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Fact check: Trump responds to special counsel news with debunked claim about Obama and the Bushes
Nov 18 2022 Daniel Dale. CNN.

Opinion: At long last, Trump gives his concession speech
Nov 16 2022 Charles Lane. Washington Post.

Abandoned: Trump's election denialism meets 2022 electoral reality
Nov 11 2022 Austin Sarat, Dennis Afterout. The Hill.

Judge Fines Trump Lawyers in Clinton Conspiracy Suit Tossed in September
Nov 10 2022 Charlie Savage. New York Times.

Nevada's Clark County responds to Trump election claims
Nov 10 2022 Julia Mueller. The Hill.

Trump's Efforts to Hide Cash From NY AG Shot Down in Court
Nov 3 2022 Jose Pagliery. Daily Beast.

Pelosi: Trump isn't `man enough' to testify after Jan. 6 subpoena
Oct 23 2022 Olivia Glander. Politico.

Trump's Executive Privilege Push Is Collapsing
Oct 14 2022 Ryan Bort. Rolling Stone.

Trump Will Answer to Rape Allegations Under Oath Next Week
Oct 12 2022 Matt Stieb. Intelligencer.

Trump can't get out of deposition in E. Jean Carroll defamation lawsuit, judge rules
Oct 12 2022 Kara Scannell. CNN.

The Updated List of Trump's (actual) Excuses
Sep 21 2022 Maximum Sequiter. Washington Post (Readers' Comments).

Judge tosses Trump's Russia probe suit against Clinton, FBI
Sep 9 2022 Associated Press.

Michelle Obama digs at Trump: `Once our time is up, we move on'
Sep 7 2022 Alex Gangitano. The Hill.

Former Pentagon Leaders Warn of a Dangerous Era
Sep 6 2022 Helene Cooper. New York Times.

These GOP figures have knocked Trump over Mar-a-Lago docs
Sep 4 2022 Julia Mueller. The Hill.

Pro-Trump FBI Protest in D.C. Is a Flop
Aug 14 2022 Zachary Petrizzo. Daily Beast.

National Archives counters Trump's baseless claims about Obama records
Aug 12 2022 John Wagner. Washington Post.

Bill Barr refers to Trump as a lame duck seeking revenge
Aug 7 2022 Tom Boggioni. Salon.

Pulitzer Board Responds to Trump's Call to Strip NYT and WaPo's Russiagate Prizes
Jul 18 2022 Corbin Bolies. Daily Beast.

Half of G.O.P. Voters Ready to Leave Trump Behind, Poll Finds
Jul 12 2022 Michael C. Bender. New York Times.

Trump's Own Staffers Are Tanking His Chances in 2024
Jul 1 2022 Matt Lewis. Daily Beast.

More Republicans are working to undermine Trump endorsements
Jun 23 2022 Michael Scherer, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

William Barr's stunning evolution from Trump loyalist to nemesis
Jun 14 2022 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Here's One Boat Parade Donald Trump Is Going to Hate
Jun 12 2022 Stephanie Mencimer. Mother Jones.

'Checked out': Trump rebukes Ivanka over Jan. 6 testimony
Jun 10 2022 Kelly Hooper. Politico.

How Jared Kushner Washed His Hands of Donald Trump Before Jan. 6
Jun 8 2022 Peter Baker. New York Times.

Is Trump Really a Republican Kingmaker?
May 26 2022 Ed Kilgore. Intelligencer.

Pence to headline Georgia rally for Kemp, defying Trump ahead of primary
May 13 2022 Alex Isenstadt. Politico.

Mitch McConnell calls Donald Trump's bluff in Alaska
Apr 18 2022 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

`I didn't win the election': Trump admits defeat in session with historians
Apr 5 2022 Martin Pengelly. The Guardian.

Opinion: Donald Trump's disloyalty may finally come back to bite him
Mar 24 2022 Jennifer Rubin. Washington Post.

Barr: Trump's 'not my idea of a president'
Mar 11 2022 Caroline Vakil. The Hill.

GOP senators push back hard on Trump's praise of Putin
Mar 1 2022 Alexander Bolton. The Hill.

Republicans are not lining up to defend Trump's Jan. 6 argument
Feb 8 2022 Philip Bump. Washington Post.

Pence's former chief of staff: Trump's claims of overturning election 'merited response'
Feb 6 2022 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Pressed on his election lies, former President Trump cuts NPR interview short
Jan 12 2022 Domenico Montenaro, et al. NPR News.

The Memo: Trump bows to political reality by canceling Jan. 6 event
Jan 6 2022 Niall Stanage. The Hill.

Trump Cancels Jan. 6 Event, After Allies See It as a Distraction
Jan 4 2022 Shane Goldmacher. New York Times.

US to restore full pension of FBI official fired under Trump
Oct 15 2021 Eric Tucker. Associated Press.

Larry Elder throws Trump under the bus, says election wasn't rigged
Sep 15 2021 Daily Kos.

Trump shuts down his blog after less than a month
Jul 2 2021 Oliver Darcy. CNN.

Trump's Alabama rally cancelled over partisan political concerns
Jun 29 2021 Olafimihan Oshin. The Hill.

Trump's false reality is being exposed on multiple fronts
Jun 29 2021 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Barr and Pence add to the many GOP-punctured holes in Trump's voter-fraud crusade
Jun 28 2021 Aaron Blake. Washington Post.

Opinion: America owes thanks to Trump's lawyers - even William Barr
Jun 28 2021 George T. Conway Iii. Washington Post.

The Silence of the Damned
Jan 9 2021 Olivia Nuzzi. Intelligencer.

Trump Is Not Doing Well With His Election Lawsuits. Here's a Rundown
Nov 13 2020 Emily Bazelon. New York Times.

Putin rejects Donald Trump's criticism of Biden family business
Oct 25 2020 Andrew Osborn. Reuters.

At Least 4 Boats Sink During `Trump Boat Parade' in Texas, Officials Say
Sep 5 2020 Bryan Pietsch, Aimee Ortiz. New York Times.

Boats participating in a Trump support parade sink in Texas, officials say
Sep 5 2020 Kay Jones, Alanne Orjoux. CNN.