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Positively Dishonest
7 Dec 2021 William Saletan. Slate.

Trump came in contact with 500 people between first positive test and hospitalization: report
6 Dec 2021 Sarakshi Rai. The Hill.

Seven days: Following Trump's reckless coronavirus trail
5 Dec 2021 Ashley Parker, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

Opinion: Donald Trump: Superspreader in chief
2 Dec 2021 Editorial Board. Washington Post.

Nearly 900 Secret Service members were infected with the coronavirus. A watchdog blames Trump
23 Jun 2021 Timothy Bella. Washington Post.

Donald Trump Is the Ultimate Super-Spreader
25 Nov 2020 Elie Mystal. The Nation.

More than 130 Secret Service officers are said to be infected with coronavirus or quarantining in wake of Trump's campaign travel
13 Nov 2020 Carol D. Leonnig, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

18 Trump rallies have led to 30,000 COVID-19 cases: Stanford University study
31 Oct 2020 Jordan Williams. The Hill.

Study links Trump rallies to more than 700 Covid deaths
31 Oct 2020 David Lim. Politico.

Documents show Trump campaign ignored coronavirus guidelines at Duluth rally: report
24 Oct 2020 Celine Castronuovo. The Hill.

Rising COVID-19 cases raise worries about Trump rallies
21 Oct 2020 Jessie Hellmann. The Hill.

Trump isn't even trying to slow the virus's spread
19 Oct 2020 Eugene Robinson. Washington Post.

The Entire Presidency Is a Superspreading Event
9 Oct 2020 Olivia Nuzzi. Intelligencer.

A Trump Rally in Minnesota Probably Spread COVID, State Health Dept. Says
9 Oct 2020 Greg Walters. Vice.

Coughing Trump tells Hannity he's healthy and ready to hold rallies
9 Oct 2020 Oliver Darcy. CNN.

Trump Suggests Gold Star Families May Be to Blame for His Infection
8 Oct 2020 Jennifer Steinhauer. New York Times.

Trump's illness doesn't absolve him of responsibility
7 Oct 2020 Glenn C. Altschuler. The Hill.

Former GOP chair Michael Steele calls Trump 'the superspreader' in the White House
6 Oct 2020 Aris Folley. The Hill.

White House staff, Secret Service eye virus with fear, anger
6 Oct 2020 Jill Colvin, et al. Associated Press.

Trump, still infectious, back at White House - without mask
6 Oct 2020 Zeke Miller, et al. Associated Press.

Trump removes mask upon arrival at White House
5 Oct 2020 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Trump leaves hospital room to wave at supporters outside from motorcade
4 Oct 2020 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

As virus spreads across GOP ranks, some Republicans say party will pay price for `stupid' approach
3 Oct 2020 Robert Costa, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

Inside the White House Event Now Under Covid-19 Scrutiny
4 Oct 2020 Larry Buchanan, et al. New York Times.

DeWine says White House did not contact him about possible Covid-19 exposure to Ohioans after Trump diagnosis
4 Oct 2020 Chandelis Duster. CNN.

Trump took photos, had roundtable with donors at Bedminster fundraiser hours before announcing Covid diagnosis
4 Oct 2020 Paul P. Murphy. CNN.

Personal assistant to Trump tests positive for coronavirus
4 Oct 2020 Kevin Bohn. CNN.

Little evidence that White House has offered contact tracing, guidance to hundreds potentially exposed
3 Oct 2020 Josh Dawsey, et al. Washington Post.

Growing number of top Republicans diagnosed with coronavirus
3 Oct 2020 Jonathan Easley. The Hill.

Where Trump went (and who he was with) leading up to his coronavirus diagnosis
2 Oct 2020 Isabel Dorbrin, Rishika Dugyala (AP). Politico.

Trump sets off multi-state Covid tracing crisis
2 Oct 2020 Dan Goldberg, et al. Politico.

An abundance of risk, not caution, before Trump's diagnosis
2 Oct 2020 Calvin Woodard, Jill Colvin. Associated Press.

Trump's Travail: A Virus That Thrives Indoors
2 Oct 2020 Apoorva Mandavilli. New York Times.

Cleveland reports 11 new Covid cases stemming from debate
2 Oct 2020 Matthew Choi. Politico.

Here's who has tested positive for Covid so far in Trumpworld
2 Oct 2020 Nick Niedzwiadek. Politico.

New Jersey officials fear Trump fundraiser in Bedminster could turn into super spreader
2 Oct 2020 Matt Friedman. Politico.

Journalists who work at the White House are testing positive for Covid-19
2 Oct 2020 Brian Stelter, Oliver Darcey. CNN.

Trump's campaign manager tests positive for Covid-19
3 Oct 2020 Kaitlan Collins, Ryan Nobles. CNN.

Kellyanne Conway announces she tested positive for coronavirus
3 Oct 2020 Dan Berman, et al. CNN.