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With Feds Circling, Trump Asks Allies: Who's `Wearing a Wire'?
Aug 10 2022 Asawin Suebsaeng. Rolling Stone.

Trump declines to answer questions in NY attorney general probe, following FBI search
Aug 10 2022 Julia Meuller. The Hill.

Donald Trump is totally obsessed with the January 6 committee
Jul 14 2022 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Opinion: What gives DeSantis an edge over Trump
Jun 23 2022 Julian Zelizer. CNN.

Why Ron DeSantis Can Beat Trump in 2024
Jun 23 2022 Jonathan Chait. Intelligencer.

Trump rips Arizona GOP's Rusty Bowers ahead of public testimony to Jan. 6 panel
Jun 21 2022 Caroline Vakil. The Hill.

Trump rails against Jan. 6 panel ahead of first prime-time hearing
Jun 9 2022 Sarakshi Rai. The Hill.

Donald Trump's fingerprints are all over the RNC debate decision
Apr 14 2022 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

Donald Trump slams Jan. 6 panel after Ivanka Trump interview request: 'They'll go after children'
Jan 22 2022 Brad Dress. The Hill.

Trump cancels Jan. 6 news conference at Mar-a-Lago, blames news media and House committee investigating attack on Capitol
Jan 4 2022 Felicia Sonmez, Josh Dawsey. Washington Post.

Trump accuses Jan. 6 panel of trying to distract
Aug 25 2021 Jordan Williams. The Hill.

Trump is in an unprecedented streak of silence
Nov 22 2020 Alexis Benveniste. CNN.

Savannah Guthrie Knocks a Perspiring Trump Back on His Heels
Oct 16 2020 Lloyd Grove. Daily Beast.

`I'm not going to waste my time': Trump says he won't do virtual debate against Biden
Oct 8 2020 Quint Forgey. Politico.

Trump says Proud Boys should 'stand down' after backlash to debate comments
Sep 30 2020 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Trump defends tax practices while bashing New York Times report
Sep 28 2020 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Trump dismisses New York Times report on taxes as 'fake news'
Sep 27 2020 Morgan Chalfant. The Hill.

Trump hits back at Michelle Obama's DNC address: 'She was over her head'
Aug 18 2020 Jordyn Phelps. ABC.

Trump hurls insults at Harris, Ocasio-Cortez and other women
Aug 13 2020 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Trump calls Kamala Harris `the kind of opponent everyone dreams of'
Aug 12 2020 Quint Forgey. Politico.

Trump goes into hiding
Apr 25 2020 Oliver Darcy. CNN.