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The Bonnie Ref
Table of Contents

1. Triumph Documentation

Workshop Manuals

1969 650 General Data

Triumph Service Bulletins

Parts Books & Manuals Downloads

2. Parts & Tools Databases

Converting Part Numbers from Alpha-Numeric to Numeric

Part Lists: Illustrated & Hyperlinked

Torque Settings

Special Tools

Other Lists & Charts

3. Online Parts Sources

Online Parts Suppliers

North America

United Kindom

4. Other Online Resources

Hermit's Classic British MC Links

Classic Triumph/British Forums

Additional Info

British Fastener Specifications

5. General Shop Info


Alpha-Numeric Part Number Conversion

Left-Hand Threads

Fastener Threads Used on British Motorcycles

SAE threads



The British standard threads






Wrench Jaw Gap Sizes

Sealants and Loctite

Where to Use Loctite

The Loctite Gospel: According to John

The Loctite Gospel: According to Thomas

Sealants: Where? and What Kind?

Loctite & Sealant Product Characteristics

Loctite Blue

Loctite 518


Three Bond 1130



Applying Heat

6. Lubrication

Routine Maintenance & Lubrication

Engine Lubrication

Diagram of Triumph Unit 650 Engine Lubrication System

Selecting an Engine Oil

Changing Engine Oil

Using an External Oil Filter

Filters for use With standard Norton filter head

Colorado Norton Works Filter Adaptor

The Oil lines

Oil Line Connections for Stock Condition - No External Oil Filter

Feed Oil Line

Return Oil Line

Oil Line Connections When Using a Norton Filter Head

Removing Oil Lines at Oil Junction Block

Crankcase Breather

Oil Breather Vent Tube

Oil Pump

Oil Pressure Relief Valve

Oil Pressure Switch

The Oil Tank

Problematic Oil Tank Design - 1966

Removing Oil Tank

Replace Oil Tank

Oil Tank Mounting Adjustment

Oil Tank Mounting Measurements

Wet Sumping

Primary Chaincase Lubrication

Late-1969 and after Important Information

Oil Change

Draining the Primary Chaincase Oil

Gearbox Lubrication

Gear Oil Compatibility

Potentially Harmful Products

Oil Change Schedule

Draining and Replenishing the Gearbox Oil

Oil Leaking from Drain Bolts

Front fork

Draining Fork Oil

Contact Breaker Assembly

Speedometer Gearbox

Swinging Arm Bushing

7. The Engine

Pre-Ignition & Detonation

Kicking Back When Starting

Engine Removal and Installation

The Flywheel


Removing Cylinder Base Studs from Crankcases


Sludge Trap

Crankshaft Oil Seal

Main Bearings

Connecting Rods

Tightening the Connecting Rod Big End Bolts

Timing Chest

Removing the Crankcase Pinion Gear

Valve/Cam Timing


Removing Stuck Pistons

Removing Gudgeon Pins

Replacing Gudgeon Pins


Gapping Rings

Installing Rings

Cylinder Block & Tappet Blocks

Cylinder Rebore

Cylinders, displacement

Honing Cylinders

Replacing Tappet Guide Blocks

Replacing Tappets

Replacing Cylinder Block

Tightening Cylinder Base Bolts

Painting Cylinder Block

Cylinder Head

Annealing and Installing Head Gasket

Anti-Seize Compound

Installing Cylinder Head & PRTs

Head-Bolt Torque

Correct Triumph 650 Head-Bolt Torques

Torqueing the Head-Bolts

Re-Torquing Head Bolts

Rocker Boxes

Removing the Rocker Boxes

Valve Train

Rocker Arms, Rocker Shafts, and Thackary Washers


Unpacking the Triumph Rocker Box "Mystery"

Rocker Spindle Washer Order Illustrated

Early Washer Order

Updated Washer Order

Assembling Rocker Arms, Spindles, & Washers

Rocker Arm Spindle O-Rings

Pushrod Tubes (PRTs)

Pushrod Tube Styles

Pushrod Tube O-Rings

Pushrod Tube Sealing Ring & Wedding Band

Pushrod Tubes and "Crush"

