies: The Jan. 6 Hearings Have Thrown Team Trump into Chaos
Jun 17 2022 Asawin Suebsaeng, Adam Rawnsley. Rolling Stone.

Poll after poll shows the GOP is out of step with public opinion
Jun 16 2022 Brad Bannon. The Hill.

Trump-allied candidates threaten democracy as January 6 probe tries to protect it
Jun 16 2022 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Election deniers quiet on fraud claims after primary wins
Jun 16 2022 Steve Peoples, Sam Metz. Associated Press.

More than 100 GOP primary winners back Trump's false fraud claims
Jun 14 2022 Amy Gardner, Isaac Arnsdorf. Washington Post.

Guns, insurrection and the persistence of Trumpism in Republican identity
Jun 12 2022 Bill Schneider. The Hill.

Republicans Respond to January 6 Hearings by Defending Trump No remorse, no accountability
Jun 10 2022 Jonathan Chait. Intelligencer.

Opinion: Trump will be gone, but the GOP's `dishonor will remain'
Jun 9 2022 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

How the defense of Trump foretells a possible new GOP era of extremism
Jun 7 2022 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Louie Gohmert Whines That Republicans Aren't Allowed to Lie to the FBI - Which Is a Felony
Jun 3 2022 William Vaillancourt. Rolling Stone.

Cheney: `There is absolutely a cult of personality around Donald Trump'
Jun 3 2022 Caroline Vakil. The Hill.

Freedom Caucus members to huddle with Trump
Jun 3 2022 Emily Brooks. The Hill.

The Buffalo Shooter Isn't a `Lone Wolf.' He's a Mainstream Republican
May 15 2022 Talia Lavin. Rolling Stone.

Trump reasserts his GOP dominance
May 5 2022 Burgess Everett, Olivia Beavers. Politico.

Republicans Are Calling the Roe Leak an `Insurrection'
May 3 2022 William Vaillancourt. Rolling Stone.

Republicans rage about breach of draft Roe opinion
May 3 2022 Kyle Cheney, Andrew Desiderio. Politico.

As controversy brews, Cawthorn draws attention from TSA, House Ethics committee
Apr 29 2022 Danielle Battaglia. Mcclatchy Dc.

Cawthorn hit with new ethics complaint filed by rival PAC
Apr 29 2022 Emily Brooks. The Hill.

Pressure Mounts on Cawthorn as Scandals Pile Up
Apr 29 2022 Jonathan Weisman, Annie Karni. New York Times.

Gaetz lashes out at McCarthy, Scalise after leaked comments
Apr 26 2022 Mychael Schnell. The Hill.

McCarthy's Trump tape was a 'nothingburger.' Can the House GOP shrug off more audio?
Apr 26 2022 Olivia Beavers, Sarah Ferris. Politico.

Kevin McCarthy Is a Terrible Liar
Apr 26 2022 Joan Walsh. The Nation.

McCarthy's Trump comments reverberate through Washington after tapes are revealed
Apr 24 2022 Mychael Schnell. The Hill.

McCarthy's push to ascend to House speaker relies on Trump
Apr 24 2022 Lisa Mascaro. Associated Press.

For Trump's G.O.P., Crossing Lines Has Few Consequences
Apr 23 2022 Jonathan Weisman. New York Times.

Rick Scott's loony-tunes 11-point plan: Classic GOP projection, and a roadmap to theocracy
Apr 19 2022 Kirk Swearingen. Salon.

McCarthy's Lie Puts G.O.P. Hypocrisy on Trump on Display
Apr 22 2022 Annie Karni. New York Times.

Trump, McCarthy say relationship is intact after recordings about Jan. 6
Apr 22 2022 Lexi Lonas, Caroline Vakil. The Hill.

Marjorie Taylor Greene hostile in testimony over eligibility
Apr 22 2022 Kate Brumback. Associated Press.

Marjorie Taylor Greene's four answers, under oath, that invite scrutiny
Apr 22 2022 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

McCarthy's Lie Puts G.O.P. Hypocrisy on Trump on Display
Apr 22 2022 Annie Karni. New York Times.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Denies `Insurrectionist' Charge in Court
Apr 22 2022 Jonathan Weisman, Neil Vigdor. New York Times.

'Trump is fine': McCarthy quietly moves to tamp down fallout after damaging audio reveals January 6 views
Apr 22 2022 Melanie Zanona, et al. CNN.

Why Donald Trump Might Forgive Kevin McCarthy-and Why He Might Not
Apr 22 2022 Timothy Noah. The New Republic.

`I've had it with this guy': More McCarthy audio bashing Trump revealed
Apr 22 2022 Emily Brooks. The Hill.

Audio contradicts McCarthy's denial that he considered asking Trump to resign after Capitol riot
Apr 22 2022 Lauren Fox. CNN.

Audio: McCarthy said he would urge Trump to resign
Apr 22 2022 Farnoush Amiri, Jill Colvin. Associated Press.

McConnell and McCarthy Are Craven Trump Bootlickers, Part Infinity
Apr 21 2022 Joan Biskupic. The Nation.

MSNBC airs audio of McCarthy saying he considered asking Trump to resign
Apr 21 2022 Caroline Vakil. The Hill.

New details lay bare GOP's post-Jan. 6 cravenness - and miscalculation
Apr 21 2022 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

McCarthy disputes report he was ready to push Trump to resign after Jan. 6
Apr 21 2022 Felicia Sonmez. Washington Post.

Ginni Thomas also texted Meadows about another friend who shared election fraud conspiracy theories
Apr 20 2022 Katelyn Polantz, Andrew Kaczynski. CNN.

Opinion: A conservative insider's stark warning about Trump and 2024
Apr 19 2022 Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

Effort to Remove Marjorie Taylor Greene From Ballot Can Proceed, Judge Says
Apr 18 2022 Neil Vigdor. New York Times.

Opinion: The Trumpified RNC strikes another blow against democracy
Apr 17 2022 Karen Tumulty. Washington Post.

GOP lawmaker says homeless people should look to Hitler for inspiration
Apr 14 2022 Timothy Bella. Washington Post.

RNC votes to withdraw from presidential debates commission
Apr 14 2022 Amy B. Wang. Washington Post.

The Struggle for the Soul of the GOP
Apr 12 2022 Timothy Shenk. The New Republic.

So, Let's Talk About Republicans and Sex Crimes
Apr 9 2022 Jordan Weissmann. Slate.

Opinion: GOP `built on fraud, fear and fascism'? If the jackboot fits...
Apr 8 2022 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Ex-RNC staffer gets more than 12 years in prison in child porn case
Apr 8 2022 Josh Gerstein. Politico.

Legal Effort Expands to Disqualify Republicans as `Insurrectionists'
Apr 7 2022 Jonathan Weisman. New York Times.

Opinion: Lawmaker falsely claiming Trump caught bin Laden perfectly sums up today's GOP
Apr 4 2022 Dean Obeidallah. CNN.

Thanks to Trump, Republican Candidates Can Now Dodge Debates
Mar 31 2022 Ed Kilgore. Intelligencer.

Trump's push for Russian dirt on Biden is latest GOP headache
Mar 30 2022 Jordain Carney. The Hill.

Trump Crushes Matt Gaetz's Dream by Denying Interest in House Speakership
Mar 30 2022 Ryan Bort. Rolling Stone.

Cawthorn's orgies-and-drugs comment stirs trouble within Freedom Caucus
Mar 29 2022 Olivia Beavers. Politico.

Opinion: Cawthorn's `orgies' line shows how right-wing politics can boomerang
Mar 29 2022 Paul Waldman, Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

Ginni Thomas texts leave GOP lawmakers scrambling
Mar 29 2022 Rebecca Beitsch, Emily Brooks. The Hill.

Opinion: The right is done retreating in the culture war. It's time to roll back rights
Mar 28 2022 Paul Waldman. Washington Post.

Inside Ted Cruz's last-ditch battle to keep Trump in power
Mar 28 2022 Michael Kranish. Washington Post.

