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Donald Trump Knows How to Win the Republican Presidential Nomination
Nov 16 2022 John Nichols. The Nation.

Republicans Pushing to Move Past Trump Face One Big Obstacle: His Voters
Nov 14 2022 Michael C. Bender. New York Times.

Do We Really Have to Care About Miserable White People?
Oct 25 2022 Joan Walsh. The Nation.

Their America Is Vanishing. Like Trump, They Insist They Were Cheated.
Oct 23 2022 Michael H. Keller, David D. Kirkpatrick. New York Times.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is the Brawler the MAGA Base Wants
Oct 20 2022 Daily Beast.

Purported Trump supporter who claimed Antifa burned down his camper admits to staged attack, DOJ says
Oct 12 2022 Josh Campbell, Andy Rose. CNN.

Trump followers blame "activists" for low attendance at DC rally
Oct 8 2022 Matthew Chapman. Salon.

What does MAGA mean in 2022? An aging movement longs for an America that never was
Oct 5 2022 Chauncey Devega. Salon.

Trump: `King' to some in Pennsylvania, but will it help GOP?
Oct 2 2022 Lisa Mascaro. Associated Press.

Opinion: Just how racist is the MAGA movement? This survey measures it
Sep 28 2022 Jennifer Rubin. Washington Post.

Fascist Fingers in the Air: Terrifying American Nightmare Unfolds at Trump Rally
Sep 21 2022 Will Bunch. Common Dreams.

Trump Support Remains Unmoved by Investigations, Poll Finds
Sep 22 2022 Ruth Igielnik. New York Times.

Trump's legal troubles are mounting. And his support is consolidating.
Sep 22 2022 David Siders, Meridith McGraw. Politico.

It's Time to Call MAGA a National Security Threat
Sep 16 2022 Wajahat Ali. Daily Beast.

Attacking MAGA Is as "Meat and Potatoes" as It Gets
Sep 16 2022 Abdul El-Sayed. The New Republic.

Armed Trump Lover Arrested at Dairy Queen Wanted to `Kill All Democrats'
Sep 14 2022 Nikki Mccann Ramirez. Rolling Stone.

Trump Returns to Rally Team MAGA
Sep 4 2022 Elaine Godfry. The Atlantic.

US election conspiracies find fertile ground in conferences
Sep 4 2022 Margery A. Beck, Christina A. Cassidy. Associated Press.

A Zombie Herd of Independent Minds
Sep 3 2022 Mike Lofgren. Common Dreams.

Fascist, Fascist, Fascist: If the Foul Shoe Fits, Wear It
Sep 3 2022 Abby Zimet. Common Dreams.

Figuring out how many `MAGA Republicans' there actually are
Sep 2 2022 Philip Bump. Washington Post.

Opinion: MAGA Republicans are out of touch with the real America
Aug 31 2022 Max Boot. Washington Post.

Opinion: The Messianic Trump Cult
Aug 31 2022 Jack Shafer. Politico.

FBI Facing `Unprecedented' MAGA Threats: `Time to Hunt Fed Bois'
Aug 31 2022 Roger Sollenberger, Zachary Petrizzo. Daily Beast.

Opinion: Voters tell us who they are by who they vote for
Aug 19 2022 Colbert I. King. Washington Post.

For the MAGA Right, Democracy Itself Is a Fraud
Aug 19 2022 Ed Kilgore. Intelligencer.

FBI Search of Trump's Mar-a-Lago Triggers Slow-Motion Rerun of Jan. 6 Insurrection
Aug 19 2022 James Risen. The Intercept.

The MAGA Crowd May Venerate 1776 But They Idolize a Would-Be Monarch
Aug 17 2022 Jeffrey C. Isaac. The Bulwark.

Pro-Trump backlash to FBI search fuels concern over political violence
Aug 11 2022 John Kruzel, Rebecca Klar. The Hill.

Trump's grip on GOP activist class on display at Texas conclave
Aug 6 2022 Natalie Allison. Politico.

Trump Merch, Rabid Fans, Disgraced Ex-Officials: Inside the Right-Wing Conference Circuit
Aug 4 2022 Stephanie Mencimer. Mother Jones.

