Donald Trump: Incompetent - Irresponsible - Insecure - Illiterate - Irrelevant - Ignominious - Indicted!


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Donald Trump Failed President Media Library


Trump's Desperation to Sell NFTs Has Him Ripping Up His Clothes
12 Dec 2023 Nikki Mccann Ramirez. Rolling Stone.

Trump Selling Pieces of His Mug-Shot Suit Is Weird on So Many Levels
12 Dec 2023 Margaret Hartmann. Intelligencer.

Trump: Rep. Jamal Bowman's Fire-Alarm Incident `Worse' Than Jan. 6
1 Oct 2023 Brett Bachman. Daily Beast.

Trump: RNC should be fighting `election interference & Pennsylvania.. scam' instead of hosting debates
29 Sep 2023 Tara Suter. The Hill.

Sick of Trump? Try laughing at him
22 Apr 2023 Sophia A. McClennen. Salon.

Trump calls for removal of every top official investigating him
23 Mar 2023 Rebecca Beitsch. The Hill.

Late Night Awaits Donald Trump's Perp Walk
23 Mar 2023 Trish Bendix. New York Times.

Donald Trump, under criminal investigation for January 6 declares it was all Mike Pence's fault
14 Mar 2023 Bess Levin. Vanity Fair.

The History of Trump Pretending to Be Superman
27 Dec 2022 Margaret Hartmann. Intelligencer.

Trump insists he doesn't want to `terminate' Constitution
5 Dec 2022 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Trump Demands America Rip Up the Constitution, Make Him President
3 Dec 2022 Althea Legaspi. Rolling Stone.

Desperate conservatives rally around an absurd talking point: Trump pivots to being presidential!
17 Nov 2022 Amanda Marcotte. Salon.

Trump set to collide with Biden, the courts and facts
24 Oct 2022 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Rep. Liz Cheney on Trump testimony: He's `not going to turn this into a circus'
23 Oct 2022 Aaron Pellish. CNN.

Cheney: Trump won't be allowed to turn Jan. 6 testimony into `circus'
23 Oct 2022 Brad Dress. The Hill.

Donald Trump's Texas Rally Offers More of the Same: `Borders and Elections'
22 Oct 2022 Rafi Schwartz. Rolling Stone.

Trump: `Very disloyal' if Pence, other Cabinet members run in 2024
21 Oct 2022 Dominick Mastrangelo. The Hill.

A little secret about Donald Trump's strategic genius
18 Oct 2022 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Trump Accuses George H.W. Bush of Hiding Documents in a Bowling Alley
11 Oct 2022 Margaret Hartmann. Intelligencer.

Trump claims presidents can declassify documents `even by thinking about it'
21 Sep 2022 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Judge Eviscerates Trump's Bogus Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton
9 Sep 2022 Ryan Bort. Rolling Stone.

Trump Tells Fox News He'll `Do Whatever' He Can to Tame Fire He Lit
15 Aug 2022 Justin Baragona. Daily Beast.

Donald Trump's Hilariously Indecisive Missouri Endorsement
1 Aug 2022 Dan Mclaughlin. National Review.

Trump: Elon Musk `another bulls- artist'
10 Jul 2022 Zach Schonfeld. The Hill.

Trump says he feared being pelted with `very dangerous' fruit at rallies
27 Apr 2022 Felicia Sonmez. New York Times.

Trump Rambles About Toilets Not Flushing During Ohio Rally . Oh, and Also: Hijacking America's Election Systems
23 Apr 2022 Ryan Bort. Rolling Stone.

A New List of Crazy Shit Trump Did, According to Fiona Hill
21 Apr 2022 Abigail Weinberg. Mother Jones.

GOP pollster says Republicans are mocking `child' Trump
12 Apr 2022 Monique Beals. The Hill.

Tik Tok of Trump's video greeting at Kid Rock concert goes viral
9 Apr 2022 Kelsey Ables. Washington Post.

Trump must think Russia's invasion of Ukraine is a joke
6 Mar 2022 Dean Obeidallah. CNN.

Trump jokes US should 'put the Chinese flag' on F-22 fighter jets and 'bomb the s---' out of Russia: report
6 Mar 2022 Mychael Schnell. The Hill.