Elise Stefanik, Reinvented in Trump's Image, Embodies a Changed G.O.P.
Mar 27 2022 Annie Karni. New York Times.

QAnon's Takeover of the Republican Party Is Virtually Complete
Mar 26 2022 Jacob Silverman. Intelligencer.

Nebraska Congressman to Resign After Being Found Guilty of Lying to F.B.I.
Mar 26 2022 Emily Cochrane. New York Times.

QAnon Arrives in the US Senate
Mar 25 2022 Steven Harper. Common Dreams.

The conservative media stars at the heart of the Ginni Thomas texts
Mar 25 2022 Paul Farhi. Washington Post.

The Loathsome Hypocrisy of Republicans Who Now Applaud Volodymyr Zelensky
Mar 18 2022 John Nichols. The Nation.

Republicans warn Justice Department probe of Trump would trigger political war
Mar 7 2022 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Trump Just Endorsed an Oath Keeper's Plan to Seize Control of the Republican Party
Mar 2 2022 Isaac Arnsdorf. Propublica.

Trump's stance on Russia haunts the GOP
Mar 4 2022 Julian Zelizer. CNN.

Senate GOP shrugs off latest Trump revelation
Mar 3 2022 Jordain Carney. The Hill.

Trump Just Endorsed an Oath Keeper's Plan to Seize Control of the Republican Party
Mar 2 2022 Isaac Arnsdorf. Propublica.

Opinion: Putin's war drives Trump's personality cult to new lows
Feb 27 2022 James Downie. Washington Post.

Trump wins CPAC straw poll as DeSantis's support grows
Feb 27 2022 Max Greenwood. The Hill.

Liz Cheney calls out fellow House Republicans for associating with White Nationalist event
Feb 26 2022 Eva McKend, et al. CNN.

Trump campaign's star witness pursues a second act
Feb 21 2022 Brittany Gibson. Politico.

The Republicans Are Also in Disarray
Feb 18 2022 Alex Shepard. The New Republic.

Republican rift exposes choice: With Trump or against him
Feb 10 2022 Steve Peoples. Associated Press.

Almost half of Republicans say Trump bears no blame for Jan. 6, and that he likely won in 2020
Feb 9 2022 Philip Bump. Washington Post.

Trump tightens grip on RNC
Feb 8 2022 Max Greenwood. The Hill.

The Republican Party Can't Be Saved
Feb 7 2022 Michael Tomasky. The New Republic.

The Republican Party is enabling Trump's politics of violence
Feb 7 2022 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

G.O.P. Declares Jan. 6 Attack `Legitimate Political Discourse'
Feb 4 2022 Jonathan Weisman, Reid J. Epstein. New York Times.

The End of the Republicans' Big Tent
Feb 5 2022 David A. Graham. The Atlantic.

Trump's GOP: Party further tightens tie to former president
Feb 5 2022 Sam Metz, Steve Peoples. Associated Press.

Susan Collins Prepares to Do Silly Moderate Dance All Over Again
Feb 1 2022 Jack Crosbie. Rolling Stone.

Michigan GOP candidates draw scrutiny for suggestions to unplug election machines, use firearms to protect observers
Feb 1 2022 John Wagner. Washington Post.

GOP leaders silent on Trump's claims that VP could overturn elections leaders silent on Trump's claims that VP could overturn elections
Feb 1 2022 Mike Lillis, Cristina Marcos. The Hill.

The Memo: Is Trump the GOP's future or in rearview mirror?
Jan 19 2022 Niall Stanage. The Hill.

The Republican Party Has Perfected Trumpism in His Absence
Jan 6 2022 Alex Shepard. The New Republic.

Top Republicans mark Jan. 6 with silence, deflection
Jan 7 2022 Jill Colvin. Associated Press.

Georgia Republicans planned a vigil for `J6 Patriots' on Jan. 6. One critic called it an `homage to treason.'
Jan 6 2022 Jonathan Edwards. Washington Post.

Trump maintains grip on GOP despite violent insurrection
Jan 6 2022 Jill Colvin. Associated Press.

Across the Country, Republican Groups are Holding "Vigils" for January 6 "Patriot Martyrs"
Jan 6 2022 Eamon Whalen. Mother Jones.

How Republicans became the party of Trump's election lie after Jan. 6
Jan 5 2022 Ashley Parker, et al. Washington Post.

A Year After Capitol Riot, Trump's Hold on G.O.P. Is Unrivaled
Jan 5 2022 Shane Goldmacher, Maggie Haberman. New York Times.

They stormed the Capitol. Now they're running for office
Jan 5 2022 Brittany Gibson. Politico.

Less than half of GOP say 1/6 was very violent: AP-NORC poll
Jan 4 2022 Farnoush Amiri. Associated Press.

How January 6 Birthed a New Right
Jan 4 2022 Jonathan Chait. Intelligencer.

At time of Capitol prayer service Jan. 6, Trump will deliver remarks doubling down on the `Big Lie'
Jan 2 2022 David Siders. Politico.

`Slow-motion insurrection': How GOP seizes election power
Dec 30 2021 Nicholas Riccardi. Associated Press.

For GOP, national party line trumps bringing home the bacon
Dec 23 2021 Thomas Beaumont. Associated Press.

Senate GOP feels another Trump effect: The rise of celeb candidates
Dec 23 2021 Marianne Levine, Sarah Ferris. Politico.

Long before embracing Trump's false election claims, Rep. Scott Perry promoted groundless theories
Dec 22 2021 Beth Reinhard, Mariana Alfaro. Washington Post.

GOPers' efforts to distance themselves from Jan. 6 increasingly come under a microscope
Dec 21 2021 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Opinion: Sarah Palin's anti-vax talk shows Republicans have become a death cult
Dec 20 2021 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

White House lights up Manchin after he crushes Biden's megabill
Dec 20 2021 Burgess Everett. Politico.

Trump's lackeys would rather defy US Congress than anger their old boss. Sad!
Dec 15 2021 Lloyd Green. The Guardian.

Juan Williams: The GOP is an anti-America party
Dec 13 2021 Juan Williams. The Hill.

Graham warns GOP about Trump's wrath on debt vote
Dec 9 2021 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Rep. Boebert shares picture of her children posing with guns after backlash to Rep. Massie's holiday photo
Dec 8 2021 Amy B. Wang. Washington Post.

Okay, let's talk about Trump for House speaker
Dec 8 2021 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Nunes retirement move seen as sign of power shift in GOP
Dec 8 2021 Cristina Marcos. The Hill.

Party Like It's January 6 A night out with Rudy Giuliani, Paul Gosar, and New York's Young Republicans
Dec 6 2021 Shawn McCreesh. Intelligencer.

Turning outrage into power: How far right is changing GOP
Dec 6 2021 Brian Slodysko. CNN.

The "Better" Republicans Aren't Coming
Dec 4 2021 Jason Linkins. The New Republic.

A lot of Republicans view the `handful of fanatics' at the Capitol with approval
Dec 2 2021 Philip Bump. Washington Post.

The GOP's toxic squabble demonstrates the challenges for a party still controlled by Trump
Dec 1 2021 Maeve Reston. CNN.

Mace and Greene keep feuding, despite McCarthy's effort to intervene
Nov 30 2021 Olivia Beavers. Politico.

Mace fires back at Greene: 'Bat---- crazy'
Nov 30 2021 Joseph Choi. The Hill.

NRCC raises roughly $17 million at annual dinner featuring Trump
Nov 30 2021 Max Greenwood. The Hill.

Coronavirus posturing is the new Trumpism
Nov 29 2021 Philip Bump. Washington Post.

The Republicans Have Become the Party of Organized Violence
Nov 29 2021 Jeet Heer. The Nation.

GOP becoming a cult of know-nothings
Nov 28 2021 Bill Schneider. The Hill.

Chris Christie and the Death of the Never Trump Republican
Nov 23 2021 Jonathan Chait. Intelligencer.

