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A Long-Shot Push to Bar Trump in 2024 as an `Insurrectionist'
Sep 7 2022 Luke Broadwater, Michael S. Schmidt. New York Times.

Trump's Allies Warned His Fake Elector Scheme Was Potentially Treasonous. He Tried It Anyway
Aug 2 2022 Althea Legaspi. Rolling Stone.

187 Minutes of Treason
Jul 22 2022 John Nichols. The Nation.

Schiff: DOJ should investigate Trump for Jan. 6
Jul 24 2022 Olafimihan Oshin. The Hill.

Trump Slams `Human Conveyer Belt' Pence for Lacking `Courage' to Steal Election
Jun 17 2022 Justin Baragona. Daily Beast.

Exclusive: Retired Republican judge says January 6 was `well-developed plan by Trump to cling to power
Jun 16 2022 Jamie Gangel, et al. CNN.

Retired judge to tell Jan. 6 panel Trump, allies `instigated' war on democracy to `cling to power': reports
Jun 16 2022 Caroline Vakil. The Hill.

"It was a violent insurrection": Mitch McConnell rebukes RNC for censuring Jan. 6 committee members
Feb 8 2022 Brad Reed. Salon.

Trump's Words, and Deeds, Reveal Depths of His Drive to Retain Power
Feb 1 2022 Shane Goldmacher. New York Times.

Opinion: Trump must have his day in court for his crimes on Jan. 6
Jan 5 2022 George T. Conway Iii. Washington Post.

Democrats quietly explore barring Trump from office over Jan. 6
Jan 6 2022 John Kruzel. The Hill.

Mussolini seized full power 97 years ago: Does Donald Trump long to follow suit?
Jan 2 2022 Matthew Rozsa. Salon.

Are We Ready for the Next Trump-Led Coup?
Oct 30 2021 Alfred McCoy. The Nation.

Many leaders used Covid as cover to dent democracy. Trump may be the first to admit it
Aug 20 2020 Luke Mcgee. CNN.

This is one of the most unpatriotic moments in Trump's presidency
Aug 4 2020 Samantha Vinograd. CNN.

Trump's ugly new spin on Russia bounties actually incriminates him
Jul 1 2020 Greg Sargent. Washington Post.

Why Does Trump Put Russia First?
Jul 1 2020 Susan E. Rice. New York Times.

Trump Got Written Briefing in February on Possible Russian Bounties, Officials Say
Jun 30 2020 Charlie Savage, et al. New York Times.

New revelations stir old questions about Trump and Russia
Jun 30 2020 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Intelligence on Russian bounty plot was included in the President's Daily Brief earlier this year, source says
Jun 30 2020 Barbara Starr, Paul LeBlanc. CNN.

The president who cries `treason'
May 27 2020 JM Rieger. Washington Post.

Trump's `LIBERATE MICHIGAN!' tweets incite insurrection. That's illegal
Apr 17 2020 Mary McCord. Washington Post.

Frank Bernheisel: On Treason
Feb 6 2020 Frank Bernheisel. via Log Cabin Chronicles.