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Mike Huckabee says Trump declaring candidacy before midterms is `distraction we don't need'
Aug 7 2022 Zach Schonfeld. The Hill.

Possible Trump Run in 2024 Draws Tepid Reactions From GOP Lawmakers
Aug 7 2022 Siobhan Hughes. Wall Street Journal.

GOP Senate candidate won't back Trump in 2024: `I hope he doesn't run'
Aug 5 2022 Chloe Folmar. The Hill.

The Memo: Trump's TV stars pose problems for the GOP
Aug 5 2022 Niall Stanage. The Hill.

Trump's revenge tour over Michigan Republican's impeachment vote endangers a GOP House seat
Jul 26 2022 Manu Raju, Alex Rogers. CNN.

GOP begins to look for new 2024 candidates amid fears over Trump
Jul 24 2022 Melanie Zanona, Manu Raju. CNN.

GOP begins to look for new 2024 candidates amid fears over Trump
Jul 21 2022 Melanie Zanona, Manu Raju. CNN.

Will Democrats Promote a Trump Comeback?
Jul 20 2022 Ed Kilgore. Intelligencer.

Why More and More Democrats Want Trump to Declare Soon
Jul 19 2022 Gabriel Debenedetti. Intelligencer.

Donald Trump looks to fall launch for 2024, potentially upending midterms
Jul 14 2022 Michael Scherer, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

Republicans are desperate to keep Trump from announcing for president before midterms
Jul 12 2022 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Trump 2024? Not just yet, some Republicans say
Jul 11 2022 Burgess Everett, Marianne Levine. Politico.

Trump White House bid threatens GOP midterm strategy
Jul 6 2022 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Opinion | Trump's Jan. 6 Obsession Is an Anchor for Republicans
Jun 16 2022 Rich Lowry. Politico.

Georgia Republican: Trump is a political falling knife
Jun 13 2022 Geoff Duncan. CNN.

GOP lawmaker says he would support Trump again if he apologizes for Jan. 6 attack
Jun 5 2022 Olafimihan Oshin. The Hill.

Kemp allies and other Georgia Republicans look to keep Trump from interfering in governor's race
Jun 5 2022 Gabby Orr, Gloria Borger. CNN.

Inside the Republican push to stop Trump's `vendetta tour' in Georgia
May 22 2022 Annie Linskey, et al. Washington Post.

How Trump's census plot might have cost red states
May 20 2022 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Inside the last-minute Trump endorsement that enraged Pa. Republicans
May 18 2022 Meridith Mcgraw, Holly Otterbein. Politico.

Trump as GOP Kingmaker
May 14 2022 Fred Bauer. National Review.

More Republicans are working to undermine Trump endorsements
May 13 2022 Michael Scherer, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

Opinion: When will the GOP learn from Trump's mistakes?
Apr 29 2022 Rusty Hills. CNN.

Barr: GOP has `big opportunity' to move past Trump in 2024
Apr 29 2022 Lexi Lonas. The Hill.

Someone like Trump - but not Trump
Apr 29 2022 Armstrong Williams. The Hill.

Revolt Brews in Michigan G.O.P. After Elevation of Trump Allies
Apr 28 2022 Nick Corasaniti, Neil Vigdor. New York Times.

The Memo: Democrats hope Trump will save them from midterm disaster
Apr 15 2022 Niall Stanage. The Hill.

Dems have an opening for a midterm villain. Donald Trump, you're hired!
Apr 4 2022 Sarah Ferris, Nicholas Wu. Politico.

Supreme Court fight shows GOP wants to steer clear of Trump
Mar 28 2022 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Opinion | What the Brooks-Trump Embarrassment Is Showing Republicans
Mar 24 2022 Rich Lowry. Politico.

No to Trump in 2024
Mar 17 2022 Charles C.W. Cooke. National Review.

The Benefits of Donald Trump Running Again
Mar 17 2022 Philip Klein. National Review.

Barr becomes latest former ally to escalate feud with Trump
Mar 7 2022 Brett Samuels, Julia Manchester. The Hill.

Trump's Risky 2022 Endorsement Strategy
Feb 21 2022 Ed Kilgore. Intelligencer.

GOP scrambles to figure out what Trump legal drama means for future
Feb 15 2022 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

No 'mass exodus,' but GOP sees Trump grip loosening
Feb 15 2022 Max Greenwood. The Hill.

"Trump fatigue" is hype: The GOP is still firmly in Donald Trump's grip - and that may haunt them
Feb 14 2022 Heather Digby Parton. Salon.

Juan Williams: GOP's Trump fever begins to cool
Feb 14 2022 Juan Williams. The Hill.

GOP frustration mounts as Trump returns focus to Jan. 6
Feb 8 2022 Tal Axelrod. The Hill.

GOP attempts balancing act: Condemn Jan. 6, but not Trump
Feb 5 2022 Cristina Marcos. The Hill.

Trump election claims loom over GOP on Jan. 6 anniversary
Feb 5 2022 Max Greenwood. The Hill.

Trump's `circular firing squad' threatens GOP midterm gains
Feb 5 2022 David Siders, Natalie Allison. Politico.

GOP can't escape Trump-fueled election controversies
Feb 1 2022 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Trump creates new Jan. 6 headaches for GOP
Jan 31 2022 Jordain Carney. The Hill.

Graham says Trump's call to pardon Jan. 6 rioters 'inappropriate'
Jan 30 2022 Olafimihan Oshin. The Hill.

Republicans seek to avoid Trump talk as party grapples with January 6 anniversay
Jan 5 2022 Melanie Zanona, Manu Raju. CNN.

Trump cancels Jan. 6 event amid GOP complaints
Jan 4 2022 Marianne Levine, Burgess Everett. Politico.