A MAGA squad of Trump loyalists sees its influence grow amid demands for purity among Republicans
Nov 21 2021 Jacqueline Alemany, et al. Washington Post.

The G.O.P. Has a Bad Men Problem
Nov 19 2021 Michelle Cottle. New York Times.

Head of RNC says Biden won 2020 election, the first time she's clearly acknowledged his victory
Nov 18 2021 Gabby Orr. CNN.

House censures Rep. Gosar for violent video in rare rebuke
Nov 18 2021 Kevin Freking, Brian Slodysko. Associated Press.

GOP senators appalled by 'ridiculous' House infighting
Nov 18 2021 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Republican extremism offers a preview of possible new House majority
Nov 17 2021 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

House will vote to censure Gosar over anime video that depicted killing of AOC
Nov 16 2021 Heather Caygle, et al. Politico.

GOP revenge for the Bannon indictment may have to wait
Nov 16 2021 Kyle Cheney, et al. Politico.

GOP revenge for the Bannon indictment may have to wait
Nov 16 2021 Kyle Cheney, et al. Politico.

Jan. 6 probe threatens fragile Trump-Pence peace
Nov 13 2021 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Republicans aren't ready for Trump-style `fraud' claims in GOP primaries
Nov 12 2021 Douglas Heye. Washington Post.

Rep. Paul Gosar tweets altered anime video showing him killing Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and attacking President Biden
Nov 8 2021 Felicia Sonmez. Washington Post.

There's a New Wizard of Oz. It's Donald Trump
Nov 3 2021 Frank Bruni. New York Times.

1 year later, GOP still chained to Trump's baseless election fraud claims
Nov 3 2021 Olivia Beavers, Nicholas Wu. Politico.

Cowards, Not Crazies, Are Destroying America
Oct 28 2021 Paul Krugman. New York Times.

Candidates tied to Jan. 6 create new headaches for Republicans
Oct 26 2021 Tal Axelrod. The Hill.

Opinion: A crazy GOP primary shows how worship of Trump warps reality
Oct 25 2021 Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

Disgraced former governor is recast as MAGA warrior in Senate bid
Oct 25 2021 Natalie Allison. Politico.

Donald Trump just savaged an(other) American hero
Oct 25 2021 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Opinion: The GOP rebrands itself as the party of tax cheats
Oct 21 2021 Catherine Rampell. Washington Post.

`My god what an idiot': J.D. Vance gets whacked for past Trump comments
Oct 23 2021 Natalie Allison. Politico.

Federal grand jury indicts Rep. Jeff Fortenberry on charges of lying to investigators about campaign contribution
Oct 19 2021 Felicia Sonmez, Donna Cassata. Washington Post.

'Really embarrassing': GOP erupts into swing state civil war
Oct 15 2021 David Siders. Politico.

Opinion: Trump's latest eruption at Republicans captures a core insight about GOP voters
Oct 14 2021 Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

GOP leader's remarks on Fox underscore Trump's power
Oct 13 2021 Scott Wong. The Hill.

Bob Woodward Describes the State of the GOP as an `Iron Curtain of Obedience to Trump'
Oct 11 2021 Michael Luciano. MediaITE.

Grassley's embrace of Trump shakes GOP landscape
Oct 12 2021 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Former Trump cybersecurity official says GOP leaders have 'lost control' of voter base: 'This is a death spiral'
Oct 10 2021 Joseph Choi. The Hill.

The most alarming Trump rally yet
Oct 10 2021 Dean Obeidallah. CNN.

Opinion: Steve Scalise still can't break the grip of Trump's lies
Oct 10 2021 James Downie. Washington Post.

Trump holds fast to his election lies as the GOP establishment hugs him tighter
Oct 9 2021 Meridith Mcgraw. Politico.

Trump holds fast to his election lies as the GOP establishment hugs him tighter
Oct 9 2021 Meridith Mcgraw. Politico.

Trump's appeasers only make his assault on democracy worse
Oct 7 2021 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Opinion: The GOP has become the stupid party - and proud of it
Oct 4 2021 Max Boot. Washington Post.

Do Republicans fear Trump or do they embrace his nihilistic view
May 11 2021 Stacy Whittle. Front Page Live.

Opinion: Republicans' trail of destruction may haunt them
Sep 28 2021 Jennifer Rubin. Washington Post.

Graham says he hopes that Trump runs again
Sep 25 2021 Rachael Scully. The Hill.

GOP Senate candidates back Trump on almost everything. But only Greitens has joined him in publicly attacking McConnell
Sep 22 2021 Felicia Sonmez, Mariana Alfaro. Washington Post.

Graham tries to help Trump and McConnell bury the hatchet
Sep 22 2021 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Joe Manchin Giveth on Voting Rights-and Joe Manchin Taketh Away
Sep 16 2021 Elie Mystal. The Nation.

Dowd: Trump, Fox News `Radicalizing' Republicans into `Fringe Conspiracy' Party
Sep 17 2021 Pam Key. Breitbart.

For Joe Manchin, It's Always About Joe Manchin
Sep 14 2021 Joan Walsh. The Nation.

Opinion: This is how a Republican lie is born
Sep 14 2021 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

59 Percent of Republicans Say It's Important to Believe Trump Won the Election
Sep 12 2021 Jeremy Shulman. Mother Jones.

Republicans divided on Trump's strength as possible 2024 candidate
Sep 12 2021 Mychael Schnell. The Hill.

Most Republicans want Trump as the GOP's leader but are divided about whether he'd help them retake the White House
Sep 12 2021 Ariel Edwards-levy, Jennifer Agiesta. CNN.

Cawthorn warns of more `bloodshed' to follow Capitol riot. Did he cross a legal line?
Sep 1 2021 Will Wright. Mcclatchy Dc.

"2016 on Steriods": The Race to Inherit Trump's MAGA Base is Already On - And the Knives Are Out
Sep 2 2021 Gabriela Sherman. Vanity Fair.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Called Joe Biden `A Piece of Shit' Over Afghanistan
Aug 19 2021 David Gilbert. Vice.

Lawmakers denounce GOP Rep. Brooks for appearing sympathetic to Capitol bomb threat suspect
Aug 19 2021 Amy B. Wang. Washington Post.

DeSantis' top donor invested millions in COVID treatment he's now promoting - while downplaying vaccines
Aug 18 2021 John Wright. Alternet.

ICU Doc Shows What `Anxious and Scared' Gov. Greg Abbott Did After COVID-19 news
Aug 18 2021 DNYUZ. DNYUZ.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott tests positive for Covid-19
Aug 17 2021 Paul Leblanc. CNN.

Tap Dancing With Trump: Lindsey Graham's Quest for Relevance
Aug 14 2021 Glenn Thrush, et al. New York Times.

Opposition to vaccine, mask mandates mainly limited to Republicans: poll
Aug 11 2021 Dominick Mastrangelo. The Hill.

GOP chairwoman: Trump 'still leads the party'
Aug 8 2021 Caroline Vakil. The Hill.

Opinion: As Jan. 6 hearings begin, Republicans side with the terrorists
Jul 27 2021 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Newly revealed notes drag congressional Republicans into Trump's election- subversion effort
Jul 30 2021 Philip Bump. Washington Post.

Trump Jr. inches past DeSantis as most popular GOP figure in new poll: Axis
Jul 26 2021 Brooke Seiple. The Hill.

Trumpworld is already weighing veeps for 2024. Hint: It ain't Pence.
Jul 22 2021 Meridith Mcgraw. Politico.

Trump, DeSantis top survey of NH GOP primary voters
Jul 21 2021 Nick Niedzwiadek. Politico.

Alabama lawmaker facing calls to resign after using N-word in council meeting
Jul 21 2021 Joseph Choi. The Hill.

Why the GOP is keeping Trump bubble-wrapped
Jul 15 2021 Nicole Hemmer. CNN.

Two in Three Southern Republicans Want to Secede From the United States
Jul 15 2021 Colby Hall. MediaITE.

