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Texas law sparks hundreds of U.S. protests against abortion restrictions
2 Oct 2021 Timothy Gardner, Richard Webner. Reuters.

Women's March targets Supreme Court, with abortion on line
2 Oct 2021 Ellen Knickmeyer. Associated Press.

Women's March protesters to rally across U.S. to protect Roe v. Wade
2 Oct 2021 Caroline Kitchener, et al. Washington Post.

Protest arrests show regular Americans, not urban antifa
20 Oct 2020 Alanna Durkin Richer, et al. Associated Press.

Women's March in D.C. draws thousands in protest of Supreme Court nominee, Trump
17 Oct 2020 Samantha Schmidt, et al. Washington Post.

Pentagon's top military leaders quarantining after Coast Guard admiral tests positive for COVID-19
6 Oct 2020 Luis Martinez. ABC.

St. Louis couple indicted for waving guns at protesters
6 Oct 2020 AP. Politico.

Right-wing protesters gather outside Portland, adding to tensions
7 Sep 2020 Samantha Schmidt, et al. Washington Post.

`The United States is in crisis': Report tracks thousands of summer protests, most nonviolent
3 Sep 2020 Tim Craig. Washington Post.

As Guns Get Drawn at Protest Sites, Demonstrators Fear a Volatile New Phase
1 Sep 2020 Mike Baker, et al. New York Times.

Trump supporters, protesters clash in Portland; 1 killed
30 Aug 2020 Gillian Flaccus. Associated Press.

Protesters try to drown out Trump speech, yell at Sen. Paul
28 Aug 2020 Ashraf Khalil. Associated Press.

Kenosha protests peaceful after night of chaos and shootings
27 Aug 2020 Stephen Groves, Scott Bauer. Associated Press.

`It's playing into Trump's hands': Dems fear swing-state damage from Kenosha unrest
27 Aug 2020 Natasha Korecki. Politico.

2 people killed, 1 injured in shooting during Jacob Blake protest
26 Aug 2020 John Bowden. The Hill.

Portland police stand by as Proud Boys and far-right militias flash guns and brawl with antifa counterprotesters
22 Aug 2020 Katie Shepherd. Washington Post.

Tennessee gov signs bill upping penalties on some protests
21 Aug 2020 Kimberlee Kruesi, Jonathan Mattise. Associated Press.

Portland police declare riot for second straight night
20 Aug 2020 Justin Wise. The Hill.

Violent clashes erupt between far-right groups and racial justice protesters in Portland and other cities
16 Aug 2020 Katie Shepherd, Holly Baily. Washington Post.

Unrest in Chicago and Portland shows America's summer of protest is far from over
10 Aug 2020 Mark Guarino, et al. Washington Post.

How reckless White allies could lead to the reelection of Trump
10 Aug 2020 Christopher Sebastian Parker. Washington Post.

In the Wake of Protests
9 Aug 2020 Charles M. Blow. New York Times.

Riot declared as fire burns in Portland police union offices
9 Aug 2020 Martha Bellisle, Gillian Flaccus. Associated Press.

With law enforcement out of sight, Portland sees second peaceful night of protest
1 Aug 2020 Adam Taylor. Washington Post.

Portland protest peaceful after federal presence reduced
2 Aug 2020 Sara Cline, Gillian Flaccus. Associated Press.

What Pullout? Feds Gas Moms in Fresh Portland Crackdown
30 Jul 2020 Deborah Bloom. Daily Beast.

US agents in Portland to pull back, but tensions remain
30 Jul 2020 Gillian Flaccus, Mike Balsamo. Associated Press.

Oregon governor announces 'phased withdrawal' of federal officers from Portland
29 Jul 2020 Luke Barr, Alexander Malin. ABC.

Help Me Find Trump's `Anarchists' in Portland
29 Jul 2020 Nicholas Kristof. New York Times.

Police: Hell's Angel sparked Minneapolis riots over Floyd
28 Jul 2020 Associated Press. ABC.

More federal agents dispatched to Portland as protests rise in other cities
27 Jul 2020 Devlin Barrett, et al. Washington Post.

Protests explode across the country; police declare riots in Seattle, Portland
26 Jul 2020 Christian Davenport, Gregory Scruggs. Washington Post.

Protesters breach fence of federal courthouse in Portland as authorities declare riot
26 Jul 2020 Justin Wise. The Hill.

Leaf-blower wars: How Portland protesters are fighting back against tear gas and forming `walls' of veterans, lawyers, nurses
26 Jul 2020 Marissa J. Lang. Washington Post.

'Wall of Vets,' join protests in Portland
25 Jul 2020 J. Edward Moreno. The Hill.

Take Trump's best weapon away from him
24 Jul 2020 Kathleen Parker. Washington Post.

Federal agents use tear gas to clear Portland protest
25 Jul 2020 Gillian Flaccus, Sara Cline. Associated Press.

Judge blocks US agents from arresting observers in Portland
24 Jul 2020 Gillian Flaccus. Associated Press.

Mayor of Portland, Oregon, tear gassed by federal agents
23 Jul 2020 Gillian Flaccus. Associated Press.

Is televised conflict Trump's goal?
21 Jul 2020 James Comey. Washington Post.

Neither side is backing down as federal agents and protesters clash in Portland
21 Jul 2020 Josh Campbell. CNN.

The Border War in Portland
21 Jul 2020 Jamelle Bouie. New York Times.

Violent protest clashes turned Portland into a `right-wing boogeyman.' Here's how it happened
21 Jul 2020 Katie Shepherd. Washington Post.

