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The Feds Have Doled Out Record Farm Subsidies To Save Trump's Campaign
17 Oct 2020 Baylin Linnekin. Reason.

Trump Signs China Trade Deal, Putting Economic Conflict on Pause
15 Jan 2020 Ana Swanson, Alan Rappeport. New York Times.

The U.S.-China Trade Deal Was Not Even a Modest Win
17 Jan 2020 Zachary Karabell. Politico.

At Trump White House, that elusive China trade deal is always `close'
6 Dec 2019 John T. Bennet.

With manufacturing slowing down, Trump ratchets up trade wars
2 Dec 2019 Katie Lobosco. CNN.

China hopes Trump will be reelected: He's easy to read
26 Nov 2019 Anna Fifield. Washington Post.

Window narrows for Trump trade deals
5 Oct 2019 Sylvan Lane. The Hill.

Hopes for trade breakthrough fade as China cancels U.S. farm visits
20 Sep 2019 David Lawder, Karl Plume. Reuters via

Trump faces dwindling leverage with China
15 Sep 2019 Sylvan Lane. The Hill.

New tariffs on shoes, televisions, diapers and other Chinese-made products take effect Sunday
31 Aug 2019 David J. Lynch. Washington Post.

Trump retaliates in trade war by escalating tariffs on Chinese imports and demanding companies cut ties with China
23 Aug 2019 Taylor Telford, et al. Washington Post.

Struggling farmers are losing a huge customer to the trade war - China
10 Aug 2019 Emma Newburger. CNBC News.

Trump says U.S. and Mexico reach last-minute deal to avoid tariffs
8 Jun 2019 CBS News.

Trump's Tariffs Have Already Wiped Out Tax Bill Savings for Average Americans
7 Jun 2019 Laura Davison. Bloomberg via Yahoo.

Trump's tariff war leaves allies fretting about losing strong economy
31 May 2019 Anita Kumar. Politico.

Americans have turned against Trump on trade
31 May 2019 Harry Enten. CNN.

US stock futures, global markets sink after Trump threatens tariffs on Mexico
31 May 2019 Matt Egan. CNN.

Dark clouds hang over Trump's trade war
20 May 2019 Ben White. Politico.

White House explores new farmer bailout plan as US-China trade war heats up
14 May 2019 Damian Paletta, Erica Werner. Washington Post via Daily Herald.

Trump's trade talk is a full of misinformation, experts say
13 May 2019 Associated Press. CBS News.

President Trump's tariffs, once described as negotiating tools, may be here to stay
10 May 2019 David L. Lynch, Heather Long. Washington Post via

Meet the new NAFTA - same as the old NAFTA
29 Apr 2019 Robert E. Scott. The Hill.

Trade deficit rises to 10-year high under Trump
6 Mar 2019 Sylvan Lane. The Hill.

China's trade surplus with the U.S. hit a record $34.1 billion in September amid trade war
12 Oct 2018 Anna Fifield. Washington Post.

China scraps trade talks with US after latest round of Trump tariffs
22 Sep 2018 Mary Tyler March. The Hill.

Jack Ma: Trade war has killed my pledge to create 1 million US jobs
20 Sep 2018 Jethro Mullen. CNN.

Trump promised farmers `smarter' trade deals. Now he has to bail them out
3 Sep 2018 Catherine Rampell. Washington Post.

Trump tariffs on Canadian newsprint to be reversed
29 Aug 2018 Megan Cassella. Politico.

Time running out for Trump's NAFTA talks
19 Aug 2018 Niv Elis. The Hill.

Trump pushes 25 percent auto tariff as top advisers scramble to stop him
25 Jul 2018 Damian Paletta. Washington Post.

Trump offers $12B in aid to farmers hit by tariffs
24 Jul 2018 Sylvain Lane. The Hill.

How Trump's tariffs on Mexico are taking jobs from U.S. workers
18 Jul 2018 Erica Werner, Kevin Sieff. Washington Post.