The Best Photo We Didn't Use This Week: Donald Trump's Note to Self
16 Oct 2021 Sofie Werthan. Slate.

Donald Trump's allies are going to make America great again. Again. Seriously
5 Oct 2021 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

'I just designed our brand new MAGA Hat!': Trump unveils updated red campaign hat and offers to sign it for supporters for $25
9 Aug 2021 Natasha Anderson. Daily Mail (uk).

Report: RNC chief counsel called 2020 Trump legal efforts 'a joke'
12 Jul 2021 Joseph Choi. The Hill.

Trump says his class-action lawsuits are a victory for free speech
11 Jul 2021 David Cohen. The Hill.

'It's just a joke': Former AG William Barr derided Trump's false election claims
27 Jun 2021 Matthew Brown. Usa Today.

Trump's ridiculous exit strategy
21 Dec 2020 Michael D'antonio. CNN.

President Trump has become a delusional character out of Monty Python
14 Dec 2020 Karen Tumulty. Washington Post.

Trump's last-ditch effort to steal the election is the biggest farce of all
10 Dec 2020 George T. Conway III. Washington Post.

Trump's Cruel Joke Was on Us, but He's Just a Punchline Now
5 Dec 2020 Michael Tomasky. Daily Beast.

Trump claims the worsening U.S. coronavirus outbreak is a `Fake News Media Conspiracy' evan as hospitalizations rise
26 Oct 2020 Berkeley Lovelace Jr.. CNBC.

Exxon after Trump fundraising comment: 'Just so we're all clear, it never happened'
19 Oct 2020 Brooke Seiple. The Hill.

`An embarrassment': Trump tweet angers pandemic survivors
6 Oct 2020 Gene Johnson, Peter Prengaman. Associated Press.

To Beat Trump, Mock Him
26 Sep 2020 Nicholas Kristof. New York Times.

The Latest: Trump mocks the way Biden wears his mask
4 Sep 2020 Associated Press.

Trump says, he's 'truly an environmentalist', slams bans on plastic products
3 Sep 2020 Zack Budryk. The Hill.

Trump says he can heal national divide, then trashes protesters, Democrats
2 Sep 2020 Nolan D. Mccaskill, Natasha Korecki. Politico.

The Washington Media Is Starting to Treat Trump Like a Clown
11 Aug 2020 Alex Shepard. The New Republic.

Trump goes viral after mispronouncing Yosemite
4 Aug 2020 Marina Pitofsky. The Hill.

The Lincoln Project releases laugh track ad hammering Trump
21 Jul 2020 Marina Pitofsky. The Hill.

Why do none of Trump's `jokes' feel like jokes?
5 Jul 2020 Richard Zoglin. Washington Post.

Colbert, Kimmel mock president for attacking late-night hosts amid pandemic
6 May 2020 Allyson Chiu. Washington Post.

Some totally non-sarcastic praise of Trump's comic genius
27 Apr 2020 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Trump is exhibiting all the symptoms of a hydroxychloroquine overdose
24 Apr 2020 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Trump to scale back coronavirus press conferences after disinfectant comment: report
24 Apr 2020 Brooke Seiple. The Hill.

Mutineers, Raise Your Hands
22 Apr 2020 Gail Collins. New York Times.

Trump's Flounder Period
15 Apr 2020 Gail Collins. New York Times.

Trump On Why He Re-Tweeted `#FireFauci': `I Don't Know'
13 Apr 2020 Justin Caruso. Daily Caller.

'Nero' trends after meme Trump retweeted of himself playing violin is likened to Nero fiddling as Rome burns
9 Mar 2020 Aris Folley. The Hill.

Trump tweets a meme of himself fiddling, drawing a comparison to Roman emperor Nero
9 Mar 2020 Timothy Bella. Washington Post.

Trump sets new Twitter record for presidency
22 Jan 2020 Maya Ward. Politico.

83 not-very-flattering things foreign officials have said about Trump
7 Dec 2019 Adam Taylor. Washington Post.

Republicans try a new excuse to defend Trump: It's just a joke
7 Oct 2019 Gloria Borger. CNN.