Joe Walsh's MAGA warning: If Trump is indicted, expect "major violence"
Jul 18 2022 Chauncey Devega. Salon.

Trump and Pence squared off in the desert. It was one-sided
Jul 23 2022 David Siders. Politico.

Jan. 6 hearing protesters hassle ex-police officer beaten by Capitol mob
Jul 22 2022 Andrew Jeong. Washington Post.

Why Conspiracy Theories Flourish in Trump's America
Jun 22 2022 Thomas B. Edsall. New York Times.

Might Trump's base eventually realize their emperor has no clothes?
Jun 20 2022 Kris Kolesnik. The Hill.

Trump's path back to the Oval Office
Jun 19 2022 B.J. Rudell. The Hill.

Jan. 6 witnesses push Trump stalwarts back to rabbit hole
Jun 18 2022 David Klepper. Associated Press.

Amid Jan. 6 Revelations, Election Lies Still Dominate the G.O.P.
Jun 17 2022 Jonathan Weisman. New York Times.

`Impeachment No. 3': Jan. 6 panel isn't swaying these swing-state Republicans
Jun 17 2022 Natasha Korecki, Adam Edelman. Nbc News.

Opinion: Trumpism is terrible. It also might be popular
May 9 2022 Perry Bacon Jr.. Washington Post.

Opinion: How the story of The Villages explains America's deepest political divisions
Apr 15 2022 Nicole Hemmer. CNN.

Why Republicans Are Turning an Easy Election Into a Culture War
Apr 14 2022 Ed Kilgore. Intelligencer.

Judge allows lawsuit over 2020 'Trump Train' incident to move forward
Mar 23 2022 Harper Neidig. The Hill.

A Guy Calling Himself `Ricky Bobby' Is Tearing the MAGA Trucker Convoy Apart
Mar 22 2022 Mack Lamoureux. Vice.

Study: Trump counties more likely to seek ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine prescriptions
Feb 18 2022 Philip Bump. Washington Post.

Trump superfans dream of a run again, and of JFK Jr. on the ticket
Jan 17 2022 Meridith Mcgraw. Politico.

Has Trump become too tame for the MAGAverse?
Jan 5 2022 Thomas Gift. The Hill.

MAGA Diehards Melt Down Over Trump's Pro-Vax Push
Dec 23 2021 Tom Dickinson. Rolling Stone.

Opinion: Not even Donald Trump can make Trumpists embrace coronavirus vaccines
Dec 20 2021 Paul Waldman, Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

I monitor Trump's die-hard base. They're still plotting out in the open.
Dec 10 2021 Ron Filipkowski. Washington Post.

A man said he'd hang 6 members of Congress who didn't `get behind' Trump, feds say. He got 33 months in prison
Dec 2 2021 Gina Harkins. Washington Post.

The Bonnie and Clyde of MAGA World
Nov 19 2021 David Freedlander. Politico.

Opinion: Trump supporters' logic of political violence should alarm us all
Nov 15 2021 Michael Gerson. Washington Post.

'When do we get to use the guns?': The ongoing danger of false fraud claims
Oct 27 2021 Philip Bump. Washington Post.

Biden's critics hurl increasingly vulgar taunts
Oct 23 2021 Ashley Parker, Carissa Wolf. Washington Post.

Webb Democratic Party Chair blasts Trump voters, thought she was off camera
Oct 17 2021 Jorge A. Vela. Laredo Morning Times.

Black flag: Understanding the Trumpists' latest threatening symbol
Oct 12 2021 Chauncey Devega. Salon.

The Rise of the Moderate Marine
Oct 5 2021 Jim Swift. The Bulwark.

The Memo: New Trump revelations bolster critics while fans shrug
Oct 8 2021 Niall Stanage. The Hill.

Trump True Believers Have Their Reasons
Oct 6 2021 Thomas B. Edsall. New York Times.

White terror: Millions of Americans say they'd support violence to restore Trump to power
Oct 1 2021 Chauncey Devega. Salon.

The Mini-Trump Blowing Up Local GOP Politics
Sep 24 2021 Michael Kruse. Politico.

