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Trump used Secret Service agent's phone to call Melania Trump after Stormy Daniels report: CNN
Feb 14 2022 Sarakshi Rai. The Hill.

DOJ argues it should substitute for Trump as defendant in E. Jean Carroll lawsuit
Jun 7 2021 Erica Orden. CNN.

National Enquirer owner pays $187,500 for aiding Trump campaign in hush money deal
Jun 1 2021 Josh Gerstein. Politico.

Judge orders Trump to pay legal fees to Stormy Daniels
Aug 22 2020 Tal Axelrod. The Hill.

Trump defends hush money payments as 'simple private transaction'
Dec 10 2018 Susan Heavey. CNN.

Judge throws out Stormy Daniels's defamation lawsuit against Trump
Oct 15 2018 Elise Viebeck. Washington Post.

Avenatti claims he represents three more women that were paid hush money
Jul 27 2018 Avery Anapol. The Hill.

`Your favorite President did nothing wrong': Trump lashes out at Cohen
Jul 20 2018 Felicia Sonmez. Washington Post.

Stormy Daniels's arrest, and the campaign to discredit her
Jul 12 2018 Molly Roberts. Washington Post.

Why Trump Should Fear Michael Avenatti More Than Bob Mueller
May 17 2018 John Culhane. Politico.

Trump acknowledges Cohen payment on disclosure form
May 16 2018 Jordan Fabian. The Hill.

The strange, unexpected public contribution of Stormy Daniels
Mar 26 2018 Michael Gerson. Washington Post.

'Not in a punch-back mode': Why Trump's been largely silent on Stormy Danie
Mar 26 2018 Ashley Parker, Philip Rucker, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

Stormy Daniels exposes America's broken sexual culture
Mar 26 2018 Christine Emba. Washington Post.

Stormy Daniels accuses Trump attorney of defamation
Mar 26 2018 Beth Reinhard, Emma Brown. Washington Post.

After Daniels' story on '60 Minutes,' Trump associate denies threats
Mar 26 2018 Mark Berman, Frances Stead Sellers. Washington Post.

3 women. 1 day. 3 growing predicaments for Trump
Mar 21 2018 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Playmate, porn star and reality TV contestant in court over Trump
Mar 20 2018 Beth Reinhard, et al. Washington Post.

Judge rules defamation case against Trump may proceed
Mar 20 2018 Mark Berman, Frances Stead Sellers. Washington Post.

Stormy Daniels - not Robert Mueller - might spell Trump's doom
Mar 19 2018 Richard Cohen. Washington Post.

Melania Knew
Mar 11 2018 Charles M. Blow. New York Times.

The President and the Porn Star: A Story's Slow Rise Above the Din
Mar 9 2018 Matt Flegenheimer. New York Times.

Porn actress Stormy Daniels sues Trump, says hush agreement is null
Mar 6 2018 Beth Reinhard, et al. Washington Post.

Trump is implicated in his attorney's Stormy Daniels payment for firs time
Mar 5 2018 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Trump calls woman's account of sexual misconduct 'another false accusation'
Feb 20 2018 Ayanna Alexander. Politico.