Installing Pushrod Tubes & Cylinder Head

PRT O-Ring & Seal Dimensions

Rocker Box Gaskets

Replacing Push Rods and Rocker Boxes

Lightweight Pushrods & Rocker Box Gasket Modification

Replacing Rocker Oil Feed Pipe

Replacing Engine Torque Stays


Replacing Valves in Head

Adjusting Valve/Rocker Clearance

Valve adjustment tools

Coarse adjustment by position

Adjustment by sound and feel

Positioning Valves for Clearance Adjustment

Adjustment after Re-torqueing

Engine Compression

Compression Test

Sudden Loss of Compression

Ignition Timing

Setting Ignition Timing with Points

Determining When the Points Open

Setting Ignition Timing with Pazon

Static Timing

Dynamic Timing

Primary Cover Timing Pointer

Replacing rotor cover after timing

Removing magnetic rotor center

Spark Plugs

8. Exhaust System

Removing Exhaust System

Sealing Exhaust Leaks

Loose Baffles

9. The Transmission

Primary Chaincase

Primary Chaincase Lubrication

Primary Chaincase Cover and Gasket

The Primary Chain

Check Primary Chain Wear

Check Primary Chain Tension

Adjust Primary Chain Tension

Dismantle the Transmission

Step-by-Step Procedure

Inspecting Transmission Components

Clutch Pack Thickness


Shock Absorber Rubbers

Clutch Hub & Thrust Washer Compatibility

Assemble the Transmission

Assemble Clutch Hub, Rollers, and Clutch Center

Install Duplex & Engine Sprockets & Primary Chain

Adjust the Pressure Plate

Adjust the Clutch Operating Mechanism & Clutch Cable

Adjustment Tips & Techniques

Clutch Operating Mechanism (Ball & Ramp)

Clutch Problems

Clutch Operating Mechanism Pops or Clicks

Clutch Drags & Neutral Hard to Get

Clutch Pull Very Stiff

Kickstart Lever Won't Turn Engine/Gearbox Won't Engage with Engine

Gears Crunch When Selecting First from Neutral


10. The Gearbox

Hermit's Gearbox Articles, Illustrations, Photos & Animations

Gearbox Lubrication

Gearbox Problems

Jumping out of Gear

Outer Gearbox Cover

Kickstart Lever Tapered Pin

Removing Outer Gearbox Cover

Dismantle & Assemble the Gearchange Mechanism

Kickstart Mechanism

Replace Outer Gearbox Cover

Inner Gearbox Cover

Remove the Inner Cover & Dismantle the Gearbox

Inspect the Gearbox Components

Layshaft End Play

Gearbox Sprocket

Illustration: Gear Cluster (1969 T120R)

Illustration: Gears, Shafts, Bearings & Bushes (1969 T120R)

Gearbox Bearings

Bearing Identification

Remove Mainshaft Bearings

Remove DS Mainshaft Bearing (57-0448)

Remove TS Mainshaft Bearing (60-3552)

Replace Mainshaft Bearings

Replace DS Mainshaft Bearing (57-0448)

Replace TS Mainshaft Bearing (60-3552)

Remove Layshaft Bearings

Remove DS Layshaft Bearing (57-1606)

Remove TS Layshaft Bearing (57-1614)

Replace Layshaft Bearings

Replace DS Layshaft bearing (57-1606)

Replace TS Layshaft Bearing (57-1614)

