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Pompeo tweaks Trump, says GOP `tired of losing'
Nov 18 2022 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Trump mounts anti-McConnell campaign as conservatives seek delay in leadership elections
Nov 11 2022 Gabby Orr, et al. CNN.

GOP governor says Trump is `politically, morally responsible' for Jan. 6
Jun 12 2022 Brad Dress. The Hill.

Opinion: Trump reminds us why electing him in 2024 would be a disaster
Mar 11 2022 Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

Putin's full-scale information war got a key assist from Donald Trump and right-wing media
Mar 6 2022 Margaret Sullivan. Washington Post.

Trump Dangles Pardons to His 2024 Insurrectionist Allies
Jan 30 2022 Jonathan Chait. Intelligencer.

You Should Take Matt Gaetz's Plan to Make Trump the Speaker of the House Seriously
Dec 9 2021 Matt Ford. The New Republic.

Trump haunts Biden vaccine mandate in courts
Dec 5 2021 Morgan Chalfant. The Hill.

Donald Trump, remorseless asshole, apparently won't encourage people to get vaccinated because it would be doing Biden a "favor"
Aug 13 2021 Bess Levin. Vanity Fair.

Trump tries to sabotage the Biden infrastructure deal
Jul 28 2021 Meridith Mcgraw. Politico.

Acting secretary of defense orders NSA chief to install Trump loyalist as agency's general counsel
Jan 17 2021 Jeremy Herb, et al. CNN.

Secretary of State Pompeo Leaves No Bridges Unburned
Jan 14 2021 Editorial Board. New York Times.

Experts warn of vaccine stumbles `out of the gate' because Trump officials refused to consult with Biden team
Jan 14 2021 Laurie Mcginley, et al. Washington Post.

How Trump Tried, but Largely Failed, to Derail America's Top Climate Report
Jan 1 2021 Christopher Flavelle. New York Times.

Biden frustration grows over lack of Trump cooperation in transition
Dec 31 2020 Brett Samuelsj, Jonathan Easley. The Hill.

Ex-Pence Aide 'Very Concerned' About Trump Inciting Violence on January 6
Dec 29 2020 Jason Lemon. Newsweek.

President Trump throws wrench into COVID-19 relief by saying he won't sign bill
Dec 22 2020 Mariam Khan, et al. ABC.

Trump threatens 30-day reign of destruction on the way out of office
Dec 22 2020 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Trump eyes unusual move on government accountability before Biden takes office
Dec 22 2020 Rebecca Beitsch. The Hill.

The Final 30 Days of the Trump Presidency Will Be Its Most Terrifying
Dec 21 2020 Michael Tomasky. Daily Beast.

`A real mess': Trump is leaving behind crises and undermining Biden before he takes office
Dec 21 2020 Touluse Olorunipa, et al. Washington Post.

White House counsel's office advised Trump against firing FBI director: report
Dec 16 2020 Zack Budryk. The Hill.

`Like a Hand Grasping': Trump Appointees Describe the Crushing of the C.D.C
Dec 16 2020 Noah Weiland. New York Times.

Barr exit hints at further tumult under Trump
Dec 15 2020 Brett Samuels. The Hill.

Trump appoints flurry of allies as presidency winds down
Dec 13 2020 Kevin Freking. Associated Press.

As Trump rants over election, his administration accelerates push to lock in policy and staffing gains
Dec 6 2020 David Nakamura, et al. Washington Post.

Trump administration pushes 'midnight regulations' after breaking records for final-year rulemaking
Dec 6 2020 Maegan Vazquez, et al. CNN.

Trump's Final Days of Rage and Denial
Dec 5 2020 Peter Baker. New York Times.

The End Game: Trump Turns Destructive And Vindictive, Like All Dictators
Dec 5 2020 Bandy X. Lee. DCreport.

In race to cement legacy, Trump pushes dozens of 'midnight regulations'
Dec 4 2020 Devin Dwyer, Jon Schlosberg. ABC.

'An attempt to sabotage': Trump's potential purge of career employees casts pall across federal government
Dec 3 2020 Kristen Holmes. CNN.

Trump lays the groundwork for a massive government purge on his way out the door
Nov 30 2020 Catherine Rampell. Washington Post.

At the White House, Capitol and Supreme Court, Trump goes on a spree of sabotage
Nov 30 2020 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Trump Races to Weaken Environmental and Worker Protections, and Implement Other Last-Minute Policies, Before Jan. 20
Nov 25 2020 Isaac Arnsdorf. Propublica.

Here's What Lame-Duck Trump Might Do
Nov 25 2020 Charlotte Klein. Intelligencer.

Trump strips Biden's options to boost the economy
Nov 24 2020 Victoria Guida. Politico.

Bolton: 'Trump is throwing rocks through windows'
Nov 22 2020 Maya Parthasarathy. Politico.

Trump Using Last Days to Lock in Policies and Make Biden's Task More Difficult
Nov 21 2020 Michael D. Shear. New York Times.

A vindictive Trump seeks to undermine Biden's presidency
Nov 21 2020 Dan Balz. Washington Post.

Who needs Russia? Loudest attacks on US vote are from Trump
Nov 20 2020 Eric Tucker, David Klepper. Associated Press.

Is Trump Trying to Take the Economy Down With Him?
Nov 20 2020 Claudia Sahm. New York Times.

Trump's Last Hurrah: Trying to Kill American Democracy
Nov 20 2020 Michael Tomasky. Daily Beast.

Trump administration overrules Jerome Powell and cuts off Fed emergency lending programs
Nov 20 2020 Rob McLean. CNN.

Analysis: For Trump, sowing post-election chaos is the goal
Nov 19 2020 Julie Pace. Associated Press.

Trump is wrecking the government on his way out
Nov 19 2020 Ryan Cooper. The Week.

Trump's transition sabotage threatens vaccine rollout
Nov 17 2020 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Trump team looks to box in Biden on foreign policy by lighting too many fires to put out
Nov 17 2020 Nicole Gaouette, et al. CNN.

Fight Is on To Stop Trump Loyalist From Burrowing Into NSA
Nov 17 2020 Spencer Ackerman. Daily Beast.

As Trump ignores deepening coronavirus crisis, Biden calls for urgent response
Nov 15 2020 Maeve Reston. CNN.

Heads roll as Trump launches post-election purge
Nov 14 2020 Jonathan Easley. The Hill.

In Trump's final days, a 30-year-old aide purges officials seen as insufficiently loyal
Nov 13 2020 Josh Dawsey, et al. Washington Post.

Trump's Only Credible Legal Strategy Won't Be Enough
Nov 9 2020 Ed Kilgore. Intelligencer.

Garbage In, Trash Out
Nov 7 2020 Clara Jeffrey. Mother Jones.

What Trump can do during his lame-duck session
Nov 9 2020 Rani Molla. VOX.

Trump Has Never Been More Dangerous Than He Is Now
Nov 7 2020 Matt Ford. The New Republic.

Top Trump appointee at USAID tells colleagues not to support Biden transition
Nov 9 2020 Yeganeh Torbati, John Hudson. Washington Post.

Trump administration removes head of federal climate program that oversees key reports
Nov 9 2020 Jason Samenow, Andrew Freedman. Washington Post.

Trump is now sabotaging national security to soothe his bruised ego
Nov 9 2020 Dana Milbank. Washington Post.

Stimulus latest: Trump tweets halt negotiations, meaning federal help for millions is not coming anytime soon
Oct 7 2020 Phil Mattingly. CNN.