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Trump is on the defense as he prepares for expected 2024 announcement
Nov 15 2022 Gabby Orr. CNN.

Photos show handwritten notes that Trump apparently ripped up and attempted to flush down toilet
Aug 8 2022 Shania Shelton. CNN.

Haberman shares photos of Trump-era White House toilet clogged with wads of paper
Aug 8 2022 Dominick Mastrangelo. The Hill.

Some records taken by Trump are so sensitive they may not be described in public
Feb 25 2022 Jacqueline Alemany, Tom Hamburger. Washington Post.

House Dems step up investigation into Trump's handling of sensitive records
Feb 25 2022 Nicholas Wu, Kyle Cheney. Politico.

Document dump turns toxic for Trump
Feb 15 2022 Dennis Aftergut. The Hill.

Archives threatened to go to Congress and Justice Department to get Trump to turn over records
Feb 12 2022 Gabby Orr, et al. CNN.

15 boxes: Inside the long, strange trip of Trump's classified records
Feb 12 2022 Ashley Parker, et al. Washington Post.

Opinion: How Trump Flushed the Presidential Honor System Down the Toilet
Feb 10 2022 Jack Shafer. Politico.

Assessing Trump's risk if he mishandled White House documents
Feb 11 2022 Katelyn Polantz, Laura Jarrett. CNN.

Republicans Who Railed About Clinton Emails Are Quiet on Trump's Records
Feb 10 2022 Lisa Lererj, Katie Rogers. New York Times.

Donald Trump's Lifelong Struggle to Hide His Own Paper Trail
Feb 10 2022 Matt Ford. The New Republic.

Trump's Toilet Obsession Just Took a Dark Turn
Feb 10 2022 Bess Levin. Vanity Fair.

Trump denies flushing documents down White House toilet Because he always tells the truth..
Feb 10 2022 Quint Forgey. Politico.

Trump Took Top Secret Docs to Mar-a-Lago When He Left White House: Report
Feb 10 2022 Matt Stieb. Intelligencer.

Trump documents taken to Mar-a-Lago marked 'top secret:' report
Feb 10 2022 Mychael Schnell. The Hill.

Some Trump records taken to Mar-a-Lago clearly marked as classified, including documents at `top secret' level
Feb 10 2022 Jacqueline Alemany, et al. Washington Post.

Why Trump hiding classified docs at his sleaze palace could help Merrick Garland
Feb 10 2022 Ja'han Jones. Msnbc.

Can Trump Be Barred for Running for President Because He Flushed Papers Down a Toilet?
Feb 10 2022 David Corn. Mother Jones.

White House records obtained so far by January 6 committee show no record of calls to and from Trump during riot
Feb 10 2022 Ryan Nobles, et al. CNN.

Investigators find gaps in White House phone records from Jan. 6: report
Feb 10 2022 Chloe Folmar. The Hill.

Investigators Find Gaps in White House Logs of Trump's Jan. 6 Calls
Feb 10 2022 Luke Broadwater, et al. New York Times.

Trump: Return of documents to Archives viewed as routine and 'no big deal'
Feb 10 2022 Joseph Choi. The Hill.

Trump's troubles on the record-keeping front are getting thornier
Feb 10 2022 Jacqueline Alemany, et al. Washington Post.

House Oversight Committee launches probe into boxes of Trump presidential records
Feb 10 2022 Caroline Vakil. The Hill.

Trump: Return of documents to Archives viewed as routine and 'no big deal'
Feb 10 2022 Joseph Choi. The Hill.

New revelations betray depth of Trump's post-election schemes
Feb 10 2022 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Wads of printed paper regularly clogged White House toilet during Trump era book claims
Feb 10 2022 Joseph Choi. The Hill.

Possible Classified Documents Found in Trump's Mar-A-Lago Stash
Feb 10 2022 Rolling Stone. Rolling Stone.

National Archives asked DOJ to probe Trump's handling of White House records: report
Feb 9 2022 Harper Neidig. The Hill.

Opinion: Documents weren't the only things Trump tore up while in office
Feb 9 2022 Editorial Board. Washington Post.

Archives Found Possible Classified Material in Boxes Returned by Trump
Feb 9 2022 Reid J. Epstein, Michael S. Schmidt. New York Times.

Ripping and burning: how Trump White House handled some legally protected documents
Feb 9 2022 Julian Zelizer. CNN.

Document shredding, Trump style
Feb 8 2022 Zachary B. Wolf. CNN.

Still Ripping Things Up, Still Bewilderingly Roaming Free
Feb 7 2022 Abby Zimet. Common Dreams.

Former White House officials describe Trump's habit of ripping up documents and haphazard record-keeping
Feb 7 2022 Gabby Orr. CNN.

The National Archives Had to Repossess Trump's Mementos From Mar-a-Lago
Feb 7 2022 Chas Danner. Intelligencer.

Trump Gives Documents Improperly Taken From White House to Archives
Feb 8 2022 Michael S. Schmidt, Maggie Haberman. New York Times.

Trump Busted for Hoarding Kim Jong-un `Love Letters' at Mar-a-Lago
Feb 8 2022 Ryan Bort. Rolling Stone.

Trump left the White House with boxes of official records and brought them to Mar-a-Lago
Feb 7 2022 Laura Clawson. Daily Kos.

White House record boxes recovered at Trump's Mar-a-Lago: report
Feb 7 2022 Sarakshi Rai. The Hill.

`He never stopped ripping things up': Inside Trump's relentless document destruction habits
Feb 5 2022 Ashley Parker, et al. Washington Post.