Trumpism Has Entered Its Final Form
Aug 29 2021 Peter Wehner. The Atlantic.

Trumpists live in an alternate reality - but they believe in it, and that's terrifying
Aug 27 2021 Chauncey Devega. Salon.

Trump's rally script fell apart
Aug 26 2021 Nicole Hemmer. CNN.

Trump and top ally get booed by the monster Trump's GOP created
Aug 23 2021 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Donald Trump Encouraged People at His Rally to Get Vaccinated. They Booed Him
Aug 22 2021 Ian Gordon. Mother Jones.

Not even Donald Trump can control the monster he created
Aug 23 2021 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Supporters at Alabama rally boo Trump after he tells them to get vaccinated
Aug 22 2021 Caroline Vakil. The Hill.

In Iowa, Gaetz and Greene Pick Up Where Trump Left Off
Aug 21 2021 Astead W. Herndon. New York Times.

Police identify suspect who surrendered after claiming to have a bomb near US Capitol
Aug 19 2021 Whitney Wild, et al. CNN.

Why Trump is so beloved by the increasingly infantile Republican base
Aug 17 2021 Amanda Marcotte. Salon.

Neuroscientist explains how fanatical Trump followers could lead us to societal collapse
Aug 6 2021 Bobby Azarian. Salon.

Donald Trump is an idea, not a man - and that's why his movement is so dangerous
Jun 3 2021 Chauncey Devega. Salon.

Why is it was so easy for Donald Trump to sucker Americans into his cult?
Jul 27 2021 Tom Boggioni. Salon.

Vast Stretches of America Are Shrinking. Almost All of Them Voted for Trump
Aug 14 2021 Jordan Weissmann. Slate.

Die Hard Trump Supporters Increasingly Demand Violence If He Isn't Reinstated, Homeland Security Warns
Aug 8 2021 Peter Wade. Rolling Stone.

Homeland Security warns of potential conspiracy theory-fueled violence in August
Aug 6 2021 Geneva Sands. CNN.

Opinion: Have Trump voters come down with a serious case of Snowflake Syndrome?
Aug 2 2021 Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

I Tried to Make Claims About Election Fraud So Preposterous Trump Fans Wouldn't Believe Me. It Was Impossible
Jul 21 2021 Jon Schwarz. The Intercept.

Biden voters to MAGA: Time to drink your own tears
Nov 20 2020 Joe Berkowitz. Fast Company.

Opinion: Why I couldn't be friends with a Trump supporter
Nov 20 2020 Elana Eisenberg. The Talon.

Opinion: Why won't Trump supporters admit they've been conned?
Oct 16 2020 Helaine Olen. Washington Post.

Despite drift toward authoritarianism, Trump voters stay loyal. Why?
Dec 7 2020 Edward Lempinen. Berkley News.

Engaging with Trump's die-hard supporters isn't productive
Dec 12 2020 Tom Nichols. The Atlantic.

Trump supporter refuses judge's order to take down Biden attack banners
Jul 21 2021 Olafimihan Oshin. The Hill.

Trumpland's dangerous role playing games
Jul 21 2021 Michael D'antonio. CNN.

The Father-Fhrer
Apr 24 2016 Kevin D. Williamson. National Review.

2 men indicted for allegedly plotting to blow up Democratic headquarters in Sacramento, California
Jul 16 2021 Luke Barr. ABC.

Can the Black Rifle Coffee Company Become the Starbucks of the Right?
Jul 14 2021 Jason Zengerie. New York Times.

The Nation Needs a Reality-Based G.O.P. Only the Kook Caucus Is Stepping Up
Jul 8 2021 Michelle Cottle. New York Times.

Trump rails against `prosecutorial misconduct' during Florida rally
Jul 3 2021 Matt Dixon. Politico.

Opinion: The truth about many in the GOP base: They prefer authoritarianism to democracy
Jun 29 2021 Jennifer Rubin. Washington Post.

A New Darkness Falls on the Trump Movement
Jun 29 2021 Meridith Mcgraw. Politico.