China retaliates, launching tariffs as trade war with U.S. starts
6 Jul 2018 Sidney Leng. Politico.

US pork producers prepare for steep tariffs
4 Jul 2018 Mary Tyler March. The Hill.

Trump lobs vague threat at WTO
2 Jul 2018 Louis Nelson. Politico.

The first layoffs from Trump's tariffs are here
25 Jun 2018 Heather Long. Washington Post.

Trump's tariffs on Cdn lumber pricing Americans out of U.S. housing market
24 Jun 2018 Jessica Vomiero. Global News.

Trump says he's `surprised' Harley-Davidson is moving work overseas-tariffs
25 Jun 2018 David J. Lynch, Heather Long. Washington Post.

Trump is playing a risky game of chicken
24 Jun 2018 Editorial Board. Washington Post.

Lobsters, Small-Batch Whiskey and Trump's Trade War
22 Jun 2018 Alan Rappeport. New York Times.

Trump says trade wars are `easy.' Here come the first American casualties
20 Jun 2018 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Trump escalates China trade war, threatens tariffs on $200 billion in prods
19 Jun 2018 David J. Lynch, Heather Long. Washington Post.

Trump trade policy ungrounded in economics, oblivious to history
16 Jun 2018 Desmond Lachman. The Hill.

Trump is betting American families are willing to pay for his trade war
15 Jun 2018 Heather Long. Washington Post.

What is Trump trying to hide by blaming Canada? Answer may be frightening
14 Jun 2018 Jim Hoagland. Washington Post.

Why Trump's threats could give Canada a trade advantage it never sought
13 Jun 2018 Don Pittis. Canadian Broadcasting Company.

No one will win Trump's fight between the U.S. and Canada
12 Jun 2018 Laura Dawson. Washington Post.

Top Trump advisor is itching to escalate trade war
10 Jun 2018 Jeet Heer. The New Republic.

G7 unity torpedoed by angry Trump tweets dismissing Trudeau as 'dishonest '
9 Jun 2018 John Paul Tasker. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

The Memo: Deep discord to greet Trump at G-7
8 Jun 2018 Niall Stanage. The Hill.

Trump thinks he's saving trade. Rest of the world thinks he's blowing it up
2 Jun 2018 Heather Long, Steven Mufson. Washington Post.

Senseless on Steel
1 Jun 2018 Editors. National Review.

Trudeau says NAFTA talks broke down after Pence made ultimatum
31 May 2018 Damian Paletta. Washington Post.

Trump has officially put more tariffs on U.S. allies than on China The Moron 'punishes China'
31 May 2018 Heather Long. Washington Post.

Trump blows up G7 agenda
30 May 2018 T. McTague, D.M.Herszenorn, A. Restussia. Politico.

War inside Trump trade team triggers global angst
31 May 2018 Ben White, Andrew Restuccia, Nancy Cook. Politico.

China is winning Trump's trade war
20 May 2018 Heather Long. Washington Post.

Trump weighs rejoining Trans-Pacific Partnership amid trade dispute w China
12 Apr 2018 Erica Werner, Seung Min Kim, Damian Paletta. Washington Post.

Trade war escalates as China says it will impose tariffs on 128 US exports
1 Apr 2018 Damian Paletta. Washington Post.

Trump's tariffs are a triumph of pride over policy
7 Mar 2018 Robert J. Samuelson. Washington Post.

How Washington establishment is losing out to little-known Trump advisers
6 Mar 2018 Damian Paletta, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

Trump Reaffirms Commitment to Tariffs but Opens Door to Compromise
5 Mar 2018 Ana Swanson, Mark Landler, Maggie Haberman. New York Times.

Trump trade adviser says no exceptions for allies on aluminum and steel
3 Mar 2018 Anne Gearan, Karoun Demirjian. Washington Post.

Trump vows to strike back at European leaders who warned of retaliation
3 Mar 2018 Steven Mufson, Damian Paletta. Washington Post.