GOP shudders at Trump Jan. 6 speech
Jan 4 2022 Marianne Levine, Burgess Everett. Politico.

Trump's Backing of 'Stop the Steal' Candidates May Cost GOP Seats in 2022
Dec 29 2021 Bill Powell. Newsweek.

Republican governor says Trump reelection bid would be 'bad' for GOP and US
Dec 19 2021 Joseph Choi. The Hill.

Trump demands undermine unity of GOP leaders
Dec 11 2021 Alexander Bolton, Scott Wong. The Hill.

Why the tide may be turning on Trump
Nov 18 2021 Frita Ghitis. CNN.

Senate GOP worries Trump could derail bid for majority
Nov 8 2021 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Joe Biden's best hope of retaining power is Trump, the ogre under the bed
Nov 7 2021 Michael Cohen. The Guardian.

Defying Trump, Rick Scott backs McConnell and Murkowski, tiptoes around false claims about election fraud
Nov 7 2021 Amy B. Wang. Washington Post.

Trump involvement in midterms could hurt Republicans, Maryland's GOP governor says
Nov 7 2021 Chandelis Duster. CNN.

Virginia Shows Why a Credible Conservative Needs to Challenge Trump in 2024
Nov 4 2021 Philip Klein. National Review.

Republicans have a big problem
Nov 4 2021 Frita Ghitis. CNN.

Trump suggests he might drop a bomb on the Va. gov race. Then leaves
Oct 28 2021 Meridith Mcgraw, Christopher Cadelago. Politico.

Roy Blunt: Trump should look ahead, not back
Oct 24 2021 Jordan Wolman. Politico.

GOP senator: Best thing Trump could do to help Republicans in 2022 is talk about the future
Oct 24 2021 Joseph Choi. The Hill.

I voted for Trump in 2020 - he proved to be the ultimate RINO in 2021
Oct 22 2021 Joseph Bosco. The Hill.

Trump kind of admits he might have cost Republicans the Senate
Oct 20 2021 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Mitch McConnell just sent a VERY clear message to Donald Trump about 2022
Oct 20 2021 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Republican candidates can ignore Trump -- but he won't go away
Oct 20 2021 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

As Trump Thunders About Last Election, Republicans Worry About the Next One
Oct 17 2021 Jeremy W. Peters. New York Times.

This Republican candidate just got caught between Trump and a hard place
Oct 15 2021 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

The Story Behind Donald's Bizarre Statement About Republicans Not Voting
Oct 15 2021 Mary L. Trump. The New Republic.

Trump's latest statement blows up GOP's 2022 messaging and strategy alike
Oct 15 2021 Kerry Eleveld. Daily Kos.

Trump Says If Republicans Don't Make the Big Lie Their Top Priority, Their Voters won't vote
Oct 13 2021 Ed Kilgore. Intelligencer.

Trump Urges Republicans to Sit Out Coming Elections
Oct 13 2021 Zachary Evans. National Review.

Most Senate Republicans don't want to see Trump run again
Oct 10 2021 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Republicans are growing optimistic about the midterms. But Trump is `the one unknown'
Oct 8 2021 Adam Wollner. Mcclatchy Dc.

Trump and the pursuit of complete and total control
Sep 28 2021 Stuart Rothenberg. Rollcall.

Trump's spiteful support for Abrams over Kemp sparks midterms fear from Georgia Republicans
Sep 28 2021 Michael Warren. CNN.

Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell have a Donald Trump problem
Sep 28 2021 Michael D'antonio. CNN.

Donald Trump just kind-of endorsed Stacey Abrams for governor
Sep 27 2021 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

The Memo: Trump's Arizona embarrassment sharpens questions for GOP
Sep 25 2021 Niall Stanage. The Hill.

Trump endorsements jolt GOP races
Sep 17 2021 Marc Caputto, Meridith Mcgraw. Politico.

Trump endorsements stoke dissension in GOP ranks
Sep 17 2021 Marc Caputto, Meridith McGraw. Politico.

Opinion | The Stolen-Election Myth Has Become an Albatross for the GOP
Sep 15 2021 Rich Lowry. Politico.

Trump's election fraud claims pose risks for GOP in midterms
Sep 16 2021 Julia Manchester. The Hill.

Democrats bet big against Trump in fall races: The Note
Sep 7 2021 Rick Klein, et al. ABC.

Retiring GOP senator urges party not to nominate Trump in 2024
Sep 3 2021 Jordan Williams. The Hill.

Trump's Deal With the Taliban Draws Fire From His Former Allies
Aug 19 2021 Michael Crowley. New York Times.

Trump officials scramble for distance from his Taliban deal
Aug 19 2021 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

`Not a foregone conclusion': Republicans confront limits of Trump's endorsement
Aug 3 2021 Adam Wollner. Mcclatchy Dc.

Trump commands historic attention for an ex-president. That may hurt the GOP
Jul 31 2021 Harry Enten. CNN.

Trump is a complication for Republican hopes in Virginia
Jul 21 2021 Julia Manchester. The Hill.

The Memo: Trump is diminished, but hasn't faded
Jul 18 2021 Niall Stanage. The Hill.

Trump getting tougher for Senate GOP to ignore
Jul 13 2021 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Opinion: Trump is making Republican leaders look downright pathetic
Jun 30 2021 Karen Tumulty. Washington Post.

Top GOP pollster: To win, `we need Trump to go away'
Jun 25 2021 Paul Bedard. Washington Examiner.

Mitch McConnell was asked about Trump and 2022. His answer is hilarious
Jun 10 2021 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

GOP in bind over Trump as corporate donations freeze
Jan 15 2021 Jonathan Easley, Brett Samuels. The Hill.