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September Rides

25 September - Sainte Cat in the Hat

Depart: 80,448 miles

Quick spin to Cherry River for a tankful of 94 octane and then out to Sainte Cat in the Hat - AC - Burrough's Falls.

22 September - Around Lake Memphremagog

Depart: 80,356 miles / Return: 80,448 miles / Trip: 92 miles.

Didn't leave until nearly 5pm after finishing stacking wood in the cabin. Counter-clockwise as usual. Took the scenic gravel route behind Mansonville and watched part of the sunset from the incomparable Ch de la Province. Well past dark when I returned to the Castle.

20 September - East Randolph, VT

Depart: 80,114 miles / Return: 80,356 miles / Trip: 242 miles.

Departed from the Castle at 9:30am headed for Randolph area. On 91 just south of Newport I began hearing a noise from the left side of the bike. Tried ignoring it for a while (works sometimes?) but it was getting louder so I pulled over. With some relief I saw that a weld on the new center stand had broken and half of it was dragging on the ground. I flagged down a Harley rider and he gave me some plastic ties to hold the stand up.

As I neared Bethel riding south on Vt 14 I saw a guy on a classic Triumph coming towards me. He was turning right onto an asphalt road that wound its way up a steep hill. As soon as I hit a straight away I turned around and followed. Caught up with the other rider and followed him a good five miles on one of the most twisting and turning roads i think I've ever been on. When we came to a stop at a tee we pulled over to talk. Very vintage, Steve - long gray hair, wearing a Barbour jacket and open face helmet with goggles and riding a '65 Thunderbird with half-bathtub. Mostly original - a TLS front brake. Said he has 3 other Triumphs at home. After talking for a while and exchanging contact info, he took me on a twenty or twenty-five mile ride on fabulous smooth asphalt back roads before we parted company.

Back to the Castle around 6pm. Great day!

Roads Taken

Roads Noted

16/17 September 2019 - White Mountains

Depart: 79,757 miles / Return: 80,099 miles / Trip: 342 miles

Two-day camping trip to the White Mountains. Down to Conway NH by way of Franconia Notch and Kancamagus Highway. Dropped by Frank Holmes' for a visit at his garage where he was changing a rear tire and prepping a TR6 for a young fellow from CT who inherited the bike from his father.

Met up with LA in late afternoon and camped out Monday night at a state campsite along the Kancamagus. I returned via 302 and 18 while LA took 16 North to Island Pond. Before heading back I took the Hurricane Mountain loop back to 302. Next time I should check out Bear Mountain Road of 302.

Bonnie ran flawlessly - first kick starts as always, great idle, and no stalling even at low rpm's. Averaged 50mpg - surprising considering it was 75% mountainous riding with lots of 1st, 2nd (Hurricane Mountain) and 3rd gear riding. Also, not very much oil consumption - will check that tomorrow.