Trump supporter warns CNN reporter of 'civil war' if former president not reinstated 'soon'
Jun 29 2021 Dominick Mastrangelo. The Hill.

We're Already Forgetting the Trump Era. His Supporters Won't Forget Us
Jun 29 2021 Wallace Shawn. The New Republic.

Trump dishes the red meat but keeps revenge on ice
Jun 26 2021 Meridith Mcgraw. Politico.

Trump airs old election grievances in return to rally stage
Jun 27 2021 Jill Colvin. Associated Press.

A caravan of Trump backers tried to run a Biden bus off a road. Now they're being sued under an anti-KKK act
Jun 25 2021 Jaclyn Peiser. Washington Post.

Mike Lindell Says Donald Trump Will Be Back in Office 'By This Fall, For Sure'
Jun 22 2021 Daniel Villarreal. Newsweek.

Mike Lindell has become the platonic ideal of a Trump supporter
Jun 18 2021 Philip Bump. Washington Post.

4 in 5 Trump voters are dissatisfied with how democracy is going, which seems bad
Jun 16 2021 Philip Bump. Washington Post.

How Trumpism Is Becoming America's New "Lost Cause"
Jan 21 2021 Zack Stanton. Politico.

I've had it with interviewing Trump supporters who go off the deep end
Jan 14 2021 Alisyn Camerota. CNN.

Trump backers seek online refuges after big tech backlash
Jan 14 2021 David Klepper, Amanda Seitz. Associated Press.

Trump Mob Merchandise Doesn't End With `Camp Auschwitz'
Jan 14 2021 Jasmin Malik Chua. Daily Beast.

'Hate in their heart': Lawmakers fear more violence after Capitol attacks
Jan 12 2021 Sarah Ferris, et al. Politico.

Trump's Legacy: Voters Who Reject Democracy and Any Politics but Their Own
Jan 9 2021 Trip Gabriel. New York Times.

`Coward': MAGA internet turns on Trump
Jan 8 2021 Tina Nguyen. Politico.

Trumpists Harass Mitt Romney, Generally Act Like Dicks, on Journey to DC Protests
Jan 6 2021 Jamie Ross. Daily Beast.

Self-described American nationalist is held in NYC bomb hoax
Jan 5 2021 Michael R. Sisak (AP). ABC.

Trump supporters protesting the election begin demonstrating in D.C.
Jan 5 2021 Marissa J. Lang, et al. Washington Post.

Pro-Trump forums erupt with violent threats ahead of Wednesday's rally against the 2020 election
Jan 5 2021 Craig Timberg, Drew Harwell. Washington Post.

DC Cops Tell Descending MAGA Hordes: Guns Banned From Jan. 6 Pro-Trump Protest
Jan 4 2021 Jamie Ross. Daily Beast.

MAGA marchers plot final D.C. stand on Jan. 6
Jan 4 2021 Tina Nguyen. Politico.

Trump's loyal fans pose challenges for Republicans, Biden
Jan 4 2021 Jill Colvin. Associated Press.

Pennsylvania Trump supporter charged with voter fraud
Dec 22 2020 Dominick Mastrangelo. The Hill.

Trump supporters organizing 'second inauguration' for him online Jan. 20
Dec 21 2020 Joseph Choi. The Hill.

How Offshore Oddsmakers Made a Killing off Gullible Trump Supporters
Dec 17 2020 Alex Kirshner. Slate.

MAGA leaders call for the troops to keep Trump in office
Dec 18 2020 Tina Nguyen. Politico.

Trump voters accept Biden election win `with reservations'
Dec 16 2020 Jill Colvin, Jonathan Cooper. Associated Press.

Former Houston police captain charged with pointing gun at air-conditioner repairman, believing he was a voter fraud 'mastermind'
Dec 16 2020 Josh Campbell, Gisela Cresbo. CNN.

MAGA-world may resist the vaccine, but it still wants Trump to get credit
Dec 15 2020 Tina Nguyen. Politico.

Doomed MAGA Faithful Pivot to Apocalypse Prep as Trump Loss Gets Locked In
Dec 14 2020 Kelly Weill. Daily Beast.