`It will be remembered': Trump allies cross him in special election
Jul 14 2021 Alex Isenstadt. Politico.

Pro-Trump Senate hopeful J.D. Vance called then-President a 'moral disaster' in 2017 messages
Jul 14 2021 Andrew Kaczynski. CNN.

Juan Williams: Republicans prefer Trump's fantasies over truth and facts
Jul 12 2021 Juan Williams. The Hill.

Trump tells GOP lawmakers to halt infrastructure push: You're 'being played'
Jul 10 2021 Caroline Vakil. The Hill.

My Fellow Republicans, Stop Fearing This Dangerous and Diminished Man
Jun 9 2021 Barbara Comstock. New York Times.

Republicans preview months ahead filled with obstruction and extremism
Jul 8 2021 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Trump-allied GOP chairs turn on fellow Republicans
Jul 8 2021 Reid Wilson. The Hill.

Opinion: It's up to voters to rebuke Republicans who embrace the `big lie'
Jul 6 2021 Editorial Board. Washington Post.

In ramp-up to 2022 midterms, Republican candidates center pitches on Trump's false election claims
Jul 5 2021 Amy Gardner. Washington Post.

The Forever-Trump Movement Has Won
Jun 16 2021 Andy Kroll. Rolling Stone.

Pro-Trump Republicans determined to oust GOP incumbents who supported impeachment
Jun 25 2021 Tina Yin, Quinn Scanlan. ABC.

Pro-Trump Republicans determined to oust GOP incumbents who supported impeachment
Jun 25 2021 Tina Yin, Quinn Scanlan. ABC.

How Republicans Became the `Barstool' Party
Jun 20 2021 Derek Robertson. Politico.

Press: Supreme Court unmasks brain-dead party
Jun 22 2021 Bill Press. The Hill.

Ron Johnson learned the hard way this weekend that actions have consequences
Jun 21 2021 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Trump's GOP descends into farce
Jun 21 2021 Juan Williams. The Hill.

Officer injured in Capitol riot blasts GOP lawmaker's behavior as 'disgusting' after tense exchange
Jun 17 2021 Paul Leblanc. CNN.

Republicans call Biden `soft' on Russia, leaving out Trump's defense of Putin
Jun 15 2021 Michael Crowley. New York Times.

A trove of preposterous emails raises the question: How can Republicans still be loyal to this man?
Jun 15 2021 Editorial Board. Washington Post.

'Full of s---': Candidates warned not to fake Trump endorsement
Jun 14 2021 Alex Isenstadt. Politico.

Why Donald Trump Doesn't Need Facebook
Jun 8 2021 David Corn. Mother Jones.

`We like the job she's doing': Georgia GOP rallies around MTG
Jun 6 2021 Maya King, David Siders. Politico.

The GOP superspreaders of Trump's contagion
Jun 6 2021 E.J. Dionne Jr.. Washington Post.

Trump's Republicans Want a Coup
Jun 1 2021 Alex Shepard. The New Republic.

Veterans group official resigns over censored Memorial Day speech that highlighted Black history
Jun 4 2021 Meryl Kornfield, Andrea Salcedo. Washington Post.

Trump's Republicans Want a Coup
Jun 1 2021 Alex Shepard. The New Republic.

Marjorie Taylor Greene may be politically safe, but her conservative Georgia constituents have concerns about her tactics
May 29 2021 Dakin Andone, Maeve Reston. CNN.

The Republican Party is building a political bomb
May 28 2021 Frita Ghitis. CNN.

Matt Gaetz Tells Crowd They Have `An Obligation' to Use the Second Amendment on Big Tech Companies
May 27 2021 Michael Luciano. Media ITE.

Senate GOP doubts grand jury charges would weaken Trump
May 27 2021 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

GOP's Trump obsession is giving Biden an opening
Apr 7 2021 Stephen Collinson, Maeve Reston. CNN.

Republicans are concerned about the debt again, even as they admit Trump grew it
Apr 8 2021 Jm Rieger. Washington Post.

Nevada GOP thrown into turmoil after avowed Proud Boys member said he participated in censure vote of state official
May 25 2021 Michael Scherer. Washington Post.

Hawley hauls in $3M after attempt to block election results
Apr 12 2021 Alex Isenstadt. Politico.

Juan Williams: The GOP is now the party of grifters and kooks
Apr 12 2021 Juan Williams. The Hill.

Republicans are stuck with a Trump ball and chain
Apr 11 2021 James Downie. Washington Post.

GOP leaders diverge on Trump, putting party in limbo
Apr 16 2021 Lisa Mascaro. Associated Press.

Elected Republicans are lying with open eyes. Their excuses are disgraceful
May 3 2021 Michael Gerson. Washington Post.

The GOP's war is already over - Trump won
May 5 2021 Niall Stanage. The Hill.

Cheney shames colleagues who purged her for disloyalty to Trump
May 12 2021 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

The GOP's New Heroes Are All Killers, Kooks, and Creeps
May 14 2021 Wajahat Ali. Daily Beast.

Lawmakers on edge after Greene's spat with Ocasio-Cortez
May 15 2021 Niall Stanage. The Hill.

Dismissed in 2012, this diagnosis of GOP ills has now become undeniable
May 23 2021 John Harwood. CNN.

Ron Johnson grinds Senate to halt, irritating many
Mar 4 2021 Jordain Carney. The Hill.

Boehner Blasts Trump, Saying He `Incited That Bloody Insurrection'
Apr 7 2021 Maggie Haberman. New York Times.

Senate Republicans Acquit Trump and Indict the GOP
Feb 14 2021 David Corn. Mother Jones.

A wild day that defined the Republican Party
Feb 4 2021 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Senate Republicans say Trump should be held accountable for riot -- but no by them
Jan 29 2021 Manu Raju. CNN.

Marjorie Taylor Greene's Controversies Are Piling Up. Republicans Are Quiet
Jan 29 2021 Catie Edmondson. New York Times.

The G.O.P. Is in a Doom Loop of Bizarro
Jan 28 2021 Paul Krugman. New York Times.

Trump may poison the party, but Republicans have decided they need him
Jan 28 2021 Gabby Orr, Meridith McGraw. Politico.

Trump's standing rises among Republicans: survey
Jan 27 2021 Dominick Mastrangelo. The Hill.

The GOP's answer to its post-Trump blues: More Trump
Jan 27 2021 David Siders. Politico.

Arizona GOP censures Flake, Ducey and McCain, signaling a fractured party in a key swing state
Jan 23 2021 Kyung Lah. CNN.

Trump leaves behind diminished GOP
Jan 21 2021 Elena Schneider. Politico.

The Three Types of Republicans Donald Trump Created
Jan 21 2021 Jeremy W. Peters. New York Times.

The Next Trump
Jan 19 2021 Jamelle Bouie. New York Times.

Trump Remade the GOP Into the Doomed Party of White Identity
Jan 18 2021 Matt Lewis. Daily Beast.

Republicans call for unity but won't acknowledge Biden won fairly
Jan 17 2021 Amy B. Wang. Washington Post.

How Republicans Are Warping Reality Around the Capitol Attack
Jan 17 2021 Astead W. Herndon. New York Times.

Some in the GOP parrot far-right talk of a coming civil war
Jan 16 2021 Jay Reeves, Julie Carr Smyth. ABC.

It's Always About Stopping the Steal
Jan 15 2021 Nathalie Baptiste. Mother Jones.

Some in the GOP parrot far-right talk of a coming civil war
Jan 16 2021 Jay Reeves, Julie Carr Smyth. Associated Press.

GOP freshman lawmakers splinter over Trump
Jan 15 2021 Melanie Zanona, Ally Mutnick. Politico.

Trump's GOP has an ugly authoritarian core. A new poll exposes it
Jan 15 2021 Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

If Republicans can't cast Trump off, their wounds - and the country's - will only get deeper
Jan 14 2021 Megan McArdle. Washington Post.

Diminished Trump leaves a vacuum for 2024 hopefuls
Jan 15 2021 Alex Isenstadt. Politico.

