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The Three Republicans Who Rebuked Trump and Defended the Constitution
Jun 21 2022 Walter Shapiro. The New Republic.

American diplomats sign 'dissent cable' over Trump remarks as White House fires official who said Trump must 'go'
Jan 8 2021 Conner Finnegan. ABC.

The Real Political Heroes of This Dumpster Fire Year
Dec 26 2020 Matt Lewis. Daily Beast.

Stella Parton, singer and sister of Dolly, lashes out at politicians in viral tweet over COVID-19 vaccine rollout
Dec 21 2020 Aris Folley. The Hill.

Obama criticizes Trump in scathing, personal terms
Oct 31 2020 Alexandra Jaffe. Associated Press.

In scathing speech, Obama embraces his inner Trump troll
Oct 27 2020 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Nearly 300 former national security officials sign Biden endorsement letter
Oct 20 2020 Rebecca Kheel. The Hill.

Rudy Giuliani's daughter says to vote for Biden and Harris to end Trump's 'reign of terror'
Oct 16 2020 Veronica Stracqualursi. CNN.

Federal prosecutor speaks out, says Barr 'has brought shame' on Justice Department
Sep 26 2020 Tal Axelrod. The Hill.

It's `now or never' for ex-Trump aides weighing speaking out
Sep 26 2020 Jill Colvin. Associated Press.

Trumpers, if you saw something, say something
Aug 27 2020 Juleana Glover. CNN.

Obama torches Trump like American democracy depends on it
Aug 20 2020 Ryan Lizza. Politico.

Former Trump DHS official backing Biden warns Trump more will speak out
Aug 18 2020 Katherine Faulders. ABC.

'Private Bone Spurs is not going to like this one': Viral ad of GOP veterans backing Biden
Aug 7 2020 Sabrina Matthews. Front Page Live.

Key impeachment witness Vindman rebukes Trump on retirement from military
Aug 1 2020 Even Semones. Politico.

Alexander Vindman: Coming forward ended my career. I still believe doing doing what's right matters
Aug 1 2020 Alexander S. Vindman. Washington Post.

Obama warns that Trump's actions threaten US democracy
Jul 31 2020 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

More than 100 former Manhattan prosecutors condemn Berman firing
Jun 21 2020 Justin Coleman. The Hill.

Top State Department official resigns in protest of Trump's response to racial tensions in the country
Jun 18 2020 Seung Min Kim. Washington Post.

Black protester who carried injured white man through angry crowd says he was trying to avoid catastrophe
Jun 15 2020 Amir Vera, et al. CNN.

America's military leaders take a stand as Trump remains silent on racial inequality
Jun 12 2020 Barbara Starr. CNN.

`What I saw was just absolutely wrong': National Guardsmen struggle with their role in controlling protests
Jun 9 2020 Daniel Lippman. Politico.

Pentagon's top general apologizes for appearing alongside Trump in Lafayette Square
Jun 11 2020 Dan Lamothe. Washington Post.

This could be a turning point in the fight against racism - in America and abroad
Jun 8 2020 Frita Ghitis. Washington Post.

Bird's Eye View of Protests Across the U.S. and Around the World
Jun 7 2020 Larry Buchanan, et al. New York Times.

Trump says `no kneeling' after latest in Drew Brees, National Anthem controversy
Jun 5 2020 Kelly McCarthy. ABC News.

Trump's ex-chief of staff agrees with Mattis: 'We need to look harder at who we elect'
Jun 5 2020 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Newsom ramps up Trump criticism, calls church episode 'shameful political theater'
Jun 4 2020 Victoria Colliver. Politico.

To President Trump: You should resign now
Jun 5 2020 Editorial Board. Portland Press Herald.

At fortified White House, Trump under verbal assault from military's top ranks
Jun 4 2020 Ben Gittleson, Jorden Phelps. ABC News.

Is John Kelly joining the generals' mutiny?
Jun 4 2020 Katelyn Caralle. Daily Mail.

Trump and the Military: A Mutual Embrace Might Dissolve on America's Streets
Jun 4 2020 David E. Sanger, Helene Cooper. New York Times.

Pentagon chief balks at Trump's call for active-duty military force on U.S citizens, and Mattis rips
Jun 3 2020 Dan Lamothe. Washington Post.

Military leaders condemn Trump over protest response
Jun 4 2020 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Retired Marine Gen. John Allen: Trump's threats of military force may be 'the beginning of the end of the American experiment'
Jun 4 2020 Paul Leblanc. CNN.

Mattis tears into Trump: 'We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership'
Jun 3 2020 Barbara Starr, Paul Leblanc. CNN.

Jimmy Carter on George Floyd protests: 'Silence can be as deadly as violence'
Jun 3 2020 Paul Leblanc. CNN.

Obama urges young black people to 'feel hopeful even as you may feel angry' after George Floyd's death
Jun 3 2020 MJ Lee, Dan Merica. CNN.

Jim Mattis blasts Trump in message that defends protesters, says president `tries to divide us'
Jun 3 2020 Dan Lamothe. Washington Post.

The military officers aiding Trump's stunt have been promoted to the level of their incompetence
Jun 3 2020 George F. Will. Washington Post.

Esper Breaks With Trump on Using Troops Against Protesters
Jun 3 2020 Eric Schmitt, et al. New York Times.

Pentagon chief on shaky ground with White House after breaking with Trump over protest response
Jun 3 2020 Zachary Cohen, et al. CNN.

Defense chief breaks with Trump on response to protests
Jun 3 2020 Zachary Cohen. CNN.

Biden, seeking a contrast with Trump, denounces the incumbent's show of force against protesters and vows to heal racial wounds
Jun 2 2020 Annie Linskey, et al. Washington Post.

Trump's Response to Protests Draws Bipartisan Rebuke in Congress
Jun 2 2020 Catie Edmondson. New York Times.

Episcopal bishop on President Trump: `Everything he has said and done is to inflame violence'
Jun 1 2020 Michelle Boorstein, Sarah Pulliam Bailey. Washington Post.

Obama condemns violence and calls for change in wake of George Floyd protests
Jun 1 2020 Chandelis Duster. CNN.