Fears of violence grow amid threats to election officials, lawmakers
Dec 12 2020 Celine Castronuovo. The Hill.

4 stabbed, 23 arrested in clashes between pro-Trump supporters, counter-protesters in Washington
Dec 13 2020 Kyle Balluck. The Hill.

Several people were stabbed and 23 arrested as 'Stop the Steal' protesters and counter-protesters clash in Washington, DC
Dec 12 2020 Lauren Koenig. CNN.

Imploding MAGA World Turns to Civil War Fantasies, Secession After Supreme Court Disaster
Dec 12 2020 Alaina Demopoulos. Daily Beast.

Multiple people stabbed after thousands gather for pro-Trump demonstrations in Washington
Dec 12 2020 Emily Davies, et al. Washington Post.

Pro-Trump protestors, counter-protesters and police clash in DC after day of election demonstrations
Dec 12 2020 Sarah Polus. The Hill.

Protests, Marches and Some Serious Shofar Blowing: Trumpers Set to Descend on D.C. Yet Again
Dec 12 2020 Will Sommer. Daily Beast.

As Trump Rails Against Loss, His Supporters Become More Threatening
Dec 8 2020 Nick Corasaniti, et al. New York Times.

Why Do So Many Americans Think the Election Was Stolen?
Dec 5 2020 Ross Douthat. New York Times.

Dangerously viral: How Trump, supporters spread false claims
Dec 4 2020 Amanda Seitz, David Klepper. Associated Press.

What it's like to teach children about the election, and its results, in deep-red Trump country
Nov 29 2020 Hannah Natanson. Washington Post.

`Reach Out to Trump Supporters,' They Said. I Tried
Nov 19 2020 Wajahat Ali. New York Times.

MAGA Truthers Make Desperate Last Stand at Miami Church Vigil
Nov 19 2020 Francisco Alvarado. Daily Beast.

The Mentality That Explains Trump's Dead-Enders
Nov 15 2020 Jay Michaelson. Daily Beast.

Trump supporters morning protests turn into violent clashes
Nov 15 2020 Ashraf Khalil, Kevin Freking. Associated Press.

After thousands of Trump supporters rally in D.C., violence erupts when night falls
Nov 15 2020 Marissa J. Lang, et al. Washington Post.

`Million MAGA March' Falls 900,000 or So Short of a Full Deck
Nov 14 2020 Kali Holloway. Daily Beast.

Thousands rally in DC to protest election results, show support for Trump
Nov 14 2020 Chris Mills Rodrigo. The Hill.

Trumpers Staged a Protest of Fox News. Eight People Showed Up. One Was a Child
Nov 12 2020 Will Sommer. Daily Beast.

Grief, anger, disbelief: Trump voters face Biden's victory
Nov 12 2020 Tamara Lush, et al. Associated Press.

Republican Philadelphia official responsible for vote counting says office getting death threats
Nov 8 2020 Dominick Mastrangelo. The Hill.

Trump's Likely Superspreader Rally Busts COVID Curfew in Florida
Nov 2 2020 Francisco Alvarado. Daily Beast.

Trump Backers Block Highways as Election Tensions Play Out in the Streets
Nov 2 2020 Rick Rojas, et al. New York Times.

Freedom as the Muzzle of a Glock
Oct 30 2020 Roger Cohen. New York Times.

As Trump faces uncertain future, so do his signature rallies
Oct 30 2020 Jill Colvin. Associated Press.

Some Trump Supporters Might Be Relieved If He Loses
Oct 28 2020 Eve Fairbanks. New York Times.

Jews For Trump car parade stirs protests, fights in New York
Oct 26 2020 Associated Press. ABC.

Why they loved him
Oct 16 2020 Farah Stockman. New York Times.

Iowa man who stole election sign goes on to steal newspapers that reported it
Oct 10 2020 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Trump's Covid recovery puts MAGA on steroids
Oct 9 2020 Tina Nguyen. Politico.

Down in the polls, an ailing Trump finds lavish airtime on conservative media in two-day interview blitz
Oct 9 2020 Paul Farhi. Washington Post.