Abandon Trump? Deep in the G.O.P. Ranks, the MAGA Mind-Set Prevails
Jan 14 2021 New York Times.

Post-Capitol Hill Riot Polls Reveal Big Problem for GOP
Jan 14 2021 Eric Levitz. Intelligencer.

Trump Is Blowing Apart the G.O.P. God Bless Him
Jan 12 2021 Thomas L. Friedman. New York Times.

Early warning signs emerge for GOP after US Capitol riots
Jan 12 2021 Mark Levy, et al. Associated Press.

How the Republican Party Could Break
Jan 12 2021 Ross Douthat. New York Times.

This Putsch Was Decades in the Making
Jan 11 2021 Paul Krugman. New York Times.

Before Capitol Riot, Republican Lawmakers Fanned the Flames
Jan 11 2021 Catie Edmondson, Luke Broadwater. New York Times.

Why Republicans Are Finally Trying to Wash Off the Trump Stink
Jan 11 2021 Jonathan Chait. Intelligencer.

The phony GOP calls for `unity' deserve nothing but contempt
Jan 11 2021 Paul Waldman. Washington Post.

Republican AGs group sent robocalls urging protesters to the Capitol. GOP officials now insist they didn't know about it
Jan 11 2021 Andrea Salcedo. Washington Post.

Analysis: A GOP reckoning after turning blind eye to Trump
Jan 11 2021 Julie Pace. Associated Press.

Trump's final days put the country at a dangerous crossroad
Jan 11 2021 Gregory Krieg. CNN.

Trump's Lackeys Must Also Be Punished
Jan 10 2021 Charles M. Blow. New York Times.

`He's on his own': Some Republicans begin to flee from Trump
Jan 9 2021 Steve Peoples, Jonathan Lemire. Associated Press.

At party retreat far from D.C. turmoil, Republicans still sing praises of Trump
Jan 8 2021 Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

Why the GOP Can't Quit Trump
Jan 8 2021 David Corn. Mother Jones.

Republicans Splinter Over Whether to Make a Full Break From Trump
Jan 7 2021 Jonathan Martin, Alexander Burns. New York Times.

Trump's grip on GOP grassroots holds fast
Jan 7 2021 David Siders. Politico.

RNC meeting cheers Trump one day after Capitol violence: report
Jan 7 2021 Max Greenwood. The Hill.

At least 6 GOP legislators took part in Trump-inspired protests
Jan 7 2021 Reid Wilson. The Hill.

Trump Has Always Been a Wolf in Wolf's Clothing
Jan 7 2021 Ezra Klein. New York Times.

The 147 Republicans Who Voted To Overturn Election Results
Jan 7 2021 Karen Yourish, et al. New York Times.

The day Trump broke the GOP
Jan 6 2021 Burgess Everett, et al. Politico.

Republicans are raging at Trump over their debacle. Their spin is nonsense
Jan 6 2021 Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

Kelly Loeffler's disastrous Senate term
Jan 6 2021 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Mitch McConnell enters a more challenging era likely to include more GOP infights
Jan 5 2021 Mike Debonis, Seung Min Kim. Washington Post.

Never Forget the Names of These Republicans Attempting a Coup
Jan 5 2021 Thomas L. Friedman. New York Times.

MAGA activists plot revenge on Republican `traitors'
Jan 5 2021 Tina Nguyen. Politico.

In Trump's Final Days, Lines Are Drawn for a Republican Civil War
Jan 4 2021 Gerald F. Seib. Wall Street Journal.

The GOP Can't Stop Biden but They'll Murder Democracy Trying
Jan 4 2021 Michael Tomasky. Daily Beast.

Election fight tears at GOP
Jan 4 2021 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

McCarthy gives green light to conservatives' push to overturn Biden's win, as senior Republicans raise alarms
Jan 3 2021 Manu Raju. CNN.

Trump's Allies Become the Swamp: The `Electoral Commission' Gambit
Jan 3 2021 Andrew C. Mccarthy. National Review.

Protests in DC This Week May Become Violent. Rep. Louis Gohmert Seemed to Think That Was Fine
Jan 3 2021 Ali Breland. Mother Jones.

Ted Cruz urges critics of presidential election challenge to calm down
Jan 3 2021 David Cohen. Politico.

No One Likes Loeffler or Perdue. They Might Win Anyway
Jan 3 2021 Sam Brodey. Daily Beast.

Pence Welcomes Futile Bid by G.O.P. Lawmakers to Overturn Election
Jan 2 2021 Luke Broadwater. New York Times.

More GOP lawmakers enlist in Trump effort to undo Biden win
Jan 2 2021 Lisa Mascaro, Mary Clare Jalonick. Associated Press.

Nearly a dozen Republican senators announce plans to vote against counting electoral votes
Jan 2 2021 Jake Tapper, et al. CNN.

Trump and Hawley set off Republican meltdown with Georgia elections looming
Jan 2 2021 Gregory Krieg. CNN.

The Future of Trumpism Is Not Josh Hawley. It's Trump
Dec 31 2020 Matt Ford. National Review.

Josh Hawley reminds us that the GOP is the sedition party
Dec 31 2020 Jennifer Rubin. Washington Post.

Here are the Republicans planning to challenge the Electoral College results
Dec 30 2020 Juliegrace Brufke. The Hill.

The Deep Story of Trumpism
Dec 29 2020 Derek Thompson. The Atlantic.

House passes stimulus check boost as Republicans splinter
Dec 28 2020 Heather Caygle. Politico.

This week: Trump's grip on Hill allies faces test
Dec 28 2020 Jordain Carney. The Hill.

Why Donald Trump is already the 2024 GOP frontrunner
Dec 27 2020 Harry Enten. CNN.

GOP seeks to avoid messy Trump fight over Electoral College
Dec 25 2020 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Can the GOP Doofus Caucus Block Joe Biden on January 6?
Dec 22 2020 Joan Walsh. The Nation.

GOP blocks $2,000 checks as Trump leaves COVID aid in chaos
Dec 24 2020 Lisa Mascaro, Andrew Taylor. Associated Press.

Mike Pence and the GOP are waging the real war on Christmas
Dec 24 2020 Elizabeth Spiers. Washington Post.

House Republicans block Democrats' effort to advance $2,000 stimulus checks pushed by Trump
Dec 24 2020 Jeff Stein. Washington Post.

Republicans raging at Trump are getting exactly what they deserve
Dec 24 2020 Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

Republicans scramble to prevent year-end legislative disaster
Dec 24 2020 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Bannon talk shows Trump attack on election could damage GOP long-term
Dec 23 2020 Nathan L. Gonzales. Rollcall.

Republicans plunge into open battle over attempts to overturn Trump's loss to Biden
Dec 22 2020 Seung Min Kim, et al. Washington Post.

House conservatives strategize with Trump and Pence in push to challenge Biden's win
Dec 22 2020 Manu Raju, Daniella Diaz. CNN.

Is Trump Really All That Holds the G.O.P. Together?
Dec 22 2020 Matthew Continetti. New York Times.

Republican lawmakers who downplayed coronavirus concerns face backlash over early vaccinations
Dec 21 2020 Paul Leblanc. CNN.

The GOP whitewashing of the Trump stain has quietly begun
Dec 21 2020 Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

The GOP's betrayal of America
Dec 21 2020 Juan Williams. The Hill.

Republicans desperate to avoid floor fight over Electoral College vote
Dec 21 2020 Jonathan Easley. The Hill.

Trumpism Triumphant
Dec 9 2020 Mona Charen. The Bulwark.

As end approaches, Trump gets doses of flattery, finality
Dec 20 2020 Jonathan Lemire. Associated Press.

Analysis: For Republicans, profanity is suddenly scandalous
Dec 19 2020 Steve Sloan. Associated Press.

GOP senator blocks bill to provide $1,200 stimulus checks
Dec 18 2020 Jordain Carney. The Hill.

Republicans Will Never Accept the Election Results
Dec 17 2020 Alex Shepard. The New Republic.

