Donald Trump: Incompetent - Irresponsible - Insecure - Illiterate - Irrelevant - Ignominious - Indicted!


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Subject: TRUMP JR

Donald Trump Jr.'s reaction to Paul Pelosi's attack shows exactly how low we've sunk
31 Oct 2022 Chris Cillizza. CNN.

How Donald Trump Jr. Promised-and Failed-to House the World's Poor
21 Jul 2022 Joe Rubin. The New Republic.

Navarro rips 'dimwit' Trump Jr. on 'The View' for COVID-19 and obesity tweet
27 Sep 2021 Dominick Mastrangelo. The Hill.

Don Jr. Mocks Black Women Protesting for Their Right to Vote
16 Jul 2021 Paul Blest. Vice.

Photo of Donald Trump Jr. holding a rifle raises flags with hate group researchers
7 Jan 2020 David Shortell. CNN.

New revelations implicate Donald Trump Jr. in his father's nefarious schemes
6 Mar 2019 Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

Trump Jr. says he's not worried about going to jail due to Mueller probe
12 Sep 2018 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Donald Trump Jr met Gulf states emissary offering election help - report
19 May 2018 Sabrina Siddiqui. The Guardian.

Trump Jr.: Dad's ambassador to the fringe
8 Apr 2018 Cristiano Lima. Politico.

How Don Jr. Got Loud
23 Feb 2018 Ben Strauss. Politico.

Donald Trump Jr.'s incredible history of dumb decisions
15 Nov 2017 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Donald Trump Jr. is an Idiot
11 Jul 2017 Editorial Board. New York Post.