`Trump was sent from God!': MAGA country brings the rally to a stricken president
Oct 5 2020 Corey Bennett. Politico.

Their president is hospitalized, but that hasn't changed their view of the coronavirus
Oct 3 2020 Jenna Johnson, et al. Washington Post.

Proud Boys try to assimilate into Florida GOP as Trump denies knowing extremist group
Oct 2 2020 David Smiley, et al. Mcclatchy.

Trump's debate callout bolsters far-right Proud Boys
Sep 30 2020 Paul P. Murphy. CNN.

They wanted disruption in 2016. Now they're Trump defectors
Sep 29 2020 Tamara Lush. Associated Press.

Dozens in body armor arrive in Portland for right-wing rally
Sep 26 2020 Gillian Flaccus. Associated Press.

Crowd aims 'lock him up' chant at Obama during Trump rally
Sep 13 2020 John Bowden. The Hill.

The cost of loyalty to Trump grows higher and higher
Sep 10 2020 Michael Gerson. Washington Post.

Park Service under fire for role in GOP convention
Aug 27 2020 Rebecca Beitsch. The Hill.

GOP voters say they enjoy the `Trump Show' but want to see a plan for second term
Aug 26 2020 Mark Fisher, Christine Spolar. Washington Post.

Trump's Fights Are Their Fights. They Have His Back Unapologetically
Aug 25 2020 Trip Gabriel. New York Times.

How Trump's `happy warrior' survived the vipers
Aug 24 2020 Meridith Mcgraw. Politico.

`Hidden' Trump Voters Exist. But How Much Impact Will They Have?
Aug 16 2020 Jeremy W. Peters. New York Times.

I (still) believe the president, and in the president
Aug 10 2020 George T. Conway III. Washington Post.

`Disgraceful, plain and simple': Couple wearing Nazi flag masks at Walmart filmed in viral clash
Jul 27 2020 Allyson Chiu. Washington Post.

As Trump sends mixed messages on coronavirus, some loyal supporters cling to conspiracy theories
Jul 14 2020 Rachel Scott. ABC.

Trump's base begins to crack
Jul 6 2020 Juan Williams. The Hill.

A Plague of Willful Ignorance
Jun 22 2020 Paul Krugman. New York Times.

Life at the Trump Tailgate: Spiked Slurpees, Culture Wars and the Coronavirus Hoax
May 21 2020 Tim Alberta. Politico.

Long Island Protest Praised by Trump Featured Anti-Vaxxer Call to "Hang Fauci"
May 17 2020 Robert Mackey. The Intercept.

Trump Eggs On Coronavirus Protesters Who Stalked and Abused Reporter, Calls Them "Great People"
May 16 2020 Tommy Christopher. MediaITE.

Man Faces Terrorism Charge After Threatening to Kill Michigan's Governor, Officials Say
May 15 2020 Christopher Mele. New York Times.

Trump boosters: Don't believe the coronavirus death toll
May 7 2020 Tina Nguyen. Politico.

Trump's gun-toting supporters are firing blanks
May 1 2020 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Hundreds of protesters, some carrying guns in the state Capitol, demonstrate against Michigan's emergency measures
Apr 30 2020 Dartunorro Clark. NBC News.

Trump's appeal to the cognitively challanged
Oct 4 2018 Tom Jacobs. Pacific Standard.

Trump Fans Protest Against Governors Who Have Imposed Virus Restrictions
Apr 17 2020 Michael D. Shear, Sarah Mervosh. New York Times.

In Trump's 'LIBERATE' tweets, extremists see a call to arms
Apr 17 2020 Ben Collins, Brandy Zadrozny. NBC News.

Trump Refuses to Condemn Coronavirus Lockdown Protesters: They `Like Me'
Apr 16 2020 Hunter Woodall. Daily Beast.

Pro-Trump protesters push back on stay-at-home orders
Apr 17 2020 Sarah Burnett, Brian Slodysko. APNews.

The social-distancing deniers have arrived
Apr 16 2020 Zachary B. Wolf. CNN.

Protests are popping up across the US over stay-at-home restrictions
Apr 17 2020 Dakin Andone. CNN.