Republicans for Recession
Dec 18 2020 Timothy Noah. The New Republic.

Is a Civil War Brewing Within the GOP?
Dec 18 2020 Sasha Abramsky. The Nation.

Unchecked Republican Lies Opened the Door for Trump
Dec 18 2020 Eric Alterman. The Nation.

Return of the Phony Deficit Hawks
Dec 17 2020 Paul Krugman. New York Times.

Republicans' road ahead is still blocked - and not just by Trump
Dec 17 2020 David Ignatius. Washington Post.

`Everything's great': GOP ditches election post-mortems
Dec 17 2020 David Siders. Politico.

Here's more proof that Trumpism isn't going anywhere
Dec 16 2020 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Ron Johnson gambles his political future on Trump
Dec 16 2020 Andrew Desiderio. Politico.

North Carolina GOP lawmaker urges Trump to suspend civil liberties to keep power: `Invoke the Insurrection Act'
Dec 16 2020 Katie Shepherd. Washington Post.

How McConnell and the GOP let Trump down gently
Dec 15 2020 Burgess Everett. Politico.

Bill Barr Will Go Down in History as Trump's Worst Enabler
Dec 15 2020 Matt Ford. The New Republic.

A Michigan Republican refused to rule out violence in electoral college protests. Now he's lost his committee seats
Dec 15 2020 Katie Shepherd. Washington Post.

GOP leaders pinched by pro-Trump bid to reverse election outcome
Dec 15 2020 Mike Lillis, Scott Wong. The Hill.

When Did Republicans Start Hating Facts?
Dec 14 2020 Paul Krugman. New York Times.

Trump unleashes an army of sore losers
Dec 13 2020 David Siders. Politico.

Republican officials have followed Trump along his dangerous and destructive path
Dec 12 2020 Dan Balz. Washington Post.

Republicans faced a simple choice: For or against democracy
Dec 12 2020 Editorial Board. Washington Post.

Can our democracy survive if most Republicans think the government is illegitimate?
Dec 11 2020 Pippa Norris. Washington Post.

`An Indelible Stain': How the G.O.P. Tried to Topple a Pillar of Democracy
Dec 12 2020 Jim Rutenberg, Nick Corasaniti. New York Times.

Trump's GOP Gives Up on Greatness and Tries to Tear America Apart
Dec 12 2020 Jay Michaelson. Daily Beast.

The Republicans Who Embraced Nihilism
Dec 11 2020 Editorial Board. New York Times.

Texas GOP chair floats secession for 'law-abiding states' after Supreme Court defeat
Dec 11 2020 Tal Axelrod. The Hill.

I was wrong about Trump. He won, and he broke us
Dec 11 2020 Kathleen Parker. Washington Post.

Republicans were once the anti-radicals. They're now battering American democracy
Dec 11 2020 Joe Scarborough. Washington Post.

Too many Americans believe utter rubbish
Dec 11 2020 Jennifer Rubin. Washington Post.

Arizona GOP Civil War Somehow Keeps Getting Weirder
Dec 11 2020 Kelly Weill. Daily Beast.

These are the Capitol Hill Republicans more interested in placating Trump than protecting democracy
Dec 11 2020 Philip Bump. Washington Post.

The `Trump Won' Farce Isn't Funny Anymore
Dec 11 2020 Jamelle Bouie. New York Times.

FBI issues subpoena for Texas AG records after whistleblower allegations: report
Dec 11 2020 Morgan Gstalter. The Hill.

In Arizona, Trump's false claims have torn open a GOP rift
Dec 11 2020 Jonathan J. Cooper. Associated Press.

Republicans have `concerns' about Trump - but won't let reporters quote by name about it
Dec 11 2020 Sarah Ellison. Washington Post.

GOP divided by pro-Trump Texas election suit
Dec 11 2020 Alexander Bolton, John Kruzel. The Hill.

More than 100 House Republicans sign brief backing Texas lawsuit challenging election results
Dec 10 2020 Juliegrace Brufke, Scott Wong. The Hill.

The Note: Trump makes loyalty list that GOP will check before joining
Dec 10 2020 Rick Klein, Maryalice Parks. ABC.

Who's Afraid of the 800-pound Gorilla?
Dec 10 2020 Jack Shafer. Politico.

President-elect? GOP may wait for January to say Biden won
Dec 9 2020 Lisa Mascaro. Associated Press.

Poll: Majority of Republicans, independents believe Trump will run in 2024
Dec 9 2020 Matthew Choi. Politico.

Even in Defeat, Trump Tightens Grip on State G.O.P. Lawmakers
Dec 9 2020 Trip Gabriel. New York Times.

`A new movement': Trump's false claims take hold in states
Dec 8 2020 Nomaan Merchant, Thomas Beaumont. Associated Press.

GOP leadership rejects resolution acknowledging Biden as President-elect
Dec 8 2020 Lauren Fox, et al. CNN.

The titanic hypocrisy of the 'election fraud' crowd
Dec 8 2020 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Trump blows a hole in the GOP on his way out
Dec 8 2020 David Siders. Politico.

88% of House and Senate Republicans refuse to publicly acknowledge the obvious: Joe Biden won
Dec 7 2020 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

McConnell and McCarthy say they believe in democracy - but stand by as Trump incinerates it
Dec 7 2020 Editorial Board. Washington Post.

Republicans Can't Handle the Truth
Dec 7 2020 Paul Krugman. New York Times.

State Republicans continue to break with Trump, while those in Congress remain silent
Dec 7 2020 Michael Warren. CNN.

How the `stolen election' myth will swallow the GOP
Dec 7 2020 Paul Waldman. Washington Post.

What If Trump Is Trying To Break the GOP?
Dec 7 2020 A. B. Stoddard. The Bulwark.

The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Dec 5 2020 Tim Miller. The Bulwark.

Trump is feasting on a dying GOP
Dec 7 2020 Juan Williams. The Hill.

The Memo: Trump casts long shadow over 2024
Dec 7 2020 Niall Stanage. The Hill.

Trump brings GOP along in dangerous final acts
Dec 7 2020 Rick Klein, Maryalice Parks. ABC.

Trump's looming 2024 bid leaves Republicans in a bind
Dec 3 2020 Gabby Orr. Politico.

Trump plays a new role: Campaigner in chief
Dec 6 2020 Meridith Mcgraw. Politico.

274,000 Dead, and Trump Obsesses Over Election Conspiracy Theories. Where's the outrage?
Dec 4 2020 David Corn. Mother Jones.

Georgia Senate runoffs play out while conservatives in the state are at each other's throats
Nov 24 2020 Alex Walker. Media Matters.

Just 25 congressional Republicans acknowledge Biden's win, Washington Post survey finds
Dec 5 2020 Paul Kane, Scott Clement. Washington Post.

Trump and the GOP try to put the monster they created back in the cage
Dec 4 2020 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

The MAGA Revolution Devours Its Own
Dec 4 2020 Michelle Goldberg. New York Times.

'One of the nuttier things I've seen': MAGA civil war erupts in Georgia
Dec 3 2020 Marc Caputto. Politico.

What's the future of the GOP? You're looking at it - and it's bonkers
Dec 3 2020 Paul Waldman. Washington Post.

Republicans cheer on a Trump 2024 run
Dec 2 2020 Burgess Everett, Melanie Zanona. Politico.

Republican frustration builds over Cabinet picks
Dec 2 2020 Jordain Carney. The Hill.

GOP silence on Trump's false election claims recalls McCarthy era
Dec 1 2020 Ronald Brownstein. CNN.

Republicans ready to become deficit hawks again under a President Biden
Nov 27 2020 Jordain Carney. The Hill.

The Rotting of the Republican Mind
Nov 26 2020 David Brooks. New York Times.

Poll: Majority of Republicans would support Trump in 2024
Nov 24 2020 Matthew Choi. Politico.

Two-thirds of GOP voters support Trump running for president in 2024: Survey
Nov 23 2020 Alex Gangitano. The Hill.