Replace High Gear & Gearbox Sprocket

Gear Ratios & Tooth Count: 4/5-Speeds

Install Gear Cluster

Four Variations on Gear Cluster Installation

Method 1: Juggling

Method 2: Juggling

Method 3: Workshop Manual Variation

Method 4: Hughie Hancox

Thrust Washer Locating Pegs

Thrust Washer Locating Pegs

Indexing the Camplate & Quadrant

Positioning the Camplate for Indexing

Positioning the Quadrant for Indexing

Note on Replacing Gearbox Inner Cover

Bonnie Notes

11. The Fuel System

Gas tank

Gas Line

Gas Taps


Sealing Gas Taps


Random Notes

Carburettor to Adaptor O-Rings

Amal Concentric 930 Cross-Section

Amal Concentric Carburettor Parts

Summary of Carb Specs & Settings

Choke Assembly

Float Bowl Flooding

Float Bowl Leaking

Assembling Cable, Spring, Air Slide, &

Cleaning the Pilot Jet

Tuning the Mk1 Concentric Carburettor

Adjusting Low Speed Mixture & Idle

Initial Synchronization of carburettors

Mid-Range Tuning

High Speed Tuning

Trouble-Shooting Carburation -

Air Cleaners

Installing Air Cleaners

Air Filters

12. Control Cables

Lubricating Cables

Throttle Cables

Throttle Twist Grip

Clutch Cable


13. Speedometer and Tachometer


Disassembly & Removal of Tachometer Drive

Lubricating Tachometer Drive Gear

Tachometer Cable Lubrication


Speedometer Cable

Tach & Speedometer Cable

Speedo Gearbox

Speedometer Problems

14. Handlebars

Handlebar Styles

Handlebar Shock-Absorber Mounting

Removing Handlebar Mounting Bonded Bushes

Handlebar Grips

15. Rear Suspension

Shock Absorbers

Disassembling Shocks

Installing Shocks

16. Front Fork

Front Fork

Front Fork Gaiters

Replacing Front Fork Seals

Stanchion Tubes

Refitting Stanchion Tubes

Removing Front Fork As a Unit

Removing Front Fork Legs Separately

Dismantling Front Fork Legs

Reassemble Front Fork Legs

Refitting Complete Fork Assembly to Frame

Aligning Front Fork

Steering Head

Removing & Replacing Steering Head Races

Refitting Upper & Lower Yokes

Steering Damper

Steering lock

17. Axles, Wheels & Brakes


Front Axles

Front Wheel

The Nave Plate

Front Wheel Bearings

Front Wheel Brakes

Removing Front Brake


Replacing Front Brake

Adjusting Front Brake

Front Wheel Fender Brackets/Stays

Rear Wheel

Rear Wheel and Chain Guard

Removing Rear Wheel (& Chain guard)

Replacing Chainguard

Replacing Rear Wheel

Centering Rear Wheel Brake Shoes

Brake Torque Stay

Rear Wheel Bearings

Rear Wheel Brakes



Rear Wheel Brake Pedal, Brake Rod

Brake Pedal Wear

Assembling the Brake Rod

Replacing the Brake Spring

Rear Wheel Fender Bracket


Rear Wheel Fender

Remove Rear Wheel Fender


Rear Chain

Removing Rear Chain

Replacing Rear Chain

Checking Rear Chain for Wear

Cleaning the Rear Chain

Lubricating the Rear Chain

Checking & Adjusting Rear Chain Slack

18. Tires

Tire Pressure

Front Tire and Tube

Rear Tire

Tubes for Dunlops

19. Frame - Stands - Tin - Pegs

Swinging Arm

Swinging Arm Incompatibility

Removing Bushes

Replacing Bushes

Reassembling & Replacing Swinging Arm Frame




Center Stand

Center Stand Compatibility

Replacing Center Stand Spring

Left/Right passenger footrest brackets


Rear Frame

Powder Coating

Battery Carrier

Reinstalling Battery Carrier and Oil Tank


20. The Electrical System

Trouble-Shooting Electrical Problems

Short Circuit

Lucas Wiring Color Codes

Wiring Diagrams

Bonnie Electrical System 2015 (no dip switch, no horn)

Bonnie Electrical System 2015 (with dip switch and horn)

Bonnie Electrical System Schematic 2006

Orignal Electrical System Schematic


Battery Specs


Battery Carrier


Stator Studs

Rotor Integrity

Rotor and Stator Clearance

Checking Alternator for Charging

Wiring Harness

Removing Main Wiring Harness

Routing of Wiring Harnesses

Main harness

Horn/Dimmer harness (gray plastic)

Rear brake switch harness

Bullet Connectors

Soldering Recommendations


Headlight and Headlight Shell

Headlight Reflector/Lense Fixing Clips

LED/Halogen Headlight Bulb Replacement

Tailight & Stoplight

Warning Lights

Lucas 35710 Light Switch

Ignition switch

Zenner Diode & Selenium Rectifier


Ignition coils

Ignition Coil Heating Up

Installing Ignition Coils

Testing Ignition Coils

Ignition Coil Wiring Connections

With Pazon

With Repro Harness (2006)

With Original Harness

Capacitor Ignition

Pazon Ignition

Pazon Schematic Diagram

Pazon - Trouble-Shooting

Boyer Ignition Trouble-Shooting

Podtronics Rectifier/Voltage Regulator

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