How's Trump Doing? The View From the President's Camp
Apr 17 2020 Devi Lockwood. New York Times.

How 2 Trump-loving governors are struggling amid the coronavirus crisis
Apr 2 2020 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Trump Fansite The Federalist Hits New Low: Telling People to Get Infected With Coronavirus
Mar 25 2020 Will Sommer. Daily Beast.

A new MAGA movement debate: Is Trump overdoing it?
Mar 22 2020 Tina Nguyen. Politico.

Coronavirus deniers and hoaxers persist despite dire warnings, claiming `it's mass hysteria'
Mar 19 2020 Annie Gowen. Washington Post.

Trump's fans were shrugging off COVID-19. Now it's a war, and he's their leader
Mar 18 2020 Alexander Panetta. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Trump's late conversion to reality leaves out his supporters
Mar 17 2020 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Trump promised to bring back manufacturing in Pennsylvania. He didn't. Will it cost him?
Mar 12 2020 Jonathan Tamari. The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Trump's challenge: keeping his act fresh in reelection year
Mar 6 2020 Aamer Madhani. Associated Press.

This Trump-themed coffee shop mocks liberals, but still wants to serve them
Feb 29 2020 Meryl Kornfield. Washington Post.

Baby boomers have been a disaster for America, and Trump is their biggest mistake yet
Oct 25 2016 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Don't waste your breath trying to convince Trump supporters he's repugnant
Aug 16 2019 Colbert I. King. Washington Post.

Fear and gloating in Cincinnati
Aug 2 2019 Dan Zak. Washington Post.

Trump's North Carolina Supporters Were Ready to Unload
Jul 18 2019 Michael Kruse. Politico.

Trump: Those chanting 'send her back' are 'people that love our country'
Jul 18 2019 John Bowden. The Hill.

GOP lawmaker: Chant at Trump rally 'would send chills down the spines of our Founding Fathers'
Jul 18 2019 Clare Foran. CNN.

`Send her back': Trump batters Dem congresswomen on campaign trail
Jul 17 2019 Matthew Choi. Politico.

Trump backers who were afraid to tell their loved ones
May 23 2019 Michael Slepian. CNN.

Rural Iowans ponder Trump alternatives as China trade war drags on
May 20 2019 Tom Polansek. Reuters.

Tucker Carlson unapologetic over `misogynistic' comments on statutory rape, insults against women
Mar 11 2019 Allyson Chiu. Washington Post.

Yes, Trump is undignified. Demagogues have to be
Mar 8 2019 Michael Signer. Washington Post.

Trump's love may be why he's maintained a strong grasp on his base
Mar 5 2019 Elizabeth Bruenig. Washington Post.

`Target practice': Critics slam NRA's headline next to Pelosi, Giffords photo in magazine
Feb 25 2019 Meagan Flynn. Washington Post.

We Get the MAGA-Folks; But Who Are These People Who Don't Love Trump But Still Approve of the Job He's Doing?
Feb 17 2019 Michael Tomasky. Daily Beast.

Trump voters now blame him for the government shutdown
Jan 21 2019 Matt Viser. Washington Post.

The man who stood behind Trump
Jan 19 2019 Stephanie McCrummen. Washington Post.

Veteran behind GoFundMe for Trump's wall allegedly pocketed money meant for wounded veterans
Jan 10 2019 Emily Birnbaum. Politico.

Escape from the Trump Cult
Dec 13 2018 Alexander Hurst. The New Republic.

How Donald Trump appeals to men secretly insecure about their manhood
Nov 29 2018 Eric Knowles, Sarah DiMuccio. Washington Post.

`Nothing on this page is real': How lies become truth in online America
Nov 17 2018 Eli Saslow. Washington Post.

Right-wing extremists are already threatening violence over a Democratic House
Nov 16 2018 David Neiwert. Washington Post.

Bombing suspect Cesar Sayoc, lost and angry, found his tribe with Trump
Oct 27 2018 Marta Oliver Craviotto. Miami Herald.

See the porn star's tale! See the Korean showdown! See the Trump presidency
Aug 16 2018 Gary Abernathy. Washington Post.