What Makes Trump's Subversion Efforts So Alarming? His Collaborators
Nov 23 2020 Henry J. Farrell, Bruce Schneier. New York Times.

Reporter Carl Bernstein names 21 GOP senators who 'repeatedly expressed extreme contempt for Trump'
Nov 22 2020 Peter Weber. Sun, via Yahoo News.

Trump threatens to wreak havoc on GOP from beyond the White House
Nov 22 2020 Alex Isenstadt. Politico.

How Trump Hopes to Use Party Machinery to Retain Control of the G.O.P.
Nov 22 2020 Jonathan Martin, Maggie Haberman. New York Times.

Duty or Party? For Republicans, a Test of Whether to Enable Trump
Nov 21 2020 Jim Rutenberg, Kathleen Gray. New York Times.

They Are What They Say They Hate
Nov 17 2020 Tim Miller. The Bulwark.

How the GOP Is Helping Trump's War on Democracy
Nov 20 2020 David Corn. Mother Jones.

Republicans Supporting Trump, Remember: Lies Have a Long Half-Life
Nov 19 2020 Editorial Board. New York Times.

Trump and Giuliani are the Republican Party
Nov 20 2020 Jennifer Rubin. Washington Post.

Half of Republicans in new poll say election was 'rigged,' stolen from Trump
Nov 18 2020 Celine Castronuovo. The Hill.

Republicans start turning the page on Trump era
Nov 17 2020 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

The longer Republicans cower to Trump, the more damage they do to democracy
Nov 16 2020 Editorial Board. Washington Post.

The deafening silence of Republican senators on Donald Trump's increasingly erratic behaviour
Nov 16 2020 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

The GOP is Trump's prisoner
Nov 13 2020 Timothy Stanley. CNN.

This is a massive failure of character among Republicans - with evangelicals out in front
Nov 12 2020 Michael Gerson. Washington Post.

Republicans are wrong. Trump has no `right' to cause this chaos
Nov 12 2020 Eugene Robinson. Washington Post.

Of course Republicans are doing this. It's who they are
Nov 11 2020 E.J. Dionne Jr.. Washington Post.

There Is No Return to Normalcy
Nov 11 2020 Mona Charen. The Bulwark.

Who's Going to Tell Him? Republicans Shy From Asking Trump to Concede
Nov 10 2020 Catie Edmondson. New York Times.

The Election That Broke the Republican Party
Nov 6 2020 Tim Alberta. Politico.

Senate Republicans sit quietly as Trump challenges vote counts
Nov 5 2020 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Even if Trump loses, the takeaway for some top Republicans is that embracing him worked
Nov 5 2020 Amber Phillips. Washington Post.

Trump's Staying Power
Nov 4 2020 Rich Lowry. Politico.

Republicans: Trump Will Be Our Leader, Even if He Loses
Nov 3 2020 Lachian Markey, et al. Daily Beast.

Republicans publicly silent, privately disgusted by Trump's election threats
Nov 3 2020 Ryan Lizza, Daniel Lippman. Politico.

Democrats expand Senate map, putting GOP on defense
Nov 2 2020 Reid Wilson. The Hill.

Trump threatens Senate GOP - now and in the future
Nov 2 2020 Burgess Everett. Politico.

My party is destroying itself on the altar of Trump
Nov 1 2020 Benjamin L. Ginsberg. Washington Post.

R.I.P., G.O.P. The Party of Lincoln had a good run. Then came Mr. Trump
Oct 24 2020 Editorial Board. New York Times.

Murkowski to back Barrett, despite opposing election-year SCOTUS vote
Oct 24 2020 Burgess Everett. Politico.

GOP pollster Luntz blasts Trump campaign as worst he's ever seen
Oct 20 2020 Jonathan Easley. The Hill.

Senate Republicans Sour on Trump as They Try To Save Their Majority
Oct 19 2020 Sam Rutzick. Reason.

Ben Sasse Is a Fraud
Oct 16 2020 Libby Watson. The New Republic.

Republicans increasingly seek distance from Trump
Oct 16 2020 Mike Lillis, Scott Wong. The Hill.

Lindsey Graham whines about Jaime Harrison's cheddar
Oct 14 2020 Jonathan Capehart. Washington Post.

The outlook for House Republicans keeps getting worse
Oct 13 2020 Ally Mutnick. Politico.

Republicans Broke Florida's Unemployment System. Could It Cost Trump the Election?
Oct 12 2020 Hannah Levintova. Mother Jones.

Republicans start to distance from Trump
Oct 11 2020 John Avion. CNN.

GOP sees falling Trump stock as growing threat to Senate majority
Oct 11 2020 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Republicans are finally ready to diss Don
Oct 9 2020 John F. Harris, Melanie Zanona. Politico.

`Unjustifiable hysteria': Republican recalcitrance about the virus persists even as GOP faces growing turmoil
Oct 5 2020 Robert Costa. Washington Post.

Belligerent Trump debate performance stokes fears among Republicans about November
Sep 30 2020 Robert Costa, Matt Viser. Washington Post.

G.O.P. Alarmed by Trump's Comments on Extremist Group, Fearing a Drag on the party
Oct 1 2020 Alexander Burns, et al. New York Times.

Twitter explodes over Romney Supreme Court vote: 'Has always been who we thought he was'
Sep 22 2020 Joe Concha. The Hill.

Chris Wallace presses Cotton on 'any hypocrisy' between comments on Supreme Court vacancy in 2016 and today
Sep 20 2020 Justine Coleman. The Hill.

The New Republican Talking Point on Replacing RBG Before the Election is Nonsense
Sep 20 2020 Tim Murphy. Mother Jones.

GOP senators confront past comments on Supreme Court vote
Sep 19 2020 Matthew Daly. Associated Press.

Will GOP resistance to new stimulus package cost them the Senate? They don't seem to think so
Sep 17 2020 Jacqueline Alemany. Washington Post.

GOP uses debunked theory to downplay COVID-19 death toll
Sep 6 2020 Peter Sullivan. The Hill.

The GOP is strapped to a ticking time bomb
Aug 27 2020 David Byler. Washington Post.

Republicans Feed Their Persecution Complex
Aug 25 2020 Francis Wilkinson. Bloomberg Politics.

Fact-Checking Day 1 of the Republican National Convention
Aug 25 2020 Various. New York Times.

Republican Convention takeaways: All Trump, all the time
Aug 25 2020 Jonathan Lemire, Zeke Miller. Associated Press.

From `visionary' to `guardian of America' - the Republican convention is all about Trump
Aug 24 2020 Philip Rucker, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

Trump-centric convention to emphasize Republicans' party of one
Aug 24 2020 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Win or lose, Trump's new GOP is here to stay
Aug 19 2020 Ally Mutnick. Politico.

Why Are Senate Republicans Playing Dead?
Aug 19 2020 Stephen I. Vladeck. New York Times.

What if Trumpism Is the G.O.P.'s Natural State?
Aug 18 2020 Adam Jentleson. New York Times.

Her Voice? Her Name? G.O.P.'s Raw Personal Attacks on Kamala Harris
Aug 12 2020 Annie Karni, Jeremy W. Peters. New York Times.

Racist videos bring attention to US House race in Georgia
Aug 11 2020 Ben Nadler. Associated Press.

Facing bleak November, Republicans look to stoke BLM backlash
Aug 10 2020 Laura Barron-lopez, Alex Thompson. Politico.

Republicans called her videos `appalling' and `disgusting.' But they're doing little to stop her
Aug 9 2020 Melanie Zanona, Ally Mutnick. Politico.

Republicans have to let Donald Trump lose if they want victory
Aug 7 2020 Michael Starr Hopkins. The Hill.

Our nation is in a free fall. But sure, let's talk about Hillary's emails again
Aug 5 2020 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

McConnell signal to Republican Senate candidates: Distance from Trump if necessary
Jul 31 2020 Michael Warren, Jamie Gangel. CNN.

You have echoed lies and defended demagoguery. It must sting to still be defending Trump
Jul 30 2020 Joe Scarborough. Washington Post.

Will Herman Cain's Death Change Republican Views on the Virus and Masks?
Jul 30 2020 Jeremy W. Peters. New York Times.

This Republican implosion has been a long time coming
Jul 29 2020 E.J. Dionne Jr.. Washington Post.

Attacks on Liz Cheney are about the GOP's life after Trump
Jul 22 2020 Douglas Heye. CNN.

`Trump-y politics' leave permanent imprint on GOP
Jul 16 2020 David Siders. Politico.

As Trump gaslights America about coronavirus, Republicans face a critical e
Jul 6 2020 Maeve Reston. CNN.

John Bolton is a weasel in a party of weasels
Jun 18 2020 Eugene Robinson. Washington Post.

John Bolton made a tragic mistake. It's not the one you might think
Jun 14 2020 George T. Conway III. Washington Post.

Don't be fooled into thinking Republicans are split over Trump
Jun 14 2020 Julian Zelizer. CNN.

Georgia Republican and QAnon believer favored to win U.S. House seat
Jun 11 2020 Colby Itkowitz. Washington Post.

Trump Trembles: Mitt's on the Move
Jun 11 2020 Gail Collins. New York Times.

Trump's Republican Party displays its systemic racism
Jun 8 2020 Dana Milbank. WAshington Post.

This Republican senator just admitted what we've all known about the GOP for a while now
Jun 4 2020 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Republican senators shrug off Mattis' criticism of Trump:'It's his opinion'
Jun 4 2020 Manu Raju, Ted Barrett. CNN.

It's Trump's party now - and will be even after he's gone
May 18 2020 Katrina vanden Heuvel. Washington Post.

Top Trump campaign aide pushed anti-gay positions, said legalizing same-sex marriage would lead to bestiality and pedophilia
May 15 2020 Andrew Kaczynski, Em Steck. CNN.

With Go-Slow Approach, Republicans Risk Political Blowback on Pandemic Aid
May 15 2020 Carl Hulse. New York Times.

FBI serves warrant on senator in investigation of stock sales linked to coronovirus
May 13 2020 Del Quentin Wilber, Jennifer Haberkorn. Los Angeles Times via Yahoo.

Republican voters give Trump and GOP governors cover to reopen
May 13 2020 Steven Shepard. Politico.

Hypocrisy reaches pandemic proportions in Republican ranks
Apr 30 2020 Max Boot. Washington Post.

State bankruptcy furor shakes up McConnell reelection bid
Apr 29 2020 Jordain Carney, Max Greenwood. The Hill.

Trump campaign lashes out over 'Don't defend Trump' memo
Apr 27 2020 Alex Isenstadt. Politico.

Take It From Me, Voter Fraud Is Part of the G.O.P. Playbook
Apr 24 2020 Dan McCready. New York Times.

How Republicans Became the Party of Death
Apr 24 2020 Timothy Egan. New York Times.

Burr, other senators under fire for stock sell-offs amid coronavirus outbreak
Mar 19 2020 Dareh Gregorian. NBCNews.

Sen. Kelly Loeffler Dumped Millions in Stock After Coronavirus Briefing
Mar 20 2020 Lachian Markay, et al. Daily Beast.

Senator Dumped Up to $1.7 Million of Stock After Reassuring Public About Coronavirus Preparedness
Mar 19 2020 Robert Faturechi, Derek Willis. ProPublica.

Don't let Republicans sabotage the economy under the next Democratic president
Feb 20 2020 Paul Waldman. Washington Post.

In case you had any doubt, impeachment will plague Senate Republicans
Feb 3 2020 Jennifer Rubin. Washington Post.

Republicans prove they refuse to defy Trump under almost any circumstance
Jan 31 2020 John Harwood. CNN.

The impeachment evidence will catch up to Republicans and Trump - whether they ignore it or not
Jan 24 2020 Editorial Board. Washington Post.

Trump's Senate impeachment hearings will be driven by the GOP's fear
Jan 20 2020 George Conway, Reed Galen. via

Graham, Paul rift deepens over Trump's war powers
Jan 10 2020 Jordain Carney. The Hill.

Wake up, Republicans. Your party stands for all the wrong things now.
Jan 1 2020 Stuart Stevens. Washington Post.

Duncan Hunter announces plan to resign
Dec 6 2019 Juliegrace Brufke. The Hill.

`We should hang' Ilhan Omar, GOP House candidate says while seeking donations
Dec 4 2019 Katie Mettler, Hanna Knowles. Washington Post.

Rep. Duncan Hunter to plead guilty in campaign finance violations case
Dec 2 2019 Melanie Zanona, John Bresnahan. Politico.

This poll number proves how powerful Trump's misinformation machine really is
Oct 2 2019 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Republican Rep. Chris Collins resigns ahead of expected guilty plea
Sep 30 2019 John Bresnahan. Politico.

Texas Republicans sound alarm about rapidly evolving state
Sep 6 2019 Jonathan Easley. The Hill.

Wave of GOP retirements threaten 2020 comeback
Sep 7 2019 Scott Wong, Mike Lillis. The Hill.

Rep. Steve King says humanity might not exist if not for rape and incest
Aug 14 2019 Felicia Sonmez. Washington Post.

Ocasio-Cortez confronts McConnell over photo of men in `Team Mitch' shirts `groping & choking' her cutout
Aug 6 2019 Tim Elfrink. Washington Post.

`We're like Thelma and Louise': Republicans shrug at deficits under Trump
Jul 23 2019 Robert Costa, Mike DeBonis. Washington Post.

Republicans are quiet as Trump urges minority congresswomen to leave the country
Jul 15 2019 Isaac Stanley-Becker. Washington Post.

Frustration over disaster aid grows as House delays funding - again
Jun 1 2019 Phil McCausland. NBC News.

Republicans confront Trump amid cascading controversies
Apr 11 2019 Burgess Everett, Eliana Johnson. Politico.

Finally united, House Republicans refer ex-Trump lawyer Michael Cohen for perjury prosecution
Apr 10 2019 John Solomon. The Hill.

GOP senators raise concerns about Miller's ascension
Apr 10 2019 Jordain Carney. The Hill.

`We're not going to turn on our own': Republicans rally around Trump as threats mount
Mar 2 2019 Robert Costa. Washington Post.

Boyfriend of admitted Russian agent charged with fraud
Feb 6 2019 Devlin Barrett, Rosalind S. Helderman. Washington Post.

'They basically have nothing to do': Trio of Republicans face life in exile
Feb 4 2019 Melanie Zanona. Politico.

Good riddance, Paul Ryan
Dec 20 2018 Paul Waldman. Washington Post.

Juan Williams: The GOP's worsening problem with women
Dec 17 2018 Juan Williams. The Hill.

Pennsylvania meltdown triggers Republican alarms
Dec 17 2018 Holly Otterbein. Politico.

`Crisis level': Republican women sound warning after election losses
Dec 16 2018 Elise Viebeck, Felicia Sonmez. Washington Post.

`Stop,' `I wasn't there,' `I don't know anything about that': Republicans dodge or dismiss Trump's legal woes
Dec 15 2018 Seung Min Kim. Washington Post.

The GOP majority's last words: But her emails!
Dec 14 2018 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Some Trump allies starting to worry about investigations
Dec 11 2018 Jonathan Lemire, et al. Associated Press.

Senate Republicans are responsible for the most unethical and incompetent administration ever
Dec 9 2018 Jennifer Rubin. Washington Post.

Michigan Republicans following Wisconsin's lead in curbing Democrats' power
Dec 6 2018 Joseph Ax. Reuters.

GOP hit with election fraud claims after using issue as rallying cry
Dec 4 2018 Elena Schneider. Politico.

Wisconsin Republicans are trying to subvert the will of the voters. They're part of a larger trend
Dec 3 2018 Donald P. Moynihan. Washington Post.

GOP sees new bomb scare victim: Trump
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