Trump's Occupation of American Cities Has Begun
20 Jul 2020 Michelle Goldberg. New York Times.

Fox's Napolitano rips 'unconstitutional' Trump crackdown on Portland: 'Just plain wrong'
20 Jul 2020 Joe Concha. CNN.

Trump law enforcement officials brush off pleas to butt out of Portland
20 Jul 2020 Quint Forgey. Politico.

Federal officials dismiss Portland leaders' calls to leave city as clashes with protesters continue
19 Jul 2020 Marissa J. Lang, et al. Washington Post.

Federal officers use tear gas on protesters at federal courthouse in Portland
20 Jul 2020 Justin Wise. The Hill.

D.C. protesters pull down, burn statue of Confederate general
20 Jun 2020 Associated Press. Politico.

Police detain armed militia members after man is shot at Albuquerque protest
16 Jun 2020 Katie Shepherd. Washington Post.

Here Are the 96 U.S. Cities Where Protesters Were Tear-Gassed
16 Jun 2020 K.K. Rebecca Lai, et al. New York Times.

Unrest at protests in 3 states leads to a shooting in Albuquerque and arrests elsewhere
16 Jun 2020 Joe Sutton, Hollie Silverman. CNN.

Officials familiar with Lafayette Square confrontation challenge Trump administration claim of what drove aggressive expulsion of protesters
14 Jun 2020 Aaron C. Davis, et al. Washington Post.

The crackdown before Trump's photo op
8 Jun 2020 Dalton Bennett, et al. Washington Post.

Big majorities support protests over Floyd killing and say police need to change, poll finds
9 Jun 2020 Scott Clement, Dan Balz. Washington Post.

Trump fenced in literally, politically after massive protests, stinging rebukes
8 Jun 2020 Jordyn Phelps, Ben Gittleson. ABC News.

Protesters have turned the newly constructed White House fence into a living memorial to racial justice
8 Jun 2020 Scottie Andrew. CNN.

Philadelphia police inspector surrenders to face charges of assaulting student during protest
8 Jun 2020 Steve Almasy, et al. CNN.

Massive demonstrations over racial injustice dominate US for second Saturday
6 Jun 2020 J. Edward Moreno, Kaelan Deese. The Hill.

'Enough is enough': Thousands descend on D.C. for largest George Floyd protest yet
7 Jun 2020 Even Semones. Politico.

Protesters have been marching for nearly two weeks and crowds have only gotten bigger
7 Jun 2020 Christina Maxouris. CNN.

`Defund The Police' painted on D.C. street as tensions among protesters flare
7 Jun 2020 Samantha Schmidt, et al. Washington Post.

Protesters pour into Washington D.C. for city's largest demonstration yet
6 Jun 2020 Steven Sloan, et al. Associated Press via Globe & Mail.

Canadians hold protests, vigils for black lives lost at the hands of police
5 Jun 2020 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Protests after Floyd's death reach rural America
6 Jun 2020 Ximena Bustillo. Politico.

Huge protest expected in DC amid escalating scrutiny of police tactics
6 Jun 2020 Marty Johnson. The Hill.

In protests against police brutality, videos capture more alleged police brutality
5 Jun 2020 Kimberly Kindy, et al. Washington Post.

Right-wing extremists arrested for planning riots at protests in Las Vegas
4 Jun 2020 Lee Brown. New York Post.

A crisis that began with an image of police violence keeps providing more
4 Jun 2020 Julie Bosman, Shawn Hubler. NYT via Seattle Times.

White House fortifies security perimeter ahead of continued protests
4 Jun 2020 Betsy Klein. CNN.

Trump encourages people not to believe their eyes, ears or lungs
4 Jun 2020 Brian Stelter. CNN.

Trump's ludicrous photo-op episode was no Churchill moment
3 Jun 2020 Michael D'Antonio. CNN.

Trump Wants to Turn D.C. Into a Battleground. He May Regret It
3 Jun 2020 Harry Jaffe. Politico.

Trump threatens military force if violence in states isn't stopped
2 Jun 2020 Kevin Liptak, Sarah Westwood. CNN.

White instigators to blame for mayhem in some protests, local officials say
1 Jun 2020 Isaac Stanley-Becker. Washington Post.

Trump responds to protests with a strongman act
2 Jun 2020 Stephen Collinson. CNN.

Trump calls governors `weak,' urges them to use force against unruly protestors
1 Jun 2020 Robert Costa, et al. Washington Post.

An agitated Trump encourages governors to use aggressive tactics on protestors
1 Jun 2020 Kevin Liptak, et al. CNN.

Mass protests and mayhem continue into a sixth night; thousands nationwide are arrested during weekend
1 Jun 2020 Meagan Flynn, et al. Washington Post.

As Protests and Violence Spill Over, Trump Shrinks Back
1 Jun 2020 Peter Baker, Maggie Haberman. New York Times.

A sheriff put down his baton to listen to protesters. They chanted 'walk with us', so he did
31 May 2020 Jay Cross. CNN.

Police in New Jersey praised for marching in Floyd protests
31 May 2020 Christina Paciolla. ABC News.

City leaders, Democratic lawmakers urge Trump to tamp down rhetoric as protests rage across US
31 May 2020 Rebecca Klar. The Hill.

Protests over police killings rage in dozens of US cities
30 May 2020 Tim Sullican, Stephen Groves. Associated Press News.

Protesters in some cities target Confederate monuments
31 May 2020 Associated Press. Politico.

Another night of chaos and fury as protesters come out despite curfews
31 May 2020 Christina Maxouris. CNN.