This veteran supported Trump. Until Trump deported his wife
Aug 6 2018 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

There's a virus in Trumpland
Aug 3 2018 Philip Bump. Washington Post.

The mystery of `Q': How an anonymous conspiracy-monger launched a movement
Aug 1 2018 Marc Fisher, Isaac Stanley-Becker. Washington Post.

Farmers like me put Trump in office. Now his trade war is smothering us
Jul 25 2018 Kalena Bruce. Washington Post.

Why people like Trump
Jul 23 2018 Richard Cohen. Washington Post.

Wisconsin voters split after Trump-Putin summit
Jul 18 2018 Kyung Lah, Sophie Tatum. CNN.

Trump voters support president's comments on Russia - and his walkback too
Jul 18 2018 Matt Kwong. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Milo Yiannopoulos: My call for shooting journalists was just a 'troll'
Jun 28 2018 Max Greenwood. The Hill.

Numb to Outrage, Republican Voters Feel a Deepening Bond to Trump
Jun 23 2018 Jeremy W. Peters. New York Times.

President Trump and the age of the grumpy old white man
Jun 13 2018 Helaine Olen. Washington Post.

Roseanne Tried to Use `Roseanne' to Prove that Trump Voters Aren't Racist
May 30 2018 Edward Burmila. The Nation.

The Trump era is a renaissance of half-witted intolerance
May 17 2018 Michael Gerson. Washington Post.

'My next call is to ICE!': A man flipped out because workers spoke Spanish
May 16 2018 Amy B. Wang. Washington Post.

How do we tame Trumpism's virulent nostalgia for an old status quo?
Apr 26 2018 Michael Gerson. Washington Post.

Trump said he'd stand by farmers and ranchers like me. He hasn't
Apr 25 2018 Mike Callicrate. Washington Post.

The Resistance Is Infiltrating Trump Country
Apr 18 2018 Bob Moser. Rolling Stone.

Trump supporters rip decision to strike Syria
Apr 14 2018 Henry C. Jackson. Politico.

Farmers who propelled Trump to presidency fear becoming pawns in trade war
Apr 8 2018 David Weigel. Washington Post.

Folks in the Midwest have Trump all figured out
Apr 6 2018 David Von Drehle. Washington Post.

They voted for Trump Now soybean farmers could get slammed by his trade war
Apr 5 2018 Caitlin Dewey. Washington Post.

Trump has played his supporters for suckers
Mar 26 2018 Eugene Robinson. Washington Post.

The D.C. bubble's credulous embrace of McCabe is embarrassing
Mar 20 2018 Gary Abernathy. Washington Post.

Roy Moore lost, but his brand of right-wing white populism Still dominates the GOP
Dec 13 2017 Joseph Lowndes. Washington Post.

Why would we abandon Trump? He's doing what he said he would do
Dec 6 2017 Gary Abernathy. Washington Post.

A year ago, Trump promised Carrier workers help. We're still waiting
Nov 29 2017 Chuck Jones. Washington Post.

Trump Ran for the `Forgotten.' Then He Forgot Them
Nov 29 2017 Robert Kuttner. New York Times.

Elitists, crybabies and junky degrees Trump supporter explains rising conservative anger at American universities
Nov 25 2017 Kevin Sullivan, Mary Jordan. Washington Post.

My Brother Kevin's Not Tired of Winning
Nov 23 2017 Maureen Dowd. New York Times.

Tough-talking sheriffs raise their voices in Trump era
Nov 12 2017 Tim Craig. Washington Post.

Mama Lucy tells us why Trump won
Nov 7 2017 Kathleen Parker. Washington Post.

Hey, deplorables: Trump and his advisers are laughing in your faces
Sep 28 2017 Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

Resentful white people propelled Trump to the White House And he is rewarding their loyalty
Aug 3 2017 John Sides. Washington Post.

Rural voters lose in Trump's budget plan
Mar 16 2017 J.Hopkinson, C.Boudreau, H.Bottemiller Evich. Politico.

Yes, Trump scammed many of his working-class supporters This new analysis leaves little doubt
Mar 10 2017 Greg